Ways To Masturbate With A Shower Head

You may have recently bought a showerhead and don’t know how to masturbate with a showerhead. Well! Masturbating with a shower head is very common and trendy nowadays. There are a number of methods for masturbating with a showerhead, but they are quite troublesome.

Personally, I didn’t get much pleasure from trying those things. But in the end, I came up with a method and a preliminary idea that I really liked. In this context, I will share those methods and ideas with you.

So let’s get started.

How To Masturbate With A Shower Head Effectively

how to masturbate with a showerhead

Since masturbation will be done with a shower head, you should follow the correct procedure. These 3 methods are very common and are known as Modern Methods. So let’s see how to effectively masturbate with the showerhead. Let’s have a look.

Method: 01

  • Find a showerhead that is compatible with your hose
  • Clean the showerhead thoroughly before use to avoid any bacteria or mold from growing
  • Locate the right setting on your shower head and turn it up as much as you can without feeling pain
  • Turn off all other water sources in the area so you don’t accidentally get wet
  • Relax and enjoy! You’ll be surprised how good this feels!
  • Rinse off after use to avoid getting soap residue on anything else in the bathroom.
  • Then wash your hands immediately afterward for safety reasons

Method: 02

  • Turn the showerhead so it is facing away from you
  •  Adjust the water pressure to a lower setting
  • Locate your clitoris and put the opening of the showerhead on it
  • Hold onto both handles, or one handle with two hands for more stability
  • Move your hips in circular motions while using your fingers inside yourself at a different speed than you are moving around with the showerhead
  • Make sure not to use too much force when thrusting because this may cause pain and bruising if done repeatedly over time

Method: 03

  •  Put a towel on the floor
  • Get naked
  • Turn on the showerhead and adjust it to your desired pressure
  • Place your hand in front of the water, with fingers spread apart
  • Slowly slide your fingers up and down until you orgasm (or stop for a break)
  • Turn off the water and clean up any messes that may have occurred while masturbating with a showerhead.

Is There Anything To Keep In Mind Before Masturbating With Shower Head?

We usually masturbate late at night or before taking a bath. Especially during these times, our physical arousal works more. So if you keep some things in mind during these times, the joy can be doubled while masturbating.

Check the flow of water: Many times the flow of water is less due to the low amount of water in the tank. Water flow is very important for masturbation. If the water flow is low or excessively high, there is no joy in masturbation. So you must check the flow of water.

Hold the showerhead like the position of the penis: Its position is very important when masturbating with a showerhead. Since there will be a flow of water, a pressure of water will fall on your penis. So if you don’t hold the shower head in a position, you won’t get much pleasure. Now the question is in what position will you hold? I personally got a good feeling at a 90 ° angle. That may be different for you.

Prepare mentally: If you do not think twice before masturbating, your brain will no longer be able to balance the excitement. So stay busy with yourself in the initial stage. Also, think of a person of your choice. This will keep your feelings in one place. Now let’s see which method is the most effective and a feeling remains even after mastering.

Benefits of Masturbation With Shower Head

Masturbating with a shower head is a little troublesome but quite enjoyable. It also has several advantages. E.g.

  • Masturbation with a shower head is an effective way to reduce stress
  • It’s much more convenient than other methods of masturbation
  • The best part about masturbating in the shower is that you can clean up afterward, so there’s no mess!
  • You may not be aware of this, but it also has many health benefits for your body (including reducing acne and improving sleep)
  • There are tons of different ways to masturbate with a shower head – find what works for you !!!
  • Using a handheld massager while taking a bath or using one on your back during sex will feel great too!

Do Women Masturbate With Shower Heads?

Yes, they are! And it’s a great way to get off. Masturbating in the shower is an awesome experience because you can use your hands and body to explore all kinds of new sensations, like running water over your clitoris or stimulating yourself by holding onto the sides of the tub. It’s also super easy to clean up after you finish – just turn on the shower and rinse away any evidence!

You deserve pleasure every day, so why not take advantage of this amazing opportunity? The next time you find yourself alone in the bathroom, grab that handheld shower head and have some fun. You won’t regret it! Click here now for more information about using a handheld shower head as a sex toy!

Final Word

You can masturbate with a showerhead. If you’re looking for an alternative to your hand, or just want something new and different, we recommend trying this technique! It’s easy-peasy (and free!) so why not? All you need is the right showerhead. Let’s check out the best showerhead for masturbation.

So, guys, we are at the end of the content. If you have any more questions don’t feel shy to let us know. We are always here to assist you. Thank You!

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