Lawn Sweeper Vs Bagger[ Basic Differances]

Lawn Sweeper Vs BaggerThe comparison between lawn sweeper vs bagger will give you an idea of what you should choose. These are the most familiar tools in gardening. We mainly buy one of these tools to clean our yard.

Cleaning your lawn is a time-consuming task. Proper tools can make your task easier. Staring at your yard, you will feel to make it more beautiful and cleaner.

Each day a pile of leaves and grass can gather up in your yard. It may get tiring for you to clean them effectively. With tools and accessories, you can make it look attractive.

Lawn Sweeper Vs Bagger

Whether you need a sweeper or bagger depends on some factors that I will discuss below.

Lawn Sweeper

A lawn sweeper is a piece of motorized equipment that can take away any type of debris from the garden. The sweeper uses a rotating tool. The tool collects the debris and sends it to the attached bag. This is the basic working principle of a lawn sweeper.

Types of Lawn Sweepers

The push lawn sweeper:

The push lawn sweeper is basically hand-driven. Simply moving the sweeper will start collecting the leaves.

The tow-behind lawn sweeper:

The tow-behind lawn sweeper is attached to another vehicle that moves ahead. It can be attached to a terrain vehicle or a tractor.

The powered sweeper:

The powered sweeper is like the push type, but it has a power source, like electricity or gasoline.

Size and Cost

The size of sweepers depends on their performance. Heavy-duty ones are quite large. They can range from 50-inch to 52-inch. Normal ones vary from 42-inch to 44-inch. The price range for heavy-duty ones is high. They will cost you around 300 to 400 USD. The push model ones will be around 200 USD. Some of them are 100 USD or even lesser.

Lawn Bagger

The lawn bagger is an attached part that comes with the mower. As the lawnmower starts to mow, the grass bagger collects the grass clippings.

Types of lawn baggers

  • The baggers are integrated into the mowers.
  • The tow-behind ones where the bagger is attached to the wheels. These mowers require a wide radius of turns to mow.

Size and cost

Different companies manufacture lawn baggers according to the demand. There is less variation in the case of baggers than sweepers. The size and cost also vary with the manufacturer. Some of the baggers are made of different materials. The fabric bins have an excellent capacity than the others. The bins can be single or multiple.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sweeper or Bagger

Before buying anything, we need to focus on some factors. The factors on which it depends whether we should buy a sweeper or a bagger.

The discussion on lawn sweepers and baggers is incomplete without these considerations. The considerations are given below.

How large is your lawn?

At first, you need to determine the size of your lawn. If your work area is around 1 acre in size, you should go for a sweeper. On the other hand, if your lawn is smaller than that, then you can pick the bagger.

If it takes one or half an hour to clean your lawn, you can use a bagger. In the case of using a bagger, you need to throw away the debris after mowing for a certain period. So, if the lawn is smaller, you can clean it easily with a bagger. A small lawn with a pretty amount of obstacles can be tackled using a bagger.

On the contrary, if you need to mow the lawn for 3 to 5 hours, then you should use the sweeper. It will make your task effective and relaxing. Sweepers are suitable for any debris. To maintain a beautiful lawn, you can go for a sweeper.

What is the moisture content of the grass?

The wetness of the grass is another factor of consideration. For both tools, it becomes challenging to remove wet grass.

If you face any condition where you have to clean the wet grass, you can go for the sweeper. Baggers can get jammed with the grass. They might stop working,

However, if you can avoid mowing wet grass, that would be the best option for your tool.

What type of debris do you have on your lawn?

There are many sorts of debris that can grow on your lawn. There is grass, grass clippings, leaves, pine cone or needles, etc. Most people will prefer a tool that can clean all types of debris.

The lawn sweeper can clean any debris. If the debris is long, you can still clean it using a sweeper. It will make your task comfortable as you can clean both long and short debris. The brushes of the sweeper won’t get affected by any debris.

But if there are only leaves, grass, or grass clippings, you can finish your task using a bagger. For dry grass and a few sorts of debris, you can use a bagger without any question.

Problems with a Lawn Sweeper

Deflation of wheels

Any tool will face problems due to excess usage. The wheels of sweepers can get deflated. Due to overuse, the wheels can get deflated. The wear and tear of wheels are sometimes irreversible. You can replace them if anything happens like that. You can refill the air for reuse only if it is possible. The wheels might get locked sometimes. Locking is curable by using oil or grease.

Jammed vacuum

The vacuum gets jammed with leaves, grass, or any other debris. A clogged vacuum is a common problem with the sweeper. If this happens, you can clean the vacuum, brushes, and wheels. By doing so, the lawn sweeper will work properly. You can avoid such incidents by staying a little bit careful.

Worn-out brushes

The brushes of lawn sweeper face wear due to overuse. It is a very common problem for the lawn sweeper. The constant friction of brush with the soil causes this type of problem. You can fix it by fixing the brush in the right position. If the brushes still don’t work, then you will need to purchase a new set.

Worn-out catcher

The catcher is the bag where the debris is collected. It goes through a lot of pressure during work.

With time it can become defective. You can try fixing it if that is possible. Otherwise, you need to replace the old catcher with a new one.

Problems with a Lawn Bagger

Unsuitable mower blades

The mower blades must be the right ones for the bagger system. The bagger needs lifting blades. If the blades are not of that specific type, it can cause problems during mowing.

Unfitted bagger

The bagger must be secured properly. Otherwise, you may end up with a mess of debris while mowing.

Fast cutting speed

You should not cut the debris at high speed. Sometimes, the bagger can’t keep pace with the faster speed. It will cause harm to the bagger.


Clogging inside the delivery system can cause failure during mowing. Wet grass or any debris can get clogged and cause a disturbance. You should be careful while mowing. You can clean the chute after every usage to keep the bagger working.


The discussion on lawn sweeper vs bagger identifies some points that will help you buy the convenient one. Both of the tools have merits and demerits as well. But both of them are used with a lawnmower for cleaning. It depends on you how you will use the tool. You must know about both of the tools, their usage, and their types. Every single detail will provide you with knowledge. These details will guide you to make your choice.

In the end, you have to choose any one of them. It depends on your work and choice. So make sure you buy the best one that will be effective for you.

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