Best Dryer Vent Cover To Keep Mice Out of 2022

Best Dryer Vent Cover To Keep Mice OutReplacing an age dryer vent cover may not be high on your home repair list, but it’s a problem you shouldn’t ignore. Poor dryer ventilation will, at best, degrade the dryer’s efficiency and cause overheating and, in the worst case, become a fire hazard.

Because air dryer vents are empty spaces between the inside and outside of the home, they can let in animals, insects, and cold air.

Dryer vents and hoses are constructed with durable, flame-retardant materials that can withstand the intense heat generated by the dryer. Most openings have built-in guards that prevent mice, birds, and insects from entering the house through the opening.

Top 6 Best Dryer Vent Cover To Keep Mice Out Reviews

If you need to replace the best dryer vent cover to keep mice out, read on to select the right vent for your home.

1. Funmit 4″ Louvered vent cover For Exterior Wall

Funmit 4″ Louvered vent cover For Exterior Wall

This is an excellent buy if you are searching for the best rodent-resistant vent cover for your dryer.

Highlighted Features:

The vent cover is made of 4-inch plastic, which is durable. It has four screws for easy installation. Also, its plastic material contains a UV stabilizer that helps reduce discoloration due to sun exposure.

The Funmit vent cap fits into a 4-inch diameter vent tube, and the outer plate cap is six by six.

Helps keep wind, snow, and rain out of the dryer. Also, move rodents and bird guards away from the dryer vent.

Installing this vent cover for your dryer and fan bathing vent is easy.


  • Easy installation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Long lifespan
  • Made from the highest quality durable materials
  • Makes life very comfortable


  • Sometimes, it breaks

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2. LUXRILIX 6″ Plastic Louvered Vent Cover

LUXRILIX 6" Plastic Louvered Vent Cover

The LUXRILIX 6 plastic ventilation cover is used to replace the ventilation. Its low-profile design ensures maximum exhaust airflow when the dryer is vented. It also closes and opens silently as air flows through the opening. Opening and closing flaps prevent the outside elements from entering the ventilation opening.

Highlighted Features:

The vent cover on this dryer vent features a three-opening system that allows the louver to close automatically without drafts. It works effectively to prevent the entry of outside elements such as snow, birds, cold air, and rain.

Vent screen dryer vents are of the highest quality and sturdy ABS plastic.

The shutters allow air to circulate and thus keep your room tidy.

You don’t need professional tools or help to install the vent. You have to attach the outer cover using the four screws.

Allows the dryer to have better ventilation

Offer 100% satisfaction; the ventilation cover fulfills its function perfectly.


  • Multipurpose use
  • Keep objects away
  • Easy to install
  • Premium quality material that can be painted to match your home and provide protection
  • It is 100% satisfactory.


  • No hardware included

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3. Vent Systems Air Vent Covers To Keep Mice Out

Vent Systems Air Vent Covers To Keep Mice Out

The dryer vent cover to keep mice away from the dryer is the best cover and can also be used on bathroom drains. It is best to keep rodents, birds, and insects away.

Unique Specification:

Installation is straightforward, and no special installation skills or tools are required. Also, it is easy to open and has a sound ventilation system with maximum evacuation.

Highlighted Features:

It contains UV inhibitors, which prevent it from cracking or being damaged when exposed to sunlight. It is also suitable for covering the bathroom fan and the dryer fan.

It can be used to cover a grill; It has an outer wrap and an air deflector that makes your life better.

Its plastic body is solid and durable to keep rain, birds, wind, snow, and any outside elements out of the dryer.

The product provides the best services. This type of vent cover is among the best, making our list of top choices. What’s more, it provides you with a beautiful and comfortable life.


  • Easy to install
  • Make your life beautiful
  • Provide the best services
  • It is built with the highest quality material, which is durable


  • Installation screws can sometimes be short

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4. DEFLECTO HR4B Replacement Vent Hood

DEFLECTO HR4B Replacement Vent Hood

Are birds, pests, and mice invading your home through the dryer vent? This vent cover is made with mesh to keep birds and small animals away from the dryer vent. Then it fits any 4″ dryer vent to cover, provide airflow, and keep unwanted guests out.

It is made of sturdy plastic, and the bird filter is removable. The ring is said to fit any 4-inch tube, but the inner ring is narrower. Please note that you will need to adopt another mechanism to connect this dryer vent and the vent.

However, if you decide to install it as a vent cover, check this cover occasionally for lint or similar material attached to it. Keeping small animals out is a challenge, but it certainly is a smart choice for a home where this vent cover is in use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a removable pest guard to prevent birds and other nesting and pest animals from entering your home.
  • Durable material resists wind, rain, and snow. The robust cover protects the ventilation from the weather.
  • This standard range vent is designed for maximum airflow and ventilation through the house, fan, or dryer.
  • Designed to self-clean in rain and wind for low and light maintenance.
  • Slide the ventilation cover and install it with four screws. Once installed, the vent will stay firmly in place.


  • Keep small animals away
  • Adequate airflow
  • Sustainable
  • Easy fixing.


  • Fits only a 4-inch vent tube.

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Vent caps are located on the outside; they become fragile over time due to bad weather. This paneled vent cover is weather resistant. Therefore, hot or cold, rain or sun, keeps its climate intact.

The mechanism is quite simple and essential for this dryer vent cover. It has three curved blades. These shutters open silently when the vent is in progress and close when the leak is sealed. There is no screen to keep birds away and create a build-up of lint. Instead, this model is easier to clean and is a maintenance-free dryer vent cover.

Although the unit measures 6” x 6” and fits 4” drain pipes, it’s always best to make sure that the socket model you are using is compatible or not. If this budget vent matches your style, we don’t see why you shouldn’t order it.

Highlighted Features:

The easy-to-move outer blades of the dryer vent cover can provide maximum flow.

The Exterior vent is suitable for ventilation ducts, air conditioners, etc, all wall vents, ventilation and heat transfer systems, extractor hoods, and partly industrial applications.

Inserting the tube into the vent cover is enough to mount it on the wall with screws or a silicone gasket.

The dryer’s external vent cover is made of 304 stainless steel. The 304 stainless steel cover can be used all year round and is corrosion and rust-resistant.


  • Anticorrosive
  • Rustproof
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Ensure maximum volumetric flows


  • Only suitable for flat surfaces.

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6. VUYBVY Dryer Vent Cap Metal Dryer Vent Cap

VUYBVY Dryer Vent Cap Metal Dryer Vent Cap

Dryer vents are sometimes built or designed at a low cost that causes insects and even mice to enter your home. VUYBVY Dryer Vent was designed to end such a challenge if you have one of such. It has a beautiful stainless steel design that is many years lasting. There are no cracks caused by UV damage with this cover.

It also has a flip-top design that opens when the dryer is on and closes when it’s not, preventing bugs and critters from invading the dryer (note that you’ll need to clean the vents periodically for it to be free of debris). The vent cover is available in three sizes to fit 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6-inch diameter tubing.

Highlighted Features:

  • It possesses a durable stainless steel material for the exterior wall. The wall-mounted vent cover is 304 stainless steel, which is durable, rust, and corrosion-resistant.
  • The ventilation grille can easily open the dampers when pressure is applied from inside. It closes the blinds when the dryer no longer pushes warm air through the vents. It helps prevent drafts from entering vents in cold weather.
  • The ventilation openings are specially constructed to prevent water from entering your home. Together with a stainless steel grid, they protect you from annoying rodents such as mice, rats, birds, and squirrels.
  • Easily install the cover by inserting the tube into the vent cover and mounting it on the wall with screws or a silicone gasket.
  • Exterior wall vent is ideal for hose/pipe vents, bathroom vents and hoods, air conditioning units, kitchen fans and vents, home wall vents, heat exchange systems, gas and electric clothes dryers, and cooker extractor hoods, as well as a wide variety of industrial uses.


  • High-quality metal construction
  • Flap closes to keep bugs and bugs out
  • Materials resistant to atmospheric agents
  • Compatible with tubes of different sizes


  • Noisy when shutters open and close

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Factors to consider when picking the best dryer vent cover

If you’re looking for a dryer vent cover to keep mice out, here are a few factors to consider to guarantee you’re purchasing the best possible product. The cover you choose is tailored to your specific dryer model.

First, it’s essential to make sure the cover you choose fits your specific dryer model. Many types and sizes of dryers are available, so finding a cover that fits the drain hole snugly is essential. This will help ensure that hot air and moisture are properly ventilated outside your home and help prevent pests and other debris from entering the opening.


It is also essential to consider the material of the vent cover of the selected dryer. Most covers are made of durable plastic or metal, but there are also more flexible materials, such as fabric. If you reside in a locality with strong winds or other adverse weather conditions, you can opt for a more robust cover, and it won’t blow off easily.

Installation Process

Finally, ensure that the selected cover can be easily installed and removed. Many covers come with installation instructions, but it’s best to get a professional if you’re not sure you can install the product appropriately.

Covers for dryer vents are an essential part of keeping your home safe and energy-efficient, so it’s necessary to take the time to find the best option for your needs. By following these simple tips, you can be sure to buy a high-quality product that will last for many years from now.

Benefits of using a dryer vent cover

Like most persons, you probably don’t consider the dryer fan cover very often.

Keep your home safe from fire.

But the truth is that this little piece of equipment plays a vital role in protecting your home from the dangers of fire. A dryer vent cover helps keep lint and other debris from building up in dryer exhaust pipes, eventually leading to a dangerous fire.

It helps improve the efficiency of your dryer.

In addition to preventing fires, a good dryer vent cover also helps improve dryer efficiency. When lint and other debris collect in the exhaust pipes, they can restrict airflow and cause the dryer to run longer than necessary. This consumes energy, but it can also shorten the life of your dryer. A good vent cover will help keep vents clean and improve dryer efficiency.

Types of Vent Cover

There are many types of vent covers for the dryer’s ventilation: louver, hood, and no-cut. Each type has its pros and cons.


A louver is a type of cover with louver or slats that allow air to pass through but trap debris. Louvers are easy to install and usually have a screen to keep insects out. However, they can be challenging to clean and may not work well in high wind areas.


A hood is a type of cover that completely covers the dryer vent. Hoods are more effective than curtains at retaining debris, but they can be more challenging to install and require tape or staples to secure.


A no-cut cover is a type of cover that does not require cutting or drilling to install. These covers are easy to install but may not be as effective at keeping debris out, such as hoods or blinds.

Expert tips for maintaining the dryer’s vent cover

If you have a dryer vent cover, it is essential to keep it clean and in good condition. Below are some professional tips to aid you in achieving this:

  1. Regularly inspect the vent cover. Look for cracks, holes, or other damage. If found, replace the cover immediately.
  2. Keep the area around the vent cover clean and free of debris. This will ensure adequate air circulation and prevent lint.
  3. When cleaning the vent cover, use a brush or soft cloth. Avoid using harsh or abrasive chemicals as they may damage the cover.
  4. If the vent cover becomes dirty, it may need to be soaked in a mild cleaning solution. However, rinse it thoroughly afterward to remove any remaining chemicals.
  5. When reinstalling the vent cover, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. This will help guarantee a comfy fit and proper function.

You can help keep your dryer vent cover in top condition by following these tips. This will prolong its life and avoid costly repairs in the future.

How to install a dryer vent cover?

We know that ventilation releases moisture, hot air, and lint from the dryer. Dryer vent covers are generally lightweight and inexpensive. Therefore, you can easily install this vent cover.

But it can break easily. This cover prevents rain, cold, and heat from entering the house, so replacing the cover in time is very important.

Dryer Vent Replacement Procedure

First, cut the sealant around the existing dryer vent cover. Then disconnect the dryer hose from the wall-mounted dryer hose.

Loosen the screw that secures the vent cover to the wall and remove the cover. After removing the vent cover, wipe away any old putty from the wall. You can use a cleaning kit to do this easily.

To install or replace the new cover, essentially do the reverse. Insert the pipe into the new one through the wall and screw the cover onto the liner.

It’s better to seal the outside of the new vent cover with removable silicone sealant. Then go back inside, and push the vent tube and dryer hose together. Then seal the joint with screws or tape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the dryer vent have a screen?

Dryer vent systems should be rounded up only on the house’s exterior and have a suitable padded exterior cover to prevent water, insects, and birds from entering the vent.

The outside of the lid should not have a screen, as this will cause lint to build up and block ventilation over time.

How often do you clean the dryer vent?

The dryer vent should be cleaned once a year, depending on the size of the household and how often the dryer is used.

How long can a dryer vent be?

The maximum length of the dryer vent pipe should not exceed 35 feet. More prolonged venting can affect dryer efficiency, causing your clothes to dry out within a longer timeframe.

How do I replace the dryer vent?

When replacing an existing dryer vent, purchase the correct size hose first. Remove the old vent by unscrewing the clips holding it to the outside of the house. Remove the old dryer hose from the back of the dryer and the interior wall.

Install the new dryer vent outside the house using the existing vent. If there are no seams, you may need to apply caulk to seal the edges of your home’s vent. Connect the new dryer hose to the back of the dryer and vent using two galvanized clamps.

How do you chase birds away from a drying vent?

Purchase a vented dryer designed to prevent birds from nesting in the vent. Ideal for this purpose is venting with covers that close when the dryer is not in use, preventing rodents and birds from entering.


It’s an excellent investment when choosing the best dryer vent cover to keep mice out away over the price of a new vent. Install the vent cover and store it properly as it can prolong the dryer’s life. It can also ensure your home stays warm in the winter. It also prevents pests from entering the duct.

There are different ventilation patterns, so choose the one that best suits your preferences and tastes. Make sure the hose is compatible with the vent cover. If you don’t know how to install it yourself, hire a professional to do it for you to avoid any problems. Also, remember to clean and maintain the pipe regularly.

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