Ways To Use A Knife Sharpener With Wheels

If you’re addicted to working with sharp knives. Then, a dull knife will irritate you and demands more effort and time from your side.

Consequently, you will end up cutting vegetables or meat within more working hours than ever before. And the sole reason behind this whole scenario is your lazy knife. However, a dull knife can harm your fingers while you’re trying to cut your vegetable.

So, if you’re dealing with a dull knife and want to have a sharp knife in your kitchen. Then, do not think about throwing your dull knife and getting another one. Of course, a new knife will cut all vegetables, fruits, and meat precisely.

But, you can also sharpen your dull knife with the help of a sharpener. Well, a sharpener will be worth every penny. Because every time we use a knife, the edges of its blade become dull.

Therefore, a knife sharpener will sharpen your knife in less time. But, before using any sharpener in your kitchen you should follow a set of instructions from experts. Most importantly, a dull knife could harm you by slipping rapidly and resulting in severe injury.

Now, you just have to keep calm and can follow our simple guidelines to operate a knife sharpener. So, you could know how to use a knife sharpener with wheels?

Types of Knife Sharpeners

There are different types of knife sharpeners. Here we have four major types of knife sharpeners. Let’s know a little bit about the types of sharpeners:

Electric Knife Sharpener

An electric knife sharpener has a rotating sharpening surface. You just have to place the blade of your knife there and turn on its power button. The rest will be done by your electric sharpener. But electric knife sharpeners are quite bulky and require electrical energy to operate.

Pull through knife sharpener

A pull-through knife sharpener has a grinding slot. Pass the blade of the knife through the slot. But using a pull-through handheld will require extra effort. Because sometimes you have to pull through the sharpener across the blade instead of pulling the blade across the slot. These knife sharpeners are also known as handheld sharpeners.


A rectangular block that contains gritty material to sharpen knives. But, these sharpeners require more practice for proper operation. Otherwise, it could result in severe injuries. However, it always provides effective and long-lasting results.

Knife sharpeners with rotating wheels

Knife sharpeners with stainless steel wheels and nylon bases are quite easy to use. These sharpeners have wheels that could easily sharpen knife blades with less effort. Moreover, these sharpeners are lightweight to place anywhere in the kitchen. Let’s know step by step how to use knife sharpeners with wheels?

How to use a knife sharpener with wheels? A step-by-step guide

This guide will help you to sharpen your knife quickly at home. Because a knife sharpener with wheels is quite easy to use and operate. It always provides productive results within no time. So, you just need to follow a few steps and it will give new life to your dull knife. Let’s discuss the whole procedure in steps:

  • Firstly, you need a piece of damp cloth before initiating the sharpening process
  • Put the damp cloth on the counter. It will help the sharpener to stay in its place during working
  • Now, place the sharpener on the top of the damp cloth
  • Determining the factory set angle of your knife is compulsory. Because it will give precise results and avoid damaging the blade of the knife.
  • The front side with rotating wheels of the sharpener should be in front of the user.
  • Grip the knife in your dominant hand with the strong grip of your all fingers and thumb
  • Place your other hand on the corner of the sharpener. So, you can prevent your sharpener from sliding during the sharpening process
  • Now, put your knife blade between the wheels. These stainless steel wheels will sharpen the blade quickly
  • Hold your knife blade between the wheels and run it at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • You just have to place the knife and pull it towards yourself again and again.
  • Repeat this step almost four to six times. But it could exceed in the case of extremely dull knives.
  • Wipe off the blade with the help of a dry cloth to avoid metal shavings
  • Carefully use your knife because its blade is quite sharpened now
  • So, it’s the right time to cut all vegetables and meat. Because your knife is back in action


It’s quite easy to work with a sharp knife as compared to a dull knife. Because a dull knife would cut vegetables and fruits slowly and will require more effort. So, you have to consume more time during cutting. If you’re facing the same situation. Then, only aggression or replacing the knife is not the only solution.

You can sharpen your knife at home with the help of a sharpening tool that is the main constituent of every restaurant kitchen. Hopefully, this guide on how to use a knife sharpener with wheels will help you to sharpen your knife easily.

Be careful during the sharpening process. So, you can not end up with a sharp knife and injury simultaneously.

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