Best Outdoor Faucet Covers To Prevent Freezing of 2022

Best Outdoor Faucet CoversAre you looking for outdoor faucet covers? Almost every house owns at least one outdoor faucet. An outdoor faucet is used to water the garden or wash a car. In summer outdoor spout remains good. However, in winter outdoor faucet is extremely susceptible.

In winters water expands and freezes and water in pipes also freezes normally ice takes up almost 10% more area than water so this freezing may result in the breaking of pipes or sometimes valves and joints. There are different types of faucet covers available in the market that protect faucets from freezing.

It can get pretty difficult to maintain an outdoor faucet if it’s been in use for a while- especially in the colder months. That’s why it is important to look for quality. Long-lasting covers that will help protect your faucet from these environmental factors.

In this guide, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about buying the best outdoor faucet covers to prevent freezing, as well as some of the best options available right now.

Best Outdoor Faucet Covers To Prevent Freezing

In this article, the top 8 best outdoor faucet winter covers are discussed which will be a great option in icy winters

1.GonLei 4Pack Winter Faucet Insulation Cover

GonLei 4PACK 5.5" W x 7.4" H Winter Faucet Insulation Cover, Hose Cover Socks, Outdoor Faucet Antifreeze Insulated Long Water Faucet Cover Socks Winter Antifreeze Protection Hose Bib (Black)…

Protect your outdoor faucet with the GonLei- the best outdoor faucet insulation cover. The heavy waterproof polyester insulation can last even in the toughest weather, and it’s effective in keeping wind, frost, rain, and snow impenetrable. With a center filled with thick gummy cotton, this cover protects your faucet from freezing and cracking in sub-zero temperatures.

GonLei Winter Insulation Cover’s faucet protector has 4 protectors made of black vinyl that are 5.5 inches wide, 7.4 inches wide, and 2 inches thick.

Keep your outdoor faucet cold with the top-rated outdoor faucet cover on the market. This 4PACK GonLei insulation cover will keep you feeling warm, from the inside out. With an easy external faucet cover fastening with long enough strong Velcro straps on both sides, this cover can be tightened and folded for storage when not in use. Moreover, the GonLei insulation cover is an easy and easy-to-install product.

Our GonLei winter faucet insulation cover is an ideal way to protect outdoor faucets from moisture and cold, resistant to tear and reuse. It resists tearing and reuses to provide year-round protection for your faucets. Black does not show dirt, is easy to clean, and easily maintain, this faucet insulation cover is the perfect way to keep your faucets safe from freezing and breaking.


  • Design: Both sides have strong Velcro straps
  • Materials: Polyester 210D Oxford outer fabric
  • Dimension:5 + 7.4 inches wide & 2 inches thick
  • Purpose: Protects from freezing and breaking
  • Warranty: 30 days


  • Protects your faucet from freezing and bursting in the extreme cold
  • Keeps the water at a consistent temperature
  • Easy to install – just slip it over your faucet and you’re good to go


  • Straps are way too long

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2. Trazon Outdoor Faucet Cover

Outdoor Faucet Cover Socks for Winter Freeze Protection 2 Pack - Spigot Covers - Hose Bib Covers - Outside Faucet Covers Waterproof, Insulated, Large, 8" H x 5.9" (Navy Blue)

Do you hate the cold? Do you avoid winter because of how freezing it is outside? Well, with Trazon- the best outdoor faucet covers for winter, you can keep your faucets from freezing and help save yourself from having to go out in the cold. These socks are made of 210D Oxford fabric and are imported, so you know they’re made well. They come in a set of two (8” H x 5.9” W x 1.4” L) and will fit most faucet types.

These snug-fitting socks prevent cold air and precipitation from entering the faucet and keep your water flowing freely all winter long. Made of durable 210d oxford fabric, they’re easy to put on and take off and fit most standard outdoor faucets.

These socks are perfect for insulation and water resistance. The 210d oxford fabric is waterproof, so it keeps water away from the faucet. This is a great accessory for the winter, as it prevents pipes from freezing and bursting.

Don’t let your outdoor faucet freeze this winter – protect it with Trazon Outdoor Faucet Cover Socks! The covers are made of durable, all-weather materials and fit most standard faucets. Plus, they’re easy to install – just slip them over the faucet and you’re done! Thousands are happy with this.


  • Design: Premium silk floss exterior
  • Materials: The faucet cover is made of 210d oxford fabric
  • Dimension: 8” H x 5.9” W x 1.4” L
  • Purpose: The biggest perk of a string tie (Serves forever)
  • Warranty: Return, repair, replacement, or full refund


  • Made of first-rate materials
  • They stay in place securely even in the wind
  • The proof is in the pudding


  • The little clasp that holds the string is so weak

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3. Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover

Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover, To Prevent Freeze (2 Pack)

The Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover is a must-have for any outdoor faucet. Its 5/8-inch expanded polystyrene shell protects your outdoor faucet from extreme temperatures, and the 3/4-inch one-piece foam gasket provides a tight seal to keep water from leaking around the cover.

The Frost King FC1 comes fully assembled, so you can install it on your faucet in minutes. The cover is reusable season after season, and will never need to be replaced – just wipe clean with a cloth or run underwater.

Install the Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover to protect your pipes from freezing in temps below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover is the perfect answer to protecting your outdoor faucets from frosty weather.

This cover features an extra-thick design that can resist freezing temperatures and keep your faucet protected year-round. It also looks great in any outdoor decor and installs easily, so you’ll never have to worry about freezing pipes again.


  • Design: Extra thick design
  • Materials: ‎Polystyrene, Made of styrofoam
  • Dimension: ‎8.15 x 7.6 x 6.1 inches
  • Purpose: Keep faucet protected year-round
  • Warranty: If problem, they’ll change it


  • Best outdoor faucet freeze protection to keep hard freezes away
  • Protecting the faucet with record-breaking low temps
  • They offer effective insulation


  • The dual pack comes wrapped in clear packing tape (So tight to open)

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4.ArtiGift Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover

ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover Socks for Winter Freeze Protection, 5.9" W x 7.7" H, Mazarine Blue, Set of 2

ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor Faucet cover for winter is structured of heavyweight polyester waterproof fabric. This outdoor faucet protector has dimensions of 5.9″ W x 7.7″ H and a thickness of 1.4″, making it a great accessory for protecting the faucets found in garden hoses, hose bibs, and water hose spigots from freezing.

ArtiGifts Pro’s Outdoor faucet cover is actually the best hose bib cover. The popular manufacturer of outdoor faucet covers that include PRO WALL-BELL DESIGN, covering with wall makeup that fits closely against the wall.

Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover from ArtiGifts comes with a string tie, which will allow you to very easily set up or take off the faucet cover within a few seconds, simpler to utilize than foam covers or hook and loop tape types.

The product is designed to stay fastened and features a free one-year guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this product, you can return it for repair or replacement or get it fully refunded.


  • Design: Covering-wall clipping patent design
  • Materials: Polyester pongee waterproof fabric & PP insulated cotton
  • Dimension: Measures- 5.9″ W x 7.7″ H, Thickness- 1.4”
  • Purpose: Installation within a few seconds (String tie provided)
  • Warranty: Include a full 1-year replacement or return guarantee


  • Keeps the outdoor faucets from freezing
  • Performs great in longer-term freezes & in lower temperatures
  • They are tidy, compact, and simple to put on


  • It’s difficult to remove and put back on

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5. Home Intuition Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover

Home Intuition Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover, 2 Pack

The Home Intuition Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover protects outdoor faucets from extreme temperatures. The material that enables protection from heat is durable and easy to use.

For Outdoors Renovation, Home Intuition covers are made from durable materials. It comes with a 3/4-inch foam gasket, a 5/8-inch polystyrene shell, on a scale, and a non-heat conducting artificial rubber ring. All you need to use are a few Phillips screwdrivers.

If you find yourself in need of outdoor faucets, make sure you utilize them. They keep the faucet from freezing and are easy to use and stable, lasting a few years.


  • Design: Very user-friendly design
  • Materials: Polystyrene waterproof shell
  • Dimension: 6 x 6 x 7 inches
  • Purpose: Reusable season after season
  • Longevity: Long-lasting


  • Ensures safety of outdoor faucets during frigid winter months
  • Insanely easy to put on
  • These come in a pack of two and are reusable


  • A person with arthritic fingers might have trouble getting them on

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6. Fozlock Outdoor Faucet Lock System

Fozlock Outdoor Faucet Lock System - Insulated Water Spigot Lock and Garden Hose Bib Lock With Cover, Stainless Steel - Prevent Water Theft and Stop Unauthorized Water Use, Easy Installation

Fozlock protects outdoor faucets from unauthorized water use, and water theft conserves water, and protects faucets from extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, the Fozlock system provides complete faucet coverage and is considered an ideal solution for unattended private homes, vacation properties, rental properties, schools, and many more.

Moreover, it reduces interference with your hose bibb box and decreases surprised utility bill fluctuations. Unsupervised faucets need to be covered by fozlock to avoid damage.

Fozlock outdoor faucet lock system saves money and its installation is very easy. It fits all anti-siphon devices attached to the faucet or hose bib. Moreover, it is made of super solid steel with a rust-resistant coating that makes it ideal for external use.

Fozlock outdoor faucet lock system has neoprene insulation that protects it against extreme temperature changes and insects. Moreover, the tamper-proof design with a built-in internal lip prevents external interference with the unit.

It is made of stainless steel with a weatherproof coating that blends in with the surroundings and fits all faucet positions. Furthermore, its assembly is very easy and no extra tools are required for assembly. A standard padlock should be bought separately for locking the faucet.


  • Its installation is easy it comes fully assembled box that conveniently fits any faucet in seconds.
  • Fozlock fits most wall-mounted outdoor faucets with pipe sizes of 0.5 inches and 0.75 inches.
  • It is Reusable season after season because of its compact structure.


  • Fits all types of faucets
  • Protect against extreme weather conditions
  • Reusable
  • Protect against unauthorized use of water
  • Easy installation


  • Fits the traditional faucet well

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7. Thermwell Frost King FC2 Plastic Faucet Cover

Thermwell Frost King FC2 Plastic Faucet Cover, Rectangular, Single

Outdoor faucet needs to be covered properly in winter because winter can faucets and even pipes to burst. Winters can cause real damage to the waterline and you can avoid costly repairs by using Frost King FC12 plastic faucet cover.

This cover protects faucets from cold weather, storm, rain, wind, snow, and frost. Moreover, it is effective, durable, and cost-effective. By protecting your outdoor faucets, you can prolong the lifespan of your outdoor faucet.

The faucet covers save time, money, and effort. These covers are reliable and protect the faucet from getting frozen and wet in raining season. Moreover, it is easy to install and even provides a great seal against uneven surfaces and walls.

Frost King FC2 outdoor faucet cover has a simple design and the outer cover is made of a hard plastic shell with dimensions that are approximately 6 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 5 inches tall. The inner cover provides long-lasting insulation and dimensions are approx. 5 inches long, 3.25 inches wide, and 4.5 inches deep protects faucets from extreme weather.

Also, can be used to protect the outdoor supply opening of the house.


  • It is easy to install and comes with fully assembled hardware.
  • Frost King FC2 faucet cover is reusable season after season because they are compact and easy to store.
  • It has a unique hard plastic design that protects against winds, chills, and snow.


  • Plastic faucet cover
  • Protect against extreme temperature
  • Easy to install
  • Reusable


  • The design needs some changes

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8. CGACOL Outdoor Faucet Cover Winter

CGACOL Outdoor Faucet Cover Winter Freeze Protection Outdoor Faucet Spigot Cover Socks 4 Pack Waterproof Insulated Faucet Protector for Cold Weather Reusable Ice-Defence Windproof 4 Pack L

An outdoor faucet cover is a must-have for any homeowner, as it protects your outdoor faucets from freezing, bursting, and blowouts. CGACOL, the best spigot cover for winter features water-resistant Oxford fabric and thick insulation cotton to protect your outdoor water fixtures from the harsh cold, and wet conditions.

Unlike other types of covers, CGACOL faucet covers are made of 420D Oxford protection water coating on the outer surface and polyester taffeta inner that prevent water from getting into the cover. Durable fabric provides the best protection against bad conditions and helps extend the life of your outdoor faucet.

Our outdoor faucet covers are practical and stylish. They can be used in a variety of settings, such as gardens and patios, to protect your faucets from water damage and other exterior elements.

This faucet cover is designed with long nylon straps on the side that are strong enough to hold heavy objects, such as pots and pans, while still being easy to slip on and take off. The flexible strap can also be adjusted for a tighter fit by adjusting it nearer to the faucet spigot.

The 4 black outdoor faucet protectors are universal in size, so they work well with various types of faucets. They’re also made from durable material that’s easy to clean with a soft brush or lukewarm water.


  • Design: Practical and stylish
  • Material: Waterproof oxford and thick insulation cotton
  • Dimension: ‎8.74 x 7.8 x 3.86 inches
  • Purpose: Compatible with various faucet types
  • Warranty: Replacement assurance


  • Made for repeated use
  • Exquisite and more durable build quality
  • Easy install & pickup in seconds


  • They have gone up in price a lot (In the customer’s opinion)

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Tips on Choosing The Best Freeze Proof Faucet Cover

In cold climates, water pipes and faucets burst, and the best way to minimize this damage is by using the best freeze proof outdoor faucet cover. Faucet repair is a very costly and time taking process. Here are some things that you need to know before purchasing an outdoor faucet cover.


Faucet covers come in different styles and materials. Faucet covers can be bag-style or foam faucet covers. Most faucet covers come with a string tie system that protects the spigot from freezing. Bag style covers are made of water-resistant fabric that protects them from cold.

However, Foam faucet covers are made of polystyrene material or foam line hard plastic that prevents the faucet from freezing. Both types of faucets are equally effective.

Universal Size

Mostly winter faucet protector comes in a universal size that is 5.9 in width,7.9 in height, and 1.4 in thickness. This size is known as the universal size because it easily fits any standard outdoor faucet such as a garden faucet, hose faucet, and many more.


Before installation, it is necessary to remove the hose and drain residual water from it. Installation of faucet covers is really easy just pull the faucet cover and pull the drawstring tight to hold it in place.


Should I cover the outside faucet?

It depends on the climate and your region. If you have a cold climate, then it is necessary to cover the faucet to prevent the water from freezing and bursting the pipes. If you have a warm climate, then it is not necessary to cover the faucet. If you are concerned about the faucet freezing, you can wrap it in insulation or use a waterproof cover.

What can I cover my outside faucet with?

You can cover your outside faucet with a number of things, including a piece of cloth, a bag, or even duct tape. However, it’s important to make sure that the material you use is waterproof and will keep the faucet from freezing in cold weather. One option is to cover your outside faucet with a foam insulation sleeve. This will help keep the water in the pipes from freezing.

How do I protect an external faucet?

To protect an external faucet, you can install a frost-proof faucet. Frost-proof faucets have a valve located inside the faucet that keeps water from freezing in the pipes.

You can also wrap the faucet with insulation or use a faucet cover to keep it from freezing.

One is to wrap it in insulation, such as newspaper or a blanket. You can also pour hot water over the faucet periodically to keep it from freezing.

A water-saving faucet aerator can protect an external faucet by reducing the water flow. Aerators are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it is important to select the right one for your needs.

A heater on the faucet can protect an external faucet from freezing. The heater will keep the water in the pipes warm and prevent them from freezing.

When should I wrap my outside faucet?

In cold climates, it’s a good idea to wrap your outside faucet in the winter. This will help to prevent the faucet from freezing and bursting.

It’s best to wrap your outside faucet when the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts say that you should wrap your faucet in the fall when the temperature starts to drop and the possibility of freezing water increases. It’s up to you to decide when to wrap your faucet, based on your local weather conditions and personal preferences.

How does Styrofoam faucet cover work?

Yes, Styrofoam faucet Covers work like an igloo. Inside these covers is a rubber loop. This rubber loop is attached to a rubber band that comes from styrofoam. The simple procedure is twisting the rubber loop around your faucet and pushing the open end up against the wall.

Does the faucet cover works?

Yes, in winter when the temperature drops and the pipes and faucet freeze. The Faucet cover retains heat and protects the faucet and water pipes from freezing. Faucet cover insulating capability refrains water from becoming ice. Moreover, they also protect against snow, rainstorm, and heavy wind.

How do you install a faucet cover on the outdoor faucet?

To install a cover on a faucet pipe, you will need to remove the old cover and replace it with the new one. The new cover will have screws or clamps that will hold it in place.

The first step- (Take off the garden hose): Take off the garden hose from the outdoor faucet and detach it. Let the hose drip outdoors, until no further water remains in it. Store the hose in a dry location.

The second step- (Fasten the faucet cover): Use the rubber loop located in the faucet cover to fasten it over the spigot body. Slip the faucet cover over the spigot, as close to the wall as you can get it.

Final step- (Tighten up the slide lock): Be sure to tighten up the slide lock so the cover is secure and does not wiggle. Be sure to Does the gasket fits tightly against the side of the building. If there are any gaps, as may occur with some siding materials, use caulk or foam to fill them in.

What can I use instead of a faucet cover?

There are a few different things you can use as a faucet cover. One option is to use a dishtowel. You can also use a sock or a mitten. If you are using a dish towel, make sure that it is not too thick, or it will not fit over the faucet.

Should I drip my outside faucets?

Yes, you should drip your outside faucets to prevent them from freezing. Make sure to drip them slowly, so the water doesn’t freeze in the pipes and cause them to burst.

Wrapping Up

Faucet covers protect your spigots from extreme weather conditions. In this article, the Top 8 outdoor faucet covers have been discussed. Faucet covers not only protect faucets from freezing but it also protects water taps from rust and corrosion that is caused by rain. Moreover, these covers are water-resistant, reusable, and compact.

In my opinion, faucet covers are durable, cost-effective, reliable, and effective. Most faucet protectors have a universal size and they fit every outdoor faucet. They are easy to use and give results.

In conclusion, a faucet cover is a great way to protect your outdoor faucet from cold weather. They are easy to install and can be found at most hardware stores. Make sure to choose the best outdoor faucet covers to prevent freezing that is the right size for your faucet and fits snugly.

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