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Do you know that almost everyone knows how to eat with a knife and fork? But, most of us are holding cutlery in the wrong way. Therefore, every individual should eat some table etiquette eating. Because it will save you from embarrassing situations.

In fact, most people may not notice your good manners but they will immediately judge you for your bad manners. So, if you’re well aware of eating etiquettes. Then, you can confidently enjoy every dinner party without hesitation.

Most importantly, if you’re going to meet somebody for the very first time at dinner. Then, you should check how to hold a knife and fork. Because it will help you to eat confidently and depicts a self-disciplined personality in front of an unknown.

Moreover, everyone should show some concern about table manners during dinner. Well, the main objective of table manners is to show some respect to your dinner fellows. So, if you’re willing to attend dinner parties.

Then before moving to your cupboard to select your outfit, you should learn how to hold a knife and fork? It will help you throughout your life and will secure you from all awkward situations.

Let’s know in detail about the correct method of holding a fork and knife in a few simple steps.

How To Hold a Knife And Fork?

If you’re going for a business dinner or getting ready to attend a festive dinner party or going for a date. Do you know what’s the most important element of your table? It’s the basic way to hold a knife and fork. Because it will portray your manners in front of a stranger who wants to know you.

So, learning basic table manners is compulsory before going to attend any party of the season. Almost, half of us do not know how to hold a knife and fork? If you’re also a part of these statistics. Then, here we have a complete guide for all of you. So, let’s follow just a few simple steps and eat like a legend.

There are two major styles for holding a fork and a knife. These styles are Continental style and American styles. Both styles have just a slight difference. Let’s discuss the Continental style in steps:

  • Firstly, you have to pick your main fork in your left hand that is just close to your plate. Because the second fork is a salad fork. Notice that starter cutlery is always placed on the outside while the main cutlery is on the inside.
  • Always hold your fork with the left hand with its tines downward to the plate.
  • Put your index finger on the back of the fork.
  • Your fork handle should be in the center of your palm
  • Now, hold your knife in your right hand
  • Use index finger to extend on the blade
  • The handle of your knife should be in the central grip of your palm
  • Hold your knife just one or two inches above the plate
  • Cut down food into smaller pieces in case of large size
  • Put your knife back on the plate
  • Switch your fork from left to right hand
  • Fork tines will face an upward direction during eating
  • Move your fork towards your mouth rather than moving your mouth towards the fork
  • If a knife is not required. Then, keep it on the table as it was lying before dinner.
  • Moreover, the Continental style is also known as the hidden handle method in which the fork and knife are hidden within the palm of the dinner.

The American style of holding a knife and fork is almost similar with a little difference. Let’s learn about the American style in multiple steps:

  • Meanwhile, the American style is also known as the zigzag method as the fork is held like a spoon
  • Hold your fork in your left hand like a pencil. So, fork tines could touch the plate surface.
  • Use your thumb, index, and middle finger to hold the shank of the fork
  • Now, hold your knife in your right hand
  • Use your middle and last two fingers for holding the handle of the knife
  • Put your index finger on the blade of the knife
  • Cut the food with the help of a knife and coax it onto the fork
  • If you have completed your dinner. Then, put your knife and fork in the middle of the plate. It’s a sign that shows that you have done your dinner or lunch.

Final Words

Now, it’s the right time of the year to learn about how to hold a fork and a knife. So, you can enjoy all dinners or lunches along with your loved ones or colleagues in a poised manner. You can adopt any style depending upon your surroundings.

However, both American and continental styles are quite easy to carry. But, you still need to practice all steps on your dining table.

Moreover, according to a 2014 survey report of the US in which 77% of Americans prefer to use a knife and fork for Asian meals instead of using chopsticks. Well, it’s quite clear that a fork and knife are two important constituents of every dining table. So, everybody should pay attention to learning the correct way of holding a knife and fork.

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