Best Windshield Cleaner for Inside Car of 2022

best windshield cleaner for Inside CarCleaning a windshield is quite boring, but it is really important for many reasons. We need to invest in the best windshield cleaner for inside cars. Windshields should be spot-free for safe driving.

Moreover, a windshield with spots and dirt doesn’t look the best if you want your car to look good all the time. A light cleaning every 2 days will keep your car looking fresh and spot-free forever.

In this article, we have gathered the 6 best inside windshield cleaners after testing 20 cleaning tools. We have made sure to suggest tools that are easy on hands and harsh on picking dirt from your windshield. Our crew tested the tools on their personal car to make sure of the quality. Each item on this list is designed for effortless cleaning and easy storage.

These Are Our Choices For The Best Windshield Cleaner for Inside Car:

Are you quickly trying to purchase the best car windshield cleaning tool for your Car? Here are the 6 items that are manufactured to keep your windshield clean. We will be elaborating on the items in the following section.

1. X XINDELL Windshield Cleaning Tool

Product Features:

[Ergonomic handle]; The handle on this cleaner is quite ergonomic. The handle is detachable which makes it easier for the user to clean the car from the inside. The weight on this handle is not too heavy as well.

[Comfortable size]; The size of this cleaner is adjustable cause it is detachable. The size is best for anyone starting from teenagers and adults. Everyone can use this cleaner on a car, windows, and even mirrors.

[Microfiber cloth]; Microfiber is one of the best cloth types for cleaning materials. Microfiber cloth tends to pick up a small number of dirt particles from glasses. This is why when you buy a pair of eyeglasses, they give you a small microfiber cloth for cleaning them. The X XINDELL windshield cleaning tool comes with a microfiber cloth cleaner.

[Replaceable cleaning cloth]; If your car has gone through a lot and needs a second cleaning, you can use the second cloth that comes with it.

[Water bottle]; It comes with a small water bottle that you can use to carry water. It will come in handy when you need to do some quick windshield cleaning.

[Multitasking]; You can use this tool to clean mirrors if you are looking for the best mirror cleaner.

2. X XINDELL Windshield Cleaner with Extendable Handle

Product Features:

[Adjustable handle]; The handle on the X XINDELL Windshield Cleaner with Extendable Handle cleaning tool is adjustable, which means it will be easy to clean the inside and also outside of your car’s windshield. Small cleaning tools are best to clean from the inside because it fits in your hand and doesn’t require dragging which is a risk. So this is the best car glass cleaner.

[180° swivel triangular head]; The 180° swivel handle is best for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. It’s a common pain in the head. Gladly, with this tool, you will be able to clean those corners effortlessly. It also curves with the surface. So, you don’t have to curve or be in a bad position to clean the car’s windshield.

[Rust free]; Rust is horrible when you have white walls/surface / a shelf. Rust leads to staining white or bright surfaces which is quite unpleasant. With this tool, there won’t be any rust stains no matter where you store the tool.

[Durable]; The tool is quite durable which results in long time service. The handle is strong and sturdy. We want the neck to stay attached properly.

[Ergonomic]; We try to promote products that are easy to use and gentle on hardworking hands. This cleaning tool is very ergonomic to use. The handle has some texture on it to prevent slippage.

[Multitasking]; You can use this cleaning tool for indoor and outdoor cleaning. The bonnets are qualified for mirror cleaning, window cleaning, and glass cleaning. So, with one cleaning tool, you’re buying one for all.

[Extra washable bonnets]; The tool comes with two extra microfiber bonnets which will help you to clean thoroughly. If one gets dirty, you can use another one. And, the good part about this is, that the bonnets are washable. Pop them in the washing matching they should be as good as new.

[Easy to carry a water bottle]; It comes with a small water bottle that you can fill up with water or store-bought cleaner. You don’t need any cleaner if your windshield is foggy. This tool is the best inside windshield cleaner for the foggy windshield.

3. Invisible Glass 99031 Reach Clean Tool Combo Kit

Product Features:

[Effortless cleaning]; Invisible Glass 99031 Reach Clean Tool Combo Kit offers us a simple design that helps us to perform easy cleaning. It comes with a box which contains everything you need for spotless cleaning. This cleaner is mainly designed to reach those areas that are hard to clean. It does exactly what it says and we tested it.

[Adjustable handle]; The adjustable handle makes it easier to clean the outside of your windshield and as well as the inside of your windshield. The handle is detachable and it makes it easier to fit the cleaner inside your car.  The extended handle makes it easier to clean the car windshield from the outside.

[Durable]; The handle and the neck are made with high-quality plastic that will last long. We tried putting the cleaner on harsh tests and it did not break or bend easily. It is not metal, so it is not safe near a fire. However, the cleaner is durable and is safe in warmer places. The tool won’t melt or get worse in hot weather.

[Ergonomic]; The Invisible Glass 99031 windshield cleaner is quite ergonomic for its user. The extended handle has a sponge which makes it really comfortable to use it. Your loving hands won’t face any fatigue while using this tool.

[Multitasking]; You can use this tool to clean the inside of your windshield, Mirrors, and also any glass surfaces.

4.AstroAI Windshield Cleaner and Washable Microfiber Pads

Product Features:

[Effortless cleaning]; The AstroAI Windshield Cleaner and Washable Microfiber Pads promise us to give an effortless cleaning experience. This design is best for both outsides and inside cleaning. This also comes with several features that we are going to discuss down below

[Adjustable handle]; The AstroAI windshield cleaning tool comes with a handle that is adjustable. Now, we chose every cleaner with an adjustable handle for a reason. When you clean the windshield from the inside, you want to make sure that the cleaning tool fits in your car and is small enough to move freely.  So, this tool has a handle that can be small enough to do so. It can be long for cleaning truck windshields from the outside.

[Rust free]; Rust is common in steel handles and objects. With this cleaner, you won’t be facing any rust stains anywhere. You can safely store it anywhere. If you buy it, especially for your car’s windshield. We suggest storing the cleaner in your car’s trunk.

[Durable]; Just like the previous cleaners, this cleaning tool is also quite durable. It won’t bend or break., The bonnets are also strong enough to last you for years. All you have to do is use the tool carefully.

[Ergonomic]; The tool is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.  It ensures 0 chances of your hands suffering from fatigue. The neck of the cleaner moves according to the surface and it makes it easy to clean those stubborn areas.

[Multitasking]; You can use this tool to clean mirrors, car windshields, truck windshields, and glass dining tables.

[Extra washable bonnets]; The cleaner comes with 3 bonnets that are washable. If you want to do some heavy cleaning on windshields, take all three bonnets so you don’t have to clean one bonnet for using it again. The bonnets can be washed in washing machines with other clothes. Easy cleaning!

[Easy to carry a water bottle]; It comes with a bottle that can be filled with normal water or cleaning formulas. It’s convenient for carrying the product for long drives or adventures.

5. Invisible Glass 95164 Reach and Clean Tool

Product Features:

[Effortless cleaning]; The Invisible Glass 95164 Reach and the clean tool offer us a great design for cleaning smaller and bigger areas. It ensures less time for cleaning and more time to have fun driving your favorite car.

[Adjustable handle]; The handle is adjustable which is useful for outside and inside windshield cleaning. The handle has a sponge layer which is ergonomic and enjoyable to work with.

[Durable]; The overall build of this cleaner is quite sturdy. Even though the cleaner is made with plastic, the quality deserves compliments. It does not bend easily or get damaged by falling. It ensures long-lasting service which makes our wallets happy.

[Small bonnets]; The package includes a neck and 3 bonnets to reach small areas of your car or mirrors it is very useful to clean the corners. It is also handy while cleaning the side windows of a car. It fits in the car perfectly which makes it easier to use.

[Large bonnets]; It also comes with a bigger neck with 3 large bonnets which is best for cleaning bigger areas. Cleaning truck windshields are not going to be a pain in the head anymore.

[Multitasking]; Yes, you can use this cleaner to clean indoor mirrors, windows, glass, or ceramic dining tables.

[Extra washable bonnets]; This tool comes with extra bonnets as we have mentioned. All bonnets are washable. Just put the bonnets in a washing machine with other dirty clothes and the bonnets will be clean to work with.

6.eFuncar Car Window Windshield Cleaner Wand

Product Features:

[Effortless cleaning]; The best eFuncar Car Window Windshield Cleaner Wand offers us an amazing deal for deep car cleaning. You can clean your car with this combo. Yes, not only the windshield but also every outside part of your car.

[Adjustable handle]; The handle on this tool is also adjustable. It can get long enough to clean a car’s windshield effortlessly. We mainly like adjustable handles, because it makes it easier for every height. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short. These items are made for everyone.

[Dry use bonnet]; It comes with dry clothes that you can use without wet products. Imagine there is a layer of dust on your windshield, you can take the red cloth which is for dry usage, and wipe everything away.

[Wet use bonnets]; The package includes two blue microfiber bonnets that can be used with wet formulas. You can use this for light soap or liquid cleaning or simply water cleaning.

[Scrubbing bonnet]; The funky-looking green bonnet is nothing to be scared of. The green bonnet is designed for deep cleaning. It will scrub every part of your car gently. It is best for rainy days. The bonnet is capable of cleaning out mud stains and other stains that have a possibility of getting out of your car.

[Rust-free]; The handle is stainless steel, it ensures 0% staining in your loving home. We do not suggest items that have a chance of staining. You can store the cleaner in your car’s trunk for easy access no matter where you are.

[Durable]; The overall build is quite durable. It is built with high-quality hard plastic and stainless steel. The tool will last you long enough.

[Ergonomic]; The handle is kind of textured. It is comfortable to clean with the tool without worrying about fatigue. It is not heavy due to being built with hard plastic. We like this cleaning tool a little bit more than others due to its deal.

[Multitasking]; You can use this cleaner to clean mirrors, car windshields, indoor windows, and ceramic surfaces. Many professional car washers use this combination for spotless cleaning.

[Extra washable bonnets]; The red and bluebonnets can be washed in a washing machine. But, for the green bonnet, we suggest you wash it by hand. The green one contains textures that are essential for scrubbing. We don’t want to tear those textures.

[Easy to carry a water bottle]; It comes with a water bottle spray that is very useful to carry cleaning formulas or water for cleaning your car windshield. It can store a good amount of liquid, so you can take it on trips.

How to Choose The Windshield Cleaner for Cars

If you are reading this, we know how much you care about your vehicle. Cars are a very expensive item which should be taken care of. You can’t just go to a store and buy a cleaner. There are some things you need to consider before buying a windshield cleaner.

Microfiber Cloth:

Microfiber cloths are the best inside windshield cleaner. There are many types of cloth you can choose to clean windows and windshields but for that spot-free look, you need a microfiber cloth cleaner.


Size matters depending on the size of your vehicle, you need a cleaner that can clean your windshield from the inside and as well as outside. The cloth size should not be too big or too small. But if you are buying a windshield for trucks, you need a medium size to clean the windshield for saving time.


The handle is the second most important part of a windshield cleaner. The first part is the cloth type. The handle size depends on the size of your vehicle as well. If you want to clean the windshield from the outside of a truck, you need a bigger handle to reach every part of the windshield. But if you are cleaning the windshield from the inside, you need a smaller cleaner to fit in. For trucks, we suggest you go for cleaners that can be extended or come with detachable handles.


Do not cheap out when it comes down to buying cleaning tools. A cleaning item should not break your bank but, also should not be cheap like water.


The weight of a cleaner increases when you dip the cleaner in a liquid solution for the best car glass cleaner. Make sure that the cleaner is not too heavy for you while buying.

Who is it for?

Cleaning is for everyone. Hygiene is something that starts even before we see the world with our eyes. Cleaning tools are for everyone, however, let’s see which types of people can use the tools mentioned in our list.

  • People who want to keep their expensive vehicles clean. If you like your car and want it to look clean and spot-free, our list is for you mate.
  • If you are someone who has a car washing service, you can buy tools for our list. We made our list with sturdy and long-lasting cleaning tools. These tools will be your new favorites.
  • Buy one of these tools for your home windows and mirrors. Did you know car window cleaners are great for mirror cleaning?
  • Gift for dads! Tell us one thing that your dad loves more than his car/jeep. Gift one of our selected tools to your dad and watch him smile for a long time.


Which cloth is the best for window cleaning?

Microfiber is the best cloth type to clean glasses. It can pick up the smallest particle of dirt easily. Hence, microfiber is the best bonnet type to clean cars.

What is the best windshield cleaner?

In our list, we like the eFuncar car window cleaner. It has the best value for deep cleaning. Also, we do like the Invisible Glass 95164 for the size of the different bonnets. But, in the end, it is on you because you know what you need.

Homemade or store-bought best car glass cleaner

Homemade cleaners are not the best choice if you want to keep your windshield scratched and spot-free. Store-bought cleaners are made after a lot of research and include the best since in them. If you need a quick clean, you can choose homemade cloth or liquids to clean the windshield. But if you want that spot-free and perfectly clean-looking windshield, you need store-bought cleaners.

Final Words

In this article, we focused on finding the best windshield cleaner for the inside car. We were successful to find out 6 products that can meet our requirements on what we need in a cleaner. These products are from authentic stores and really work on windshields.

Why spend money on cleaning services when you can clean a windshield on your own with these items?  Give our handpicked windshield cleaners a try! Thank you so much for choosing us, stay tuned for more articles on many useful items.

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