Best Wheels for f150

Best Wheels for f150A nice looking wheel is very important for your vehicles. Many of us like to change our wheels or upgraded them. Some are wanting to change for different looks from others.

Because the model is one and unique, you create it on your own. So for you, it’s very easy to change the wheel and give them a new look by best wheels for f150.

You can change your wheel for f150 to buy a weather-friendly one, it will help you not to change every time your wheel because of weather conditions. You may get a new shape too.

Improving your car’s efficiency is often not as hard as you may imagine. The performance can be influenced by a change in the wheels and tires on any vehicle, and you can boost the driving with the right modifications to increase the overall performance of the vehicle. it will make it much more fun for your smooth drive.

Top 7 Best Wheels for f150 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

For the shortages of time, if you wanna move fast, you may get one of our best recommendations below-

Before you buy a wheel for the ford f150, you need to get some idea about it, Here we will review you 7 best wheels for the ford f150. it will help you to choose the best and most worthy one.

1. Vision Warrior 375 Gloss Black Machined Face Wheel

Vision Warrior 375 Gloss Black Machined Face Wheel manufacturer vision. This company already approached the client for its good reputation and great customer service. Vision manufacturer is well known for truck and heavy-duty wheel manufacturing.

They are built in incredible materials that give unbeatable resistance and durability. These wheels are carefully designed and offer a distinctive personalized look to your lovable truck.

They fit well with ford f150- 2012 and 2004 F-150. 2011- f150, 2017- f150, 2015- F150 4×4,  wheel,ford 2016- F-150  and many others. Vehicle service is included SUV and Truck.  If you have any questions you may call them they are very helpful and co-operative to assist you with your right wheel.

Vision Warrior 375 Gloss Black Machined Face it’s the best wheel for the money, well balanced, very durable, and also looks great when you will install it in your f150.

This rim size is diameter 17inches, width 8.5 inches, bolt pattern is 6×135, offset is 25mm, center bore is 87.1mm, and backspacing is 5.73inches.

The manufacturer is vision, brand vision, manufacturer warrior, it’s quite lightweight but highly durable, weight is 27 pounds, product dimension is 17 x 9 x 17 inches.

For online shopping from amazon, that information will help you, manufacturer part number 375H7836GBMF25, item part number 375H7836GBMF25


  • Depending on the size of the vehicle and wheels, lip size, concavity, and all other appearances may vary
  • The wheels become non-returnable until you place the tire on your vehicle
  • Ideal for modifying the new looks of your trucks or SUV
  • Built for higher stiffness using sophisticated technology
  • Compatible for most all f150
  • Strong and resistant to corrosion from scrapes and components


  • Uncompromising quality and strength
  • Proven in the toughest off-road events worldwide
  • Best for value


  • Little bit expensive
  • Nothing more

2. OE Wheels LLC 22 Inch Fits Ford Expedition F150 Lincoln

OE Wheels LLC 22 Inch Fits for Ford Expedition F150, is one of the best wheels for your smooth and comfortable drive. For its characteristic OE Wheels LLC, 22 Inch is one of the best f150 wheels.

This wheel is made by O.E distributors wheel in some shape or type, the wheel is not associated with ford motors company. The words ford they used for the reason of the fitment and description only O.E.

All O.E wheels are authorized by TUV, JWL, SAE, VIA, and are promised to be genuine. The fr76 should indeed be dried with water and soap only no toxic chemicals. It must be dried with a fresh soft microfiber.

This wheel is not only best for f150, but also compatible with the lincoln navigator 2003-2018, best for ford f150 2004-20018, Expedia ford 2003-2018, and lincoln mark 2006-2008

But it doesn’t fit for Harley Davidson 2006-2012, SVT raptor 2010-2014. Make sure the fitment is guaranteed for the vehicle that is modified their brakes or suspension.


  • The manufacturer is OE WHEELS
  • The model number is FR76-22090-6135-44C and the product weight is 31 pounds
  • Product dimension 22 x 9 x 22 inches, exterior crome
  • The rim diameter is 22 Inches, and the width is 9 Inches
  • Offset 44mm, and backspace 6.73 Millimeters
  • Great features include an aluminum alloy wheel, not stainless steel


  • High durability
  • Best wheel for your truck
  • Good invest


  • Off-road performance

3. KSP 6x135mm Wheel Spacers for F150

Golden lion manufacturer produces this best Wheel spacer for F150. It has high quality and safety guarantee. These KSP 6×135 wheel spacers from durable anodized black 6061-T6 Aluminium are thicker and much more versatile and are resistant to corrosion. And also they are originally designed by engineers and manufactured to existing standards.

They guarantee the best possible fit for your vehicles. These 87.1 mm hub-centric spacers install with limited clearance to avoid any friction, maintaining the existing riding.

The products include the best wheels spacers of 4 pcs, 24 highly powerful open-ended lug nuts of 12.9 grade, and a professional user guide. They provide you with 5 years of warranty.

The accessories are configured to shift the wheel further out of the hub and fix flexibility problems. Wheel reaching brake calipers or struts fixed a wheel that seems tucked throughout the fenders. It provides an aggressive position for your vehicle.


  • Black 6061-T6 Aluminum Anodized
  • Install 87.1 mm hubcentric reflectors with minimum clearance to stop any vibrations
  • It is 4PCS 1.5′ diameter
  • 6x135mm Pattern of automobile bolt
  • 6x135mm Pattern of tire bolt.
  • 1mm central bore with lip
  • 14-1.5mm Threaded Nuts.
  • 5 studs rim spacers fit for 2015-2019 F150, 2015-2019 Expedition,
  • It doesn’t fit the year before 2015 with m14x2.0 studs


  • Best spacers for f150
  • High quality
  • Comes with a guarantee


  • We haven’t found any cons to this product

4. Helo HE878 Wheel with Satin Black Finish

In its diverse product range, the Helo brand provides outstanding value, with fitments. Helo HE878 Wheel with Satin Black Finishes appropriate for small trucks, and SUVs. As well as most passenger cars. Helo Wheels offer the sense of the style you will be after in both chrome or black polished finishes, and the quality that is searching for

The helo wheels HE878 rims are engineered with a lip accented to eight Y-speak faces. The Helo HE878 design creates a new look for the vehicle and is wonderfully finished. With a black satin finishing that adds up an entirely new look to the exterior.

Helo Wheels are customized alloys that are assembled in one piece and are available in various finishes and sizes. This Wheels HE878 in black satin finish is available in various sizes. For all those characteristics we can say that the helo wheel is one of the best black wheels


  • It has a couple of sizes available such as 6″, 17″, 18″ and 20″
  • Product dimension 17 x 17 x 9 inches, and weight 34 pounds
  • Brand and manufacturer Helo, and model HE878
  • Exterior black and cap cover included
  • The best features are the chromium wheel, and design CA Satin, Black
  • Rim diameter 17 inches, and load rating 2200
  • Rim width 9 Inches, pitch circle diameter 135 Millimeters, 5 wholes, and backspace 4.53 Inches


  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • 1-year finish warranty
  • Looks beautiful in your car


  • Lug nuts don’t come with the wheel


Custom wheels from Ion Alloy are made for their worth with high-quality craftsmanship and aesthetics. Catering to pickup and 4×4 drivers, each aftermarket rim is constructed with dense rigid construction to ensure smooth handling.

It is Comfortable in both on-road and off-road conditions. while also affecting the appearance of your vehicle. Bold and eye-catching, custom wheels from Ion Alloy are an excellent offer for your pickup, Jeep, or SUV!

Your truck will be granted a new power to conquer everything by a remarkable collection of wheels. Ion Wheels provides the vehicle with a sleek design, lightweight, and robust wheels. Its made of one-piece cast aluminum to withstand the intense abuse of offroading, everyday driving, and even in extreme weather conditions.

Ion 141 has 8 strong spokes set in a wide rim profile and is equipped with a stunning shiny black finish with accents milled by CNC. It is offered in rim sizes of 17 and 20 inches and comes as an exclusive core


  • Exterior with gloss black and milled spokes
  • Manufacturer ION, and model 141
  • Wheel dimension 19 x 19 x 10.5 inches. And weight 31.8 pounds
  • Vehicle service type SUV, Truck, best for ford f150
  • The rim diameter is 17 Inches, and the width is 9 inches
  • 6 numbers of holes, circle diameters 135 Millimeters
  • The offset is 18 Millimeters
  • backspace 5.71 inches


  • Best for ford truck
  • Black wheel with glossy spokes
  • Alloy custom wheel


  • Fit only for the above-mentioned models

6. Richeer 1-inch Wheel Spacer 6x135mm for 2004-2014 Ford F-150

Richeer 1-inch Wheel Spacer, it’s absolutely a lovable spacer and best for f150. It will take only 20 minutes to install in your vehicle, and it comes lock-tight.

Richeer 1-inch Wheel Spacer is Well built. These are for the GMC family of products, however, the specifications of the product will be the same on the wheel hub. The wheel hub requirement. 6×5.5, 78.1.

It has some great features, Automatic CNC processing assures high precision and stability of forged alloy material. It has 6061-T6 aluminum and Pre-installed high-quality heat-treated 12.9-grade studs.

The spacer is 4 pcs thickness is 50.8mm. 87.1 center bore and 14×2 threaded comes with a 4x hub-centric spacers wheel, high durable thread locking x2, and a user manual.


  • Manufacturers and brands are richer. Model number AM24726
  • Product dimension 16.18 x 9.25 x 7.68 inches, and weight 23,8 pounds
  • Helps you position your vehicle 2 inches outward
  • You will be able to install a wider tire or wheels
  • Disappear vibration
  • It has a vehicle bolt and wheel bolt pattern of 6×135 mm. The Center bore is 87.1 mm and 14.2 threaded nut


  • 2- years of warranty.
  • lovable spacer
  • 2-inch Wheel Spacer


  • None

7. Moto Metal MO970 Gloss Black Wheel

MO970 Gloss Black Wheel by MOTO METAL® with Machined Face Wheels. Drive-in style with Moto Metal’s first-class wheels. Shaped to offer both elegance and strength with exquisite craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind data, they are the most desired item and best wheels for the ford f150.

The wheels combine elegant elegance and outrageous performance, resulting in a vehicle that is impressive to look at and existing to drive.

The MO970 is a one-piece, 8-spoke alloy wheel with covered lug nuts. This wheel is available in a couple of a number of finishes. it includes black gloss, black glossy with milled spokes, gray glaze, and black along with milled spokes.

All those make it ideal for almost any construction. both Moto Metal Wheels come with a structural warranty for a lifetime.


  • Size 17 x8 inches, the exterior is black and made of aluminum
  • The bolt pattern is 106.25 Millimeters, the backspacing wheel is 4,7 inches
  • it has a rim size of 17 inches, a diameter of 17inches, and weight of 24.79 Pounds
  • Loading rating is 2500
  • The model number for this item is MO97078067300


  • High loading capacity
  • able to install a wider tire or wheels


  • Nothing found

How To Choose The Best Wheels for Ford F150

There are a lot of stores and online websites which offer a good deals, especially on the best wheels for the Ford  F150. Ford is considered to be the most selling and the best vehicle for the last 23 years in the world. If there is one modification that you would want to make in your car, then it certainly has to be the exact Ford F150 wheels.

You can give your car an altogether new look by just adding the Ford F150 wheels. They will make all the difference. However, there are different things that you need to consider before buying the best wheels.


The variety and possibilities are unlimited. You can select from silver to black to chrome, the whole range of wheels are available to suit your car. The best wheels for Ford F150 are available in both lightweight as well as large ones. It is on to your personal choice, what you prefer.

Certainly, the bigger the wheels, the heavier they will be. They are available in different sizes such as 17, 18, 22 inches, and so on. All you need to make sure is that your Ford F150 wheels should be supported well by you.


For material, to be very honest; you will get what you pay for. However, if you want the durability of your wheels try to pick between alloy aluminum and steel material. Aluminum tires are much more trendy these days, so if you want an up to dated pair of wheels, aluminum wheels are a perfect choice.

Fuel efficiency:

You may never considered this feature before but it is important to look for it. Strong wheels with high PSI capacity are usually more durable than others and with these tires, your engine won’t be pressurized early.

Tread pattern and wear:

The tread pattern is another most important feature to look for. Try to pick wheels with micro trends and patterns as they are more durable and heavy-duty. However, every brand has its own standard of tread pattern, so here you can take help from customer reviews and can make a happy purchase of the best wheels for the Ford F150.


Can I put 33 inches of tires on my F150?

Yes, you can put the rim of your ford in stock. A ford with stock rims and 4wd can fit 33 X 12- inch tires and a 2ws can fit 33 X 12.5-inches. However, heavy-duty trucks can fit 2 inches more than these measurements.

What is the best brand of wheels?

Here we are going to enlist some most famous brands of wheels. All these brands are trustworthy and reliable in the wheel industry.

Enkei Wheels:

If you want really lightweight and sturdy tires, then make a choice from the Enkei brand. The brand is famous for its lightweight, latest design, and custom aftermarket wheels.

BBS Wheel

BBS is famous for the greatest and latest technology of wheels that are strong and light at the same time.

VOSSEN Wheels:

The brand is famous for cutting-edge techniques and for manufacturing the latest design rims that look super amazing. The hybrid Forge series is their leading rim design in the market.

SSR Wheels:

SSR wheels are the perfect choice for off-road drivers and for their gigantic selection. They also offer you all types of styles and designs.

OZ Racing Wheels:

It is an Italian aftermarket brand and stands out for its light-alloy wheel industry. It is also a well-known brand for the best wheels for the Ford F150.

Why are forged wheels so expensive?

The forged wheels are expensive because of a lot of material used in their manufacturing. Furthermore, the forging process involves smashing metal for obtaining 6061 aluminum and the great heating process makes forged wheels so expensive.

Are lighter wheels worth it?

If you are planning to choose lighter wheels means you are going to increase acceleration. The reason is lighter wheels have better mpg and less unsprung weight, both of the factors lead them towards greater acceleration.

Do lighter wheels improve the ride quality?

As we mentioned lighter-weight wheels have less unsprung mass and greater acceleration. In this way, they make your ford quality ride better and more responsive.

What is the best tire for a Ford F150 4X4?

 Here are the two best tires for the Ford F150 4 X4.

-Bridgestone dueler Alenza HL with treadwear warranty of 65K

-Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac with treadwear warranty of 50K


If it’s time for the new Ford F150 Wheels, we’ve got you covered. Our article guided you top to bottom about the best wheels for f150.

There will be no limits to your confidence when you drive your car at extremely high speed with the Ford 150 wheels intact to your car. As a matter of fact, Ford is considered to be known for producing the different parts of the cars and all the accessories.

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