Best Non Slip kitchen Shoes of 2022

Best Non Slip kitchen ShoesDid you know that many accidents happen in the kitchen? It is not just scalding and burns while cooking but on top of the list are slips and falls. Most of the time the cause of these happenings is because a person slipped and tried to steady himself and got hold of the stovetops and knock the pan or container in use.

The work in the kitchen is dangerous, especially since the kitchen has the highest foot traffic in the house or the restaurant industry.

In the restaurant industry, 20 to 25 percent of the accidents are mostly because of falls and slips. Where most of the causes are slippery surfaces and some are because of tripping on rough surfaces. Besides getting the kitchen area cleaned and dried, it prevents these accidents with the use of the right shoes. Here, we will discuss the best non slip shoes for the kitchen.


Non-slip shoes are types of shoes manufactured to prevent slips and falls from happening in the workplace. Most especially in the kitchen. These shoes are the best non slip kitchen shoes because of the care placed on designing the perfect sole with a tread pattern specifically to resist slip, trips, and fall.

The bottom of the shoes has smaller lugs which makes it better in keeping it on the ground, it has a powerful grip and balance compared to the usual shoes out on the market. The best non-slip shoes for the kitchen are also waterproof besides being oilproof, they can resist punctures, and is highly comfortable to wear because of the overall cushion inside.

Another important criterion for non-slip shoes is their comfort while being worn. Even if the workers stayed safe from slips and falls but the shoes are not comfortable, it is still a problem for them.

Top 5 Best Non Slip kitchen Shoes Reviews

1. Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

Cros manufactured these shoes by using synthetic sole that is imported and also 100% croslite. Best for people working in the healthcare industry, hospitality, and food service.

The best, because of the comfort and protection it gives to your feet while at work, you can use it during the entire shift without getting pains or blisters after a day’s work. Its slip-resistant feature is by far one of the best that you can find amongst its competitors.


Easy to clean. The shoe does not require too much scrubbing or cleaning because it is spill-proof and oil-proof. You may just wipe it with a damp, clean cloth if you need some dusting and remove any dirt that can get attached from time to time.

With toe protection. Crocs incorporated a thicker metatarsal area and enclosed design so your feet are protected from falling knives or hard objects that can get you injured with a shoe that has no protection.

Light. Even after a full day at work and the entire day of standing, you will not have any issue with these shoes because they manufacture to be lightweight that will not strain your feet while wearing them.

High-quality non-slip capacity. The tread pattern in these shoes has a lock slip-resistant feature that will ensure safety while you are using it.

Comfortable to use. Chefs and restaurant workers strain their feet after an interminable day of standing and working inside the kitchen or the restaurant. Waiting at tables, cleaning the entire area, chopping, and cooking in the kitchen creates strain not just on their back but mostly on their feet. With the best type of shoes, we can prevent such. You can work with no stiffness, soreness, or pain on your feet and calves.


May appear chunky for some. Others find these shoes not too well designed because of the shape which makes your feet appear bigger than they are.

Not the most fashionable shoes for others. If you are mostly after fashionable shoes that will make your feet appear dainty and beautiful while wearing them, these shoes are not for you. These shoes are for people who want comfort and protection for their daily work.

2. Sticky Pro Shoes – Women’s Cute Nursing Shoes

Not just used by healthcare professionals because of its highly non-slip and waterproof features but used by other people in different industries. They equip these shoes with an absorbent footbed and a shock-absorbing anti-torsion system.


Colorful. It comes with a colorful design that can be wearable on any day. You have the option to choose a distinct color.

It has a 90-day warranty. If you are not satisfied after 3 months of use, there is a 90-day warranty to fall back on.

Highly non-slip outsoles. Healthcare professionals are mostly in a hurry to attend to patients and such, hence, the need for highly non-slip shoes that will prevent them from slipping or tripping while on the run or in a hurry. For kitchen workers, non-slip features will ensure that even while they are busy attending to customers there will be no incident of them slipping on any food spillage on the floor and such.

Protection from moisture and any fluids on the floor. It is the same for the kitchen workers where mostly fluid spills such as water or even oil are mostly the culprit in kitchen accidents. They don’t have to worry about walking around and stepping on slippery substances because of the soles incorporated in this shoe.

Highly breathable. Even with the waterproof feature of this shoe, it is still breathable. While other shoes with a waterproof feature, the design of the shoes seems to suffocate the feet that make it perspire. The design of this shoe is different because it is still breathable because of the absorbent footbed.

With the anti-torsion system. This feature prevents you from falling on your feet literally because of the anti-twist system incorporated into this shoe.

Light. Considered light compared to other non-slip shoes on the market.

Easy to clean. It will just need some damp cloth or light brushing for any substance that gets attached on the sole of the top of the shoes.


May need to clean it from time to time. Because of the color of this shoe, dirt and dust are visible.

3. Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe

Made with a rubber sole and is 100% synthetic. These are imported shoes that are mostly designed for men. With a slip-resistant feature and are also waterproof and oilproof.


Affordable. We consider these shoes priced reasonably with a great brand to boot.

Slip-resistant. It can withstand slippery areas and can resist most of the water spillage or splashes when walked on.

Oil resistant. It can also endure oil spills without it getting soaked inside.

Impressive design. We consider the design perfect for men with its lace-up vamp, the beautiful logo included on the side and tongue.

Reinforced stitching. This shoe is not just glued to keep it together, but there is also reinforced stitching to ensure that every part will stick in place. There is no worry for you that while you are working, your shoes will fall apart and leave you hanging.

With memory foam. The memory foam gives these shoes the needed balance while you are wearing it, besides adding comfort while walking, running, and such.


No toe protection or metal inserts. It has no protection from falling objects or knives such as the other kitchen shoes. It can protect you from light objects though.

Breaking it in is a must. It may need some breaking in first before you can use it for longer hours. This means, that if you used this for 10 hours for its first use, it may cause some soreness or even blisters after.

It will cause tightness around the toes, and heel, and will hurt you with every step. Some shoes need a break-in period, you may just use socks perhaps for protection during the first few days or until the shoes conform to your feet’ size and shape.

Do not last long enough for other users. There are issues with soles getting detached easily after 5 to 6 months of use for others.

4. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe

Manufactured by Skechers and made of synthetic sole. With mesh fabric design and slip-resistant outsole. They incorporate memory foam for added comfort. It is non-slip and has elastic side gores for easy wearing.


Easy wear. Because of the elastic side gores at the opening, wearing this shoe will not be hard. Include the no shoe tie feature and you will have it on your feet in just seconds. No need to worry about getting your tie stepped on while working or getting it unlaced while you are busy. The slip-on feature of this shoe will also be something that adds to your convenience.

With memory foam. The memory foam insulation adds comfort while you are wearing it. It will make standing for a lengthy period bearable and will not cause too much strain on your feet and your legs.

With a soft fabric shoe lining. The soft fabric is another assurance that there will be no part of the shoe that might rub on your feet while wearing it.

Slip-resistant outsoles. The slip-resistant technology of Skechers boasts of exceeding a 0.40 result on the non-slip test under wet or oily conditions. This shows that if there is a slippery floor or area where you work, there is no danger of slipping.

Water and stain-resistant. Made to resist water or fluid and such. It can also resist staining on the whole shoes. You may need to do some slight cleaning if you want to from time to time. No hard scrubbing is needed because stains do not attach to them too much.

Durable. Considered durable by some users compared to other kitchen shoes they have had so far. These shoes can withstand the weight of the wearer for long hours and spills now and then.


No toe protection. It has no protection for any falling object that may cause injury to your feet. This is where your worry should be, mostly if you are working in the food industry and mainly if you are a chef who always has access to knives and such.

Not waterproof. It can only resist some moisture but not get directly soaked in water. Being soaked in water for a lengthy period may damage the shoe adhesives.

5. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

Made of leather with a synthetic sole and padded instep collar for added comfort when walking. This shoe is shaped widely to allow the toes to move comfortably while you wear it. They make soles of lightweight EVA to ensure that your feet will not tire while wearing them. It also has memory foam for added cushioning.


With removable footbed. The removable footbed is a dual-density PU with Natural Arch Technology for exceptional all-day support for your feet.

Lightweight midsole. The lightweight midsole makes this shoe light on your feet and will not strain you even if you wear it for many hours.

Plenty of wiggle room. The roomy shaped design of these shoes makes it easier for you to wiggle your toe while at work. Your toe will not feel tightly enclosed, thus there is no worry about soreness after a full day’s work.

Leather made. They make shoes of leather that are considered durable and sturdy and can last for a long time.

Highly slip-resistant outsole. There is no worry of sliding and slipping while on the job because of the slip-resistant feature of these shoes, it is resistant to water and oil, and other forms of liquid.

Adds a few inches of height. This is a shoe with high soles and can add a bit of height for those who wear it.

With a very soft cushion. It has a footbed with natural arch technology that will not only make you wear it comfortably but will not hurt your feet.

Safe from falling objects. Your feet are safe from falling objects because the leather quality of these shoes can cushion the fall. However, it cannot be advised for a falling knife and pointed objects because there is no steel toe tip to protect you from such injury.


Expensive for some. Some buyers think this is too expensive for them. They can buy a better brand for the same price.


  • Non-slip kitchen shoes are best worn when you are in the healthcare industry, restaurant, or hospitality industry. You can enjoy it mainly because of the non-slip feature of these shoes.
  • The best way you can use it is when you arrive at the work area e.g. kitchen, dining area, etc. you can replace the usual footwear you have and replace it with the non-slip kitchen shoes. If you are to work in the kitchen as a chef or you are the person doing the dishes, you may get ready with the full day’s work.
  • You can wear these shoes with socks on or without but others who wanted to protect their feet further wear foot socks, most especially if they have 10 hours of duty or more.
  • While you are wearing it, it is advisable to wipe off any water or oil spills on it soonest time so these substances will not stick on your shoes.
  • After a full day’s work you may or may not remove your non-slip kitchen shoes to replace them with your usual footwear to further lengthen the life of non-slip shoes. Some users do not use their work shoes outside but only use them specifically in the work area.
  • You can air-dry your non-slip kitchen shoes when you get home to make sure that they will not produce any smell when you wear them the next day. Air drying your shoes will also ensure that no bacteria or other fungus will thrive in your shoes.


It prevents many injuries in the kitchen such as slips, slides, and trips. There are also instances when someone slides, got himself injured and then he got hospitalized, and cannot work for a lengthy period. The hassle and problems are just countless just because there is no proper footwear used in the kitchen.

  • It lessens incidents of kitchen injury. When you have proper footwear, you see that there are no accidents caused by slips and falls. There are other reasons such as slippery floors and food spillage, but by making sure that you have the proper footwear, you already see one important factor to lessen kitchen accidents.
  • You save money eventually. There is no hassle with the hospital bill, no need to shell out money for meds, and you will not be required to stop working just because you got injured while in the work area.
  • Businesses will not suffer. With injured kitchen staff or missing staff because of accidents in the kitchen, there will be less staff to do the work.
  • There are lesser body pains and foot aches. Most restaurant workers, most especially chefs, put too much strain on their backs and this also affects their feet. Where the joint in your big toe gets too strained with standing for a long period. A disorder such as Hallux Rigidus can happen where it causes difficulty in walking. Wearing shoes that is not only non-slip shoes but also comfortable can help prevent this disorder.

BUYING GUIDE: Best Non-Slip Kitchen Shoes

But how do you choose the Best Non-Slip Kitchen Shoes for you? There are many factors to consider such as the following.

  1. Non-slip or Slip-resistant? Both are slip-proof. They have the same meaning as long as the idea is to protect you from slipping or sliding, whether because of a slippery floor or rough and uneven floor edges.
  2. Waterproof. If you are looking for the perfect shoes, you may like to add this to your list. Especially if you are working in the kitchen taking care of the dishes and sometimes your shoes will get soaked in water if it is not waterproofed.
  3. Check the outsole pattern. This is responsible for the non-slip quality of the shoes. You may see the tread design and its shape, ideally, the shape should have a circular shape as it will create better traction when it hits a wet or oily surface. The space of the tread is also important and should not be too close together. We should check the tread depth.
  4. Check outsole hardness. It should bend when you try to fold the shoes, the softer the outsole is the better its slip resistance performance will be.
  5. Comfort and fit. There should be extra support inside such as cushioning that is adequate to protect you with long-standing and walking a full day. Running back and forth is also tiring for your feet and extra protection should be something for you to look for.
  6. Style. Some people will love some color for their shoes and others would prefer the solid color black or brown but as always will depend on what you prefer to wear.
  7. Price. This is something that you should consider. There are non-slip kitchen shoes that are priced high and have some highly non-slip features besides extra cushioning. If you can shell out extra so you can have the best there is then you may do so but there are also non-slip kitchen shoes that are mid-priced which you can cop without hurting your budget.


Are leather quality shoes not considered the best nonslip shoes for the kitchen?

Leather, be it synthetic or not is also considered the best non-slip shoe for a kitchen as long as it has the quality of good non-slip shoes such as the tread pattern, the extra cushioning, the design, and added comfort it is one of the best types there is.

Are all the best nonslip shoes for the kitchen expensive?

Not all the best non-slip shoes for the kitchen are expensive, some are in the mid-range cost and you can have them and enjoy them as well in your work area. There are just some features of the more costly anti-slip shoes that may not be present in mid-range anti-slip shoes, but they can still do the job fairly well.

What are the best manufacturers of non-slip kitchen shoes?

You can choose from Birkenstock with 30% of the vote coming from the food industry next is Crocs with 22% vote, and shoes from Crews, Dansko, Skechers, and Keen.

How to know if you have non-slip shoes?

You will know by checking the bottom of your shoes that there should be a fine tread design and circle-grip outsole. If they make your shoe of soft rubber and have features such as smaller lugs, which also shows it has non-slip functionality.

How do I take care of my non-slip kitchen shoes?

Do not soak your non-slip shoes in water even if it says it is waterproof. You can just clean your shoes with a soft cloth to remove dust or any clinging dirt on top of your shoes and the side of the soles. You may also get some dish detergent soap, mix it with water and get a toothbrush to gently scrub the remaining dirt that keeps on sticking on the shoe surface. You can air dry after.

How to keep my shoes from smelling after a long day’s work?

If your feet are prone to perspire, you may need to air dry your shoes after you use them. Or you can get a paper towel, and some baking soda, sprinkle on your shoes to remove the moisture and then fill the shoes with a paper towel so it will help remove any remaining moisture and smell.


It is the best idea for anyone working in the restaurant industry to get non-slip shoes because of the many benefits they can get from them. It is like an investment for people whose livelihood can be considered dangerous because of the daily encounters they have with slips, trips, and slides.

They can buy non-slip kitchen shoes to make their daily work easier and away from hazards, at the same time they can also use them outside for lengthy walks and such. The non-slip kitchen shoes are versatile in the sense that they can also use for work and recreational activity. Although its prime target is to benefit those whose main work is in the kitchen.

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