Best Tire Cleaner Autogeek of 2022

best tire cleaner autogeekWe’ve all been there, you’re out on the open road, and you need to stop for gas. You can’t help but notice that your tires have a few spots of what looks like mud or dirt caked onto them. You know it’s not going to be a quick fix because cleaning your tires is one of those things that takes time and patience. So, how do you get rid of this gunk?

Autogeek offers some great tire cleaner products that will make the job more accessible than ever before! They had tire Cleaners that clean wheels without scratching surfaces and left a slick n shiny look. But which one do you need to buy when there are so many choices? Don’t worry; we have narrowed down the list of the 5 tire cleaner auto geek that will solve your problem.

How To Use a Tire Cleaner?

Cleaning your tires is an easy way to maintain their appearance and performance. It’s important to know when you need a tire cleaner, what type of tire cleaner will work best for the job, and how much time it takes to clean your tires. Here we will teach you everything you need to know about cleaning your tires!

Basics tips for cleaning:

  • The lifespan of a tire cleaner will depend on how often it is used, the type of tires it’s being used for, and what surface types (concrete, asphalt) you are cleaning.
  • You should use soap when washing your car, but only water when washing your tires. Soap can strip away some vital coating that protects them from corrosion or oxidation! If this happens to you, then stop using the soap immediately. Instead, rinse with tap water.
  • You should also check your tires regularly and remove anything that may have accumulated on them – because if you leave things like mud, tar residue, or other debris build-ups, then they will clog your treads with time.

Tire cleaner: How to clean my car?

You need some tire cleaner which contains ingredients such as degreasers and surfactants. Overall, auto geek cleaners are the best. It’s not difficult to clean with auto geek cleaners at all.

The most preferred method is hand-washing. You need to spray detergent on the tire, wait for 10 to 15 minutes and then turn on the pressure washer at full force for about five seconds or so to rinse off the cleaner from the treads.

Keep an eye out for those oil stains that might build up over time as well! These can be tough to remove, but once they’re gone, you’ll feel like such a badass because it will have only taken just minutes to get clean all these years’ worth of build-up! You don’t want any debris accumulating here, so make sure.

Now, it’s time to go through our detailed review of the above 5 products so you can pick your next product carefully and enjoy the cleaning process.

1.TriNova Tire Shine Spray No Wipe – Automotive Clear

TriNova Tire Shine Spray No Wipe is an advanced, high gloss tire coating that will keep your tires black and shiny. Its wet look with a slick finish makes it the best wheel cleaner that leaves no white residue behind on the tire surface. The formula is specifically designed to provide long-lasting protection for your tires against fading and yellowing caused by UV rays. TriNova Tire Shine Spray has a patented rubber protector technology that helps prevent cracks.

The quick-drying, no wipe formula will protect your tires from cracking and fading with a rubber protector. It is used in a spray can, so you don’t have to worry about getting it on your hands or clothes. You can use this product on all types of tires, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.



  • No more dull, flat tires.
  • The advanced formula provides a slick finish that repels dirt & grime and protects your tires from the elements.


  • Don’t let dirt build up on your wheels! Spray on our Tire Shine and watch as it repels dust, mud, and grime.


  • Say goodbye to streaks!
  • The unique formula of our tire shine spray provides a smooth finish with no oily residue left behind.


  • Protect your tires from the elements while keeping them looking great!


  • Spray directly onto tires for an even application. No need to wipe off excess products.

Technical Details:

The brand of the product is Tri Nova, and it has dimensions of ‎9.85 x 3.94 x 3.78 inches with a weight of 1.12 pounds.


  • Efficient cleaner
  • Quick cleaning
  • Affordable tile cleaner


  • No technical flaw in the product.

best wheel cleaner

Why do we recommend this product?

There are multiple reasons for recommending this product. TriNova Tire Shine Spray No Wipe is a revolutionary spray-on tire shine that provides a wet, glossy, and slick finish.

It is the only product of its kind to provide this level of brightness with no wiping required. TriNova Tire Shine Spray No Wipe has been specially formulated for tires with clear coat finishes. It will not leave any residue behind and does not require buffing or rubbing to remove it from your tires.

2. SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat – Ceramic Coating

The Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat is the ultimate car care product. If you hate scrubbing, then it is best no scrub wheel cleaner. It combines a polymer paint sealant, ceramic coating, and wax into one item.

This unique formula is designed to protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions while giving it an incredible shine that will last for months on end. The Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat contains no harmful chemicals or abrasives, which means you can apply it with ease. Its waterless formulation makes cleaning your car quick and simple.

Quick Coat is a revolutionary waterless car wash and wax that cleans, shines, and protects your vehicle. Quick Coat’s proprietary formula combines the durability of traditional carnauba wax with advanced polymer technology to give you incredible shine and protection for up to 6 months.



  • Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat is an easy-to-use formula that cuts through dirt and grime like a hot knife through butter.
  • It’s safe for all surfaces and doesn’t leave streaks behind!


  • This advanced formula will clean your car, motorcycle, boat, RV, or home without causing damage to the surface.
  • It’s safe for clear coat paint jobs and even glass!


  • With its use, there will be no buff-out streaks on your vehicle.
  • That’s why Shine Armor leaves no spots behind when applied correctly.

Technical Details:

The product has a dimension of ‎6 x 2 x 2 inches, and the weight is 6.4. Moreover, it comes from the SHINE ARMOR brand.


  • 3 in 1 cleaning formula
  • For all types of surfaces
  • Prevent scratching


  • Some buyers complain that it comes in small sizing.

Why do we recommend this product?

Quick Coat is easy to use and provides a deep, dark shine ready for the road. Quick Coat is an automotive paint sealant/topcoat polish that protects your vehicle from dirt, water spots, UV rays, and other elements that can damage your vehicle’s finish. It also repels dust and makes washing easier.

3. SHINE ARMOR Car Scratch Remover

SHINE ARMOR Car Scratch Remover Polish is a formula that will remove scratches from your car’s paint job. It is the best formula for spray wheel cleaner.  It also helps to protect the surface of your vehicle by filling in and hiding minor imperfections and swirls. This product is easy to apply and can be used on all types of surfaces.

Shine Armor works on all colors of cars, including red, black, white, and silver. It removes scratches caused by sanding or buffing, and it even removes Hail damage! Shine Armor does not require rubbing or polishing to work and will not leave any residue behind when used correctly. You can use Shine Armor with your favorite buffer or by hand with a microfiber towel.



  • Shine Armor is a revolutionary formula for removing scratches and swirl marks from your vehicle.


  • Shine Armor works excellent at removing oxidation, which will restore the shine to your car’s paintwork.


  • Shine Armor can also be used as a paint protector and restorer.
  • It creates a shield against UV rays, salt water, acid rain, and other harmful environmental elements that damage your car’s paintwork.


  • This unique formula contains an advanced blend of ingredients, including carnauba wax, synthetic polymers, and nano-tech polymers that work together to remove scratches, swirls, and oxidation from the surface of your vehicle’s paintwork.

Technical Details:

SHINE ARMOR is the manufacturer of this product. The product has dimensions of ‎6.57 x 3.03 x 1.81 inches, and the weight is 4 ounces.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Advanced cleaning formula
  • Oxidation removal


  • Not for deep scratches

Why do we recommend this product?

It’s the best car scratch remover on the market. It can remove scratches in a matter of minutes and protect your paint from future damage. This polish also works as a swirl remover, allowing you to restore your vehicle’s luster without having to pay an expensive auto body shop for repairs.

4. Adam’s Wheel & Tire Cleaner All in One Tire & Wheel Cleaner

Adam’s Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a professional-grade tire and wheel cleaner. It can be used with or without the wheel brush and will not harm most rims. Adam’s Wheel & Tire Cleaner is formulated to clean wheels safely and effectively without harsh chemicals or fumes.

The advanced non-acidic formula cleans away brake dust, dirt, grime, and road film from all types of wheels, including chrome, aluminum alloy, painted steel rims, cast aluminum alloy wheels, and many more.

This product is so powerful that it will remove the toughest dirt and grime with ease. It’s a safe, non-acidic formula that won’t harm your wheels or tires. The unique foaming action penetrates deep to clean all types of surfaces.



  • Many wheel cleaners are too harsh and can ruin your wheels.
  • The formula is safe on many finishes, including aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, painted wheels, powder-coated wheels, and more.


  • This is a professional-grade tire and wheel cleaner that will quickly remove dirt from all of your tires and rims!
  • You’ll be amazed at how clean your tires look after using this product!


  • The unique formula contains no acids or caustic chemicals that may damage the finish on your wheels or tires.
  • It’s a safe alternative to harsh cleaners that could potentially damage expensive rims or car paint jobs.


  • Adam’s Wheel & Tire Cleaner cleans away dirt from the treads of all of your tires without damaging them in any way.
  • The unique formula is also effective at removing brake dust build-up from the face of the rotors!

Technical Details:

ADAM’S Polishers is the manufacturer of this product. The product has dimensions of 10.83 x 4.49 x 2.76 inches, and the weight is 1.1 ounces.


  • For all surfaces
  • Non-alkaline formula
  • Effective on scratches


  • Bit pricey

Why do we recommend this product?

It is a professional-grade wheel cleaner, tire cleaner, and rim cleaner. It is safe on most rims. It is the best car wash wheel cleaning spray for professional detailers, auto shops, technicians, body shops, and DIY enthusiasts. Use a wheel brush or tire brush to clean your wheels and tires as the pros do!

5. Chemical Guys CLD_203_16 Wheel Cleaner

The Chemical Guys CLD_203_16 Signature Series Wheel Cleaner will clean and restore the shine on all wheels. Moreover, it is the best brake dust remover. The advanced foam technology breaks down road grime and brake dust to remove it from wheels, leaving them looking new.

Professional detailers have used this formula for years to achieve a showroom shine on their customers’ cars, and now you can use it for yourself. It is the perfect wheel cleaner for any car enthusiast who wants to maintain an immaculate vehicle.



  • Chemical Guys Wheel Cleaner is a citrus-based formula tough on dirt and grime yet gentle on all-wheel finishes.


  • This product cleans wheels and tires with ease.
  • It removes brake dust, dirt, road film, grease, and grime from wheels and tires.


  • It works great for custom tires. You can dilute it up to 4:1 for more versatility in cleaning ability.
  • Use full strength for heavily soiled wheels or use the recommended dilution ratio for general cleaning of wheels or tires.

Technical Details:

CHEMICAL GUY’S is the manufacturer of this product. The product has dimensions of ‎2.36 x 2.36 x 8.66 inches, and the weight is 1.1 ounces.


  • Citrus based formula
  • You can dilute it
  • For custom wheels


  • Some complaint about leaving white residue

Why do we recommend this product?

This product is the ultimate wheel cleaner. It works on all wheels and rims to remove brake dust, dirt, oil, and grime. The foam formula clings to vertical surfaces while it loosens stubborn deposits with ease. This formula also contains a unique gloss enhancer that will leave your wheels looking new!

How Do I Choose The Best Tire and Wheel Cleaner?

Choosing the tire cleaner auto geek can be a daunting task, as there are so many different options. However, if you follow these simple tips and tricks for choosing the best one, you will have an easier time deciding which is suitable for your needs.

Type of cleaner:

Determine whether or not you want to use water-based cleaners or oil-based cleaners. Oil-based tire cleaners tend to be more effective than water-based ones because they don’t evaporate off like water does when it comes in contact with tires; however, some people prefer using water-based products because they’re less messy.

Where are you going to use it?

Consider what type of surface the cleaner will come into contact with on your tires – metal? Rubber? Plastic? If you happen to have tires with metal or plastic surfaces, then an oil-based cleaner will be most effective.

How to use it?

Now consider how the cleaner will be used. If you’re looking for a liquid or powder cleanser, then consider how often it might need to be reapplied and if there is an easy way to do so from your vehicle’s outside tire well (such as with the hose attached).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I use to clean tires and rims?

I recommend cleaning the tires and rims with vinegar because it’s cheap, and effective, and you probably already have some in your house. The other best way to clean tires and rims is by rubbing alcohol. It’s easy to find, effective and cheap!

Is tire cleaner bad for tires?

No, tire cleaner doesn’t hurt tires. It makes them shiny and black! It’s okay to use a tire cleaner when cleaning tires. Just look at the label and make sure that it doesn’t say anything about not using it on rubber.

How do you deep clean tires?

I find that washing my tires with a sponge works for light oil and dirt. However, if you have heavy build-up, try using dish soap or car wash soap.

  • You need to keep the tires wet with soapy water for a few minutes.
  • Scrub the entire tire surface using an old toothbrush, and make sure you get in between cracks.
  • Rinse off all soap residue using water.

What household products can I use to clean my car tires?

There are many household products you can use to clean your car tires. To get started, I recommend grabbing some soap and water mixed with baking soda. You can use a mixture of water, dish soap, and baking soda. Just make sure to scrub it off well after you’re done because the baking soda makes your tires look dirty for a while, but they get clean eventually.


We’ve researched for you! Our team of experts has compiled a list of the five tire cleaner auto geek here that we think will suit your needs. The perfect one to meet your requirements is just a click away, so don’t hesitate to find out which product is right for you today. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter; these products can help keep your tires looking and feeling new all year round. Which one are you going with? Let us know in the comments below.

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