Best Mattress For Platform Bed Without Box Spring of 2022

Best Mattress For Platform Bed Without Box SpringJust as sleep is essential for the body, a well-made mattress is vital for sleep. Only good food and physical exercise cannot decide the fate of your health.

To maintain your well-being, you need to sleep well. Lack of sleep can be dangerous for your physical condition. It can cause changes in insulin levels, weight gain, depression, attention deficit disorder, and an increase in learning skills and memory problems. Also, it affects hormone levels, increased hunger, or decreased appetite.

Your mattress is the one that guarantees you a restful sleep. If you do not feel comfortable while sleeping, look carefully at the mattress. It may be necessary to replace the mattress if it does not provide an appropriate type of support.

Now, you recently decided to upgrade your bedroom and have started buying a platform bed. Whether traditional, modern, romantic, or contemporary, you have probably noticed that it came with a flat wooden panel or slats at the bottom. You now have questions. Will the old mattress and the mattress work on springs, or do you have to buy a new mattress? What about these slats? Will they work for a memory foam mattress? All of these issues are addressed below in this guide to help you find the best mattress for platform bed without box spring.

What is a platform bed?

A platform bed is simply a structure that serves as the basis for a mattress. You don’t need a box spring, but if you prefer a higher bed, don’t hesitate to use a box spring. The base that provides a slatted platform, which is usually made of wood or metal, is sufficient. Spring will not make your bed more or less comfortable than the platform.

You can find a variety of designs at different prices. From a simple metal frame to carved wooden monstrosities that make bold statements in your room, you can get a design that works for you and your decor.

The Main Features Of A Platform Bed

Over time, platform beds have evolved from what they once were and are now available in several styles for a custom fit. Therefore, knowing its main features will help you choose the right mattress. These are the essential features that set it apart from a regular bed.

Mattress support

The mattress rests on the surface and makes the main difference between a platform bed and a regular bed. Although both bed styles can use the same type of mattress, a platform bed uses slats or a piece of solid wood to support the mattress.

On the other hand, a regular bed will use spring as support. The base of the bed consists of metal springs enclosed in a frame. On the positive side of a platform bed, the support system does not damage the mattress.


If you look at a platform bed and a regular bed, you will notice that there is a big difference in the way the two mattresses can sit on the floor. A platform bed is smaller because the mattress support does not add any extra height to the bed.

However, a bed with springs will naturally increase the height of the bed, since the mattress must rest on the springs, which rest on the bed frame.


A platform bed comes with a built-in drawer or a shelf integrated at its base. You will also notice that the shelf is always in place, with or without the mattress, and the drawers are beautiful. On the other hand, a regular bed is not necessarily provided with a storage compartment integrated into its structure. However, it is possible to install drawers and shelves.


For a platform bed, less bedding is required as compared to an ordinary bed. You can dress it up with sheets and blankets, and it will look great. However, your regular bed requires a skirt or wraps just to hide the springs; otherwise, the bed will look broken.

Top 15 Best Mattress for Platform Bed Without Box Spring Reviews

1. TUFT &NEEDLE Queen Mattress

If you are searching for a standard and high-quality mattress, this Tuft & Needle model can give you what you need. It uses adaptable foam patented by Tuft & Needle, which possesses latex elasticity and memory foam support, without heat retention or feeling of sinking.

Its surface is perfectly balanced, neither too solid nor too soft, and it provides the right amount of bounce. However, its movement is isolated to one-half of the mattress. Therefore, if your partner is a restless sleeper, the motion should stay in half of the bed. Customers have praised these qualities, highlighting their comfort and cool surface as exceptional features.

All these factors should facilitate the recommendation of this mattress for those who want a high-quality product. It can adequately support your body, regardless of the sleeping position, all without excessive recovery or heat retention, which are your main advantages.


  • It adapts to your body without the impression of sinking into the mattress
  • Excellent motion isolation properties, so you can move around at night without disturbing a partner.
  • Can be used with a variety of bases, including adjustable bases


  • The peripheral support is missing, so it can be more challenging to get in and out of bed.

2. Ashley Furniture Signature Memory Foam Mattress

This is an ideal bed that can help you realize your dream of sleeping without disturbance or discomfort. The body contouring 12-inch memory foam makes you feel like the luckiest person.

But there are some things to keep in mind. Never use it with a padded mattress, as this can change your feeling. It can store extra heat in the mattress, which cannot be easily removed.

It is recommended not to use dry cleaning fluid on the mattress as the chemical can damage the comfort and the upholstery material. A vacuum cleaner should be used for cleaning. For stains, you can use a solution of soap and water to clean and dry completely in the sun.


  • Perfectly thick memory foam shapes your body and helps you sleep comfortably.
  • Unpacking and disposing of this product is relatively simple. You can just open the box, and you’re good to go.
  • It is a fantastic bed that only takes a minute to expand. You will know almost instantly what the bed will look like.


  • It is substantial and hard that sleeping on the mattress seems like sleeping on the floor.

3. Mellow Heavy Duty Steel Slat Mattress

Do you want a solid bed frame you can trust even without using a box spring? This Mellow Rocky Base E frame from Mellow has a 100% metallic structure to meet your needs. Rocky E offers a mattress support system with patented wide slats, made of pure steel. The low profile base keeps the look clean and tidy, while the buttoned headboard will look sophisticated in any environment. Style alone is not a proper bed frame, but Nectar has created a central support structure and wooden slats for comfort and durability.

Although it was designed with the Nectar mattress in mind, this structure is suitable for all types of spring mattresses. (If the mattress has a high profile or if you use a thick mattress, it can visually penetrate the head, but can be used differently.) If you are not sure of the fit of the mattress or operation of this structure in the room, Nectar offers a trial of 50 nights at home, with free transport and return. For additional support, it includes central support, so you don’t have to worry about sinking in the middle.


  • A 6-inch clearance under the bed provides additional storage space for some things and maximizes the space of the bedroom
  • The base of the high resistance mattress consists of 7 feet with a height of 2.4 inches from the ground, all in steel
  • Patented 3.86-inch wide slats are made of 100% durable steel materials to prevent the mattress from sinking and losing its shape


  • Ideal for small rooms.
  • Offers additional space under the chassis
  • Protects the mattress from falls and extends its service life.


  • May leave marks and scratches on a wooden floor.

4.Linenspa10-Inch Memory Foam And Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Linenspa has recently become a trendy manufacturer of bed linen, mattresses, and mattresses toppers. One of the most popular mattresses on the market is the Linenspa 8″ memory foam mattress.

The mattress has a straightforward hybrid design and is competitively priced. This review will cover everything consumers need to know about this mattress, including a full analysis of construction, pros and cons, comfort, support, durability, breathability, motion isolation, edge support, and more.


  • Anyone looking for a mattress with value: if someone wants a comfortable, inexpensive mattress, Linenspa should be a good option. It is convenient compared to its competitors and of great value in general.
  • People who need a mattress for a light person: Linenspa should be an excellent combination for lighter people, children, and adolescents because it is a simple mattress that should support people of this size. Also, the mattress can be a good option for the guest bedroom, where buyers don’t want to spend a lot.
  • Stomach sleepers: Linenspa has a thinner comfort layer, and, for this reason, stomach sleepers should feel supported by turns. The hips must be adequately supported so that the spine has a correct neutral alignment.
  • Light or medium weight sleepers: if someone is not too heavy, the mattress can also work for sleeping on your back. People should feel little comfort and the contour of the upper comfort layer and, therefore, the support of the coil.


  • Suitable for light people
  • It is also perfect for people sleeping on their backs.
  • It is a simple and simplified construction, which keeps the total cost of the mattress down.


  • It’s a bit light compared to the others in this category.

5. LUCID 10 Inches 2019 Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The 10 “lucid foam gel mattress is solid but tolerant: it offers luxurious comfort and keeps the body properly supported at night. Dense but light, this mattress is better suited for medium-sized people. The memory foam layer can be very thin for some people who sleep on their side, but it is ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their side or their back.

When you are looking for a mattress for someone who suffers from back and joint problems but prefers a rigid mattress, this is the best mattress for platform bed without box spring for you.

But with the 10-inch Lucid Gel memory foam mattress, you can have the best of both worlds: a mattress that adapts to the curves of your body, while maintaining the stability of the supporting firm. And it’s a fantastic value compared to the others, in my opinion.

The 10″ Lucid Gel mattress with memory foam offers surprisingly solid support, which distinguishes it from many memory foam mattresses, which offer a more ultra-luxurious feeling.

Therefore, it is ideal for those who prefer a stronger mattress and, for this reason, avoids memory foam mattresses previously.

The two-layer construction of this mattress is what allows it to maintain solid support while cushioning the body. The 2.5″ memory foam layer provides the iconic and luxurious comfort of this material, while the 7.5″ high-density polyurethane foam layer provides additional support.

If you are used to a traditional and rigid pocket mattress, you will not feel the same. Although this mattress is classified as moderately rigid, memory foam is designed to fit the contours of your body, and this difference may take some getting used to.

However, the high-density foam layer is designed so that you do not feel completely suspended in space, as is the case with the most luxurious memory foam mattresses.


  • Firm, but without pressure point
  • Good for couples due to minimal movement transfer.
  • Lightweight


  • Not ideal for heavy people

6.LINENSPA 6 Inch Innerspring Mattress

Linenspa presents this 15 cm innerspring mattress in its collection of economical and inexpensive mattresses, which offers a decent and comfortable sleep throughout the night. However, for the Linenspa 6″ innerspring mattress, due to the impersonal design of the solidity, the foam may be good for one, but not for the other.

For such an affordable price, the Linenspa 6 innerspring mattress is certainly a good deal, especially if it can have a much firmer sleeping surface. It’s highly recommended for those who sleep on their back and stomach, but the softness of the foam layer may not compensate for those who sleep on the side. The mattress is not suitable for couples due to its inability to absorb movements, and the construction invites the formation of allergens when it is not maintained regularly.

The main layer of the Linenspa 6 Innerspring Mattress is the strong and durable 6 inches innerspring, made of high-strength steel coils to provide substantial body support. The winding of this layer of steel coil spring mattress is the fabric cover that is lined on the foam layer above the springs, which makes the mattress softer, without loss of firmness, heel, and surface smooth.

One of the strongest parts of this foam mattress is the 6-inch thermal springs and durable steel. The inner materials of the foam layer are a combination of 62% polyester fibers and a lower percentage of rayon fibers, polyurethane foam, and polypropylene fiber. In comparison, the padded foam lining is 100% polyester. The spring mattress is long-lasting and durable as it supports different weights and forces that the mattress can absorb during its useful life. Linenspa does not offer eco-certification tests for the mattress, but it has fire protection under federal flammability standards.


  • Economic
  • Firm but comfortable
  • Supportive


  • Feeling too strong for many

7. Signature Sleep Contour Encased Mattress

Do you want your mattress to last twice as long as a standard mattress should? You can switch sides to have more life out of it. This dense, inexpensive hybrid sports foam, with a pocket coil at the top, helps sleepers get a good sleep. The 8-inch Signature Sleep memory foam mattress has been designed with comfortable lenses and proper support.

The mattress has several features that will help restless sleepers find a rest-filled night on a comfortable and practical mattress. The mattress has also been designed with the features of memory foam and coil, incorporating the best of both types to create a durable mattress that ultimately provides maximum comfort and quality.

Who benefits from a signature sleeping mattress?

  • Anyone who possesses back, neck, hip, or shoulder pain. A standard mattress puts undue pressure on these areas of the body; therefore, if you have an existing condition or if you notice stiffness upon waking, this product can make a big difference in how you feel.
  • Anyone who finds trouble falling asleep at night. If you have insomnia, you can blame an oppressed mind or be a “night owl.” However, it can be as simple as the inability to relax due to old spring mattresses fully. When you can fully relax, your weight goes off when you fall asleep.
  • Someone who sleeps with a partner. If you share a bed with your husband, your partner has probably woken you up once or twice, moving around or getting out and out of bed. With separately pocketed coils, your partner’s movements no longer bother you, allowing you to sleep through the night and wake up cool.


  • Unbeatable comfort, the mattress offers unbeatable comfort thanks to the combination of the coil and the foam.
  • Eliminates and prevents pain in the body.
  • Good body support: independently coated coils combine with foam to support the body


  • Does not expand quickly

8.ZinusShalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed

Give a classic touch to your bedroom with this elegant designer bed with attractive gray upholstery and diamond stitching. For maximum support, the slats of this bed are widely spaced. This bed will give you enough time to assemble. It will have a wooden frame, an end, and shutters, all made of high-quality materials. This Zinus bed frame is delivered promptly. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get it even faster with free 2-day delivery. If you are not yet a member, it is not too late to register.

The structure of the Shalini bed is contained in a large box. It is not at all heavy, and it is surprising. The box is heavy, but it is easy to enter the house. It can fit in the corridors.

For support, the bed is provided with wooden slats. Velcro straps hold them in place. They are evenly spaced out on the bed. Slats aren’t as smooth as we would like, but it doesn’t matter. You should only be careful when putting them in place. The slats provide sufficient support, so a box spring is no longer necessary.

The bed is enhanced with a beautiful padded headboard. The diamond stitching creates an elegant effect without looking too feminine. The fabric is polyester mesh. It is not leather, and yet it seems expensive. The material resists wear. If we have to suggest something, it’s to keep the pillows flat on the bed to avoid hiding the headboard. The fact that you have a taller mattress means that you will see less of the headboard.

The bed frame has legs in each corner and in at center. The central extensions keep the platform bed more stable. The steel structure is robust and very well maintained.

The feet are not fitted with protective panels to scratch the parquet. We suggest you get rubber ones before assembling the bed. This would ensure that the floor does not get any scrapes on your feet.


  • Provides reliable support.
  • Ideal for heavy and tall people.
  • Quick and easy to assemble in a few minutes.


  • Not compatible with any parenthesis

9.ModwayAveline 8″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Full Mattress

Memory foam gets its name from its ability to react to pressure and temperature in your body. Therefore, this involves shaping your body to relieve the stress and pain around your joints and muscles. Therefore, a memory foam mattress will be a great option, especially if you suffer from lower back and upper back pain.

Its ability to dampen the movements of a restless companion or animal also makes it a good option if you share a bed with someone else. Also, it meets many requirements to adapt to different sleeping positions. This makes it the most reliable choice for couples with different sleep and rest needs.

But keep in mind that this memory foam is full of heat retention. Therefore, we would not recommend it if your sleep was disturbed by the slightest rise in temperature. Fortunately, most manufacturers are doing their best to resolve this problem.

Lexmods products have received inappropriate reviews from across the country. The ModwayAveline mattress demonstrates the brand’s commitment to supporting the modern mattress industry, simplifying the process, and sending the beds home at no additional cost.

This product does not disappoint. These foams relieve pressure and allow sleepers to rest in a deep, relaxing embrace.This bed is available in three sizes, each with the same basic design. Two inches of memory foam on a polyethylene foam base. Here is an overview of the 10-inch model:

  • The first layer is 3-inch memory foam with gel. This material optimizes the cooling of the surface and should allow a reduction in the pressure for tired muscles and joints.
  • The second layer is a 7-inch base made of high-density polyethylene foam. It is the basis and should help promote better body alignment.


  • Sleep calm
  • Balance of firmness and comfort.
  • Has minimal movement transfer


  • It does not last more than 5 years with daily use.

10. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

What if a mattress could be as beautiful on the nose as it does on your back? What if you could buy it for hundreds less than what you would spend in a retail store? The 12-inch Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is the perfect choice for your bedroom. This product presents excellent innovation and cutting-edge design. Therefore, it calms the body and lasts longer. With a master of all memory foam, there is no problem sleeping on it. Tired of sleeping hot? Having this mattress makes you feel comfortable.

Premium coverage and excellent airflow keep the night fresh and invigorating. Also, the Zinus Green Tea mattress has no springs. In this way, it eliminates drops and other noises. It has a thickness of 12 inches and a mixture of 4 layers of foam of different densities. Zinus is a company that produces high-quality mattresses, pillows, and other beds. During more than 35 years of production, its products are reliable and present works of the highest quality.

The top layer of BioFoam® should adapt well to your body and relieve your pressure points, as the airy transition layer and complex base shape support your curves while helping to regulate the temperature. The result is an excellent hug experience to keep you warm and comfortable all night.

This bed is an excellent option for those looking for a classic sense of memory, especially those who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend in a retail space. The attractive price makes this memory bed affordable for almost any budget.


  • Do not emit dirty gases.
  • Longer service life.
  • Relieves back pain and body aches.


  • A bit more expensive

The Benefits Of A Platform Bed

A platform bed has several advantages over a traditional box spring and a conventional mattress. First, it provides better support and stability. This stability makes the bed an excellent option for heavier users. Second, not needing a basic blade or spring saves money, which makes the platform cheaper.

A third advantage is storage capacity. Most platform beds are available with drawers on one or two sides, providing additional storage space.

The Best Type Of Mattress For Platform Beds

You might be surprised to find that any mattress works with a platform bed. It is true! However, there are a few things to keep in mind with each mattress.

Innerspring mattress

Your traditional spring mattress can be improved by simply sliding it onto a platform bed. Leave the spring for a discreet and elegant look or include the spring for a higher bed. The only time you may not want to use this type of mattress on a platform bed is when the mattress warranty requires the use of a spring, and you don’t want a super high bed.

Memory foam mattress

Foam mattresses are one of the most versatile beds on the market. You can usually throw these mattresses on the floor, on a spring mattress, on a platform bed, or whatever you want. The memory foam benefits from being on a platform bed, with equidistant blades and no more than 3″. The distance provides support, but also some of the breathability that the foam needs. However, it is necessary to make sure the space is close, as the more slats are separated, the more likely it is that the foam mattress will sink into these spaces, which can change the shape and support of the mattress.

Latex mattress

If you prefer to sleep on a latex mattress, you will need solid foundations. Latex mattresses are generally much more rigorous than memory foam or innerspring mattresses. A platform bed is an appropriate option, as long as it is rated to support the weight of the mattress and you (and your partner, pets, and). Like foam mattresses, the slats are more than thin, as long as they are spaced: from 3″ to 4″, that’s what they should do. More significant than that, and the latex mattress can sink into space.

The features of a platform bed

A platform bed is an aesthetic bed that has a rectangular level structure, usually with adjustable wooden slats to support a mattress. It has a low structure and does not require a base or spring to support the mattress. Below we have discussed the features of a platform bed:


A platform bed possesses a low profile, with a modern and elegant design. They are available in distinctive colors such as maple, cappuccino, espresso, and some other natural colors to add a touch of sophistication. Also, a platform bed has an immaculate finish, which gives beauty to the room.


Having a mattress on a platform bed is better than spring. The leveling of the bed frame is ideal for supreme durability and support. A platform bed is also safer than a taller bed. It is a better choice for the sick, the elderly, pets, and children.


Traditional bed structures rarely come with a storage option. However, platform beds have plenty of storage space. You can find drawers, positioned vertically or horizontally under the mattress, where you can store sheets, blankets, and pillows. By dividing the drawer space into compartments, you can store more items as needed.


Because platform beds do not require headboards, floor rail systems, box springs, or other bases, they can save a lot of money. The bed is structured so that you don’t have to invest in anything other than a decent mattress.


You can use any type of mattress on a bed with a platform. The base slats promote air circulation, preventing the mattress from accumulating mold and fungus. The slats also hold the mattress, adding more comfort to the bed.

Important Considerations Before Buying A Platform Mattress

Different types of mattresses can work with any platform base; however, what is comfortable for you is entirely up to you. In general, memory foam and latex mattresses are the most preferred options, as they are designed to be used with solid support bases.

However, there are a few things to consider before purchasing the best mattress for platform bed without box spring for your bed. Although your mattress is not for everyone, any option with most of these aspects is not far from a reliable, comfortable, and efficient mattress.

Level of support: of course, a suitable mattress works well, even if it does not correspond to its base. A good mattress is one that easily adapts to the bottom of the bed.

Also, it must be able to resist all pressure points to avoid the pressure points that cause swelling and wrinkles. A firm mattress is a better option in terms of body support and durability.

Comfort level: the different mattresses available offer different comfort levels. A good mattress should allow you to enjoy excellent sleeping comfort. Therefore, pay attention to the types that can be avoided in the curves of your body, as this will help distribute the bodyweight on the surface, thus eliminating the accumulation of pressure points.

Weight: the best mattress you can buy is one that supports your weight and that of your partner without distorting. However, some mattresses like latex can be cumbersome. Therefore, adding your weight may exceed the maximum weight limit of the platform that breaks it.

Height: This is an essential but often overlooked consideration. You should feel comfortable getting in and out of bed. Therefore, the height of the mattress, as well as the structure on which it rests, should be at a comfortable and ergonomic level for you. If you like a low bed, make sure the height of your mattress is comfortable and vice versa if you want high beds.

Warranty Most warranties cover the product against defects and lack of labor, but never include problems that may arise when using the mattress on a platform without an appropriate base.

Therefore, if you intend to use the mattress on a base other than that recommended by the manufacturer, it is essential to find a brand that allows you to use it on a bed without a suitable base.


Seek advice: it is advisable to do more research on each mattress before buying, especially for large purchases. The best practical way to buy the right mattress is to check the comments and frequently asked questions about your preferred choice. That way, you can find out what’s on the bed, and tailoring it to the specifications of your platform bed will help you choose the best mattress for platform bed without box spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a box spring with a platform bed?

Although not necessary for the support, you can certainly use a box spring with a platform base to add additional height if desired.

When is the best time to buy a mattress?

Because sales come and go all year round, the best time to buy a new mattress is when you need it. Most last up to 10 years with a longer or lifetime warranty.

What are the most important considerations?

If all the different variables seem impressive, remember that, like at the meeting, there is probably no unicorn mattress for you, and you can be satisfied with it. To start, consider what you like and miss your current bed and go for it.

How can I compromise with my partner so that we can both sleep well?

With the right choice, neither you nor your partner has to compromise. We recommend that you choose a bed with good movement insulation, a small apron, and cooling features to help you sleep well. Once you know what matters to both, find a bed with the best of both worlds.


One of the essential things in the world is a good night’s sleep. We spend a lot of time in our beds, relaxing or sleeping. As such, it makes sense to make sure that you have the best mattress, especially if you have a platform bed. The best mattress for platform bed without box spring will be durable, supportive, breathable, and most importantly, comfortable. We hope this article will help you find the right mattress for your needs. Good luck and good sleep!

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