Best Lawn Vacuum for Acorns And Leaf of 2022

Best Lawn Vacuum for Acorns And LeafA well-put-together house comes with a clean and fresh lawn that gives your house a tidy look. Acorns and unwanted leaves on the porch or front lawn almost give a guest a non-welcoming feeling as well as make a bad impression.

Imagine inviting over a new boss for dinner and they think of you as lazy and irresponsible, you would not want that right? It may even affect your work experience as future and important projects may not be assigned to you.

To avoid this and have a clean lawn, the best lawn vacuum for acorns and leaf vacuum helps you to get rid of the acorns and leaves to let you have a clean and welcoming space. Whether you know it or not, this in turn helps build a community that is encouraged and inspired by your hard work. The people around you will start appreciating the work you put in and see you as a responsible and well-maintained person.

Best Lawn Vacuum For Acorns Reviews of 2022

If you are in a rush this list will give you a brief on the list of vacuums offered here, starting from the best lawn vacuum for acorns.

1.WORX WG512 Trivac 2.0 Electric 12-amp 3-in-1 Vacuum

WORX 12 Amp TRIVAC 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower/Mulcher/Yard Vacuum - WG512

This three-in-one beast is the perfect machine for someone who wants to hit three birds with one stone. Upon receiving the package and opening it, you will find a lower tube, the main unit, and the mulching bag along with the instructions. These instructions come with pictures that make the vacuum easy to put together and run on 120 to 60 Hz voltage.

The 3-in-1 functionality always gets the user excited. An easy switch to let the user flip between the functionalities is just the cherry on top. This mulcher, blower, and vacuum in one easily entice a new buyer for its multipurpose that will, in turn, go easy on a customer’s pocket.

Product Features:

Easy Switch: With just a rotation of the dial on the side, you can change the functionality of the machine from blower to mulcher.

Powerful Air & Blade: The wide-mouthed tube does not come to play, as it blows out air at 600 CFM. The perfect strength and more, needed to get rid of those stubborn acorns on your lawn. Speaking of strength, the mulching blade is no less. The metal blade mulcher chops in not one, but two steps and two speeds, turning 16 bags of leaves into just one. That means less storage is needed for more waste.

High-Quality Waste Bag: For carrying such waste, the bag needs to be of expected high quality, which it is. The heavy-duty zipper itself holds the leaves in place with the added comfort of using the bag on its own, leaving no crumbs, or in this case, leaving shreds behind.

Long Cord &Light-Weight: For the comfort of being able to move around on your lawn, this product comes with a 12-inch electrical cord and a retainer connected. At only nine pounds this can be managed easily by anyone with its ergonomic shape.

Why do we Recommend This Product?


  • The reviews on this generally express how strong the blowing function is on this product.


  • There are some complaints about the shape of it not letting the user support its strength.

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2. WORX WG545.6 20V 2.0Ah Cordless AIR Leaf Blower

WORX 20V Cordless Leaf Blower WG545.6 with Battery & Charger

Much like earphones, when a product comes cordless you cannot help but imagine how hassle-free it would be to use it. No tangled-up wires that you need to sort through every time you take it out for use. When shipped, the product comes with an air blower, a carry bag, a 20 volt 2.0 Ah battery, and a fast charger. The battery also comes with an indicator system that lets the user know about the remaining battery life.

Cordless always gets the customer excited about not having to carry around a cable throughout their lawn. The closest power outlet for some users may be quite far and the cordless vacuum is a quick fix to that. Having 80 CFM is on the lower side of this list.

Product Features:

Great CFM: The WORX WG545.6 blows out air at a speed of 120 MPH with 80 CFM. When comparing CFM with the last product, it is much less here. This product however advertises to be able to clear tight crevices that are usually not within the reach of such vacuums.

Lightweight: Only weighing 3.5 pounds, this product aims to be light and easy to be handled. Asvacuuming the lawn takes a while, the products being lightweight comes as a plus. Becoming exhausted while having to carry around a heavy vacuum is not the ideal picture we have in mind.

Battery Charge-Up: As mentioned before, the fast charger charges up the 20 volts battery within a matter of 60 minutes. The battery also comes with a maximum Lithium technology that makes the battery lighter and charge efficiently so that it does not memorize the discharging lifecycle, which means the battery life stays for longer.

Why do we Recommend This Product?


  • With the usage of this product, people commemorate it as being lightweight and powerful.


  • The battery is said to not stay as long over time.

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3. WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower

WORX WG509 12 Amp TRIVAC 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower with All Metal Mulching System

Product Review: Very much like the first product in this list, this too has a three-in-one functionality. This blower, mulcher, and vacuum are put together in a single machine and aided in getting the lawn to look neat in no time.

With less CFM than the previous product, at 585, this product still works great but cannot reach the level of the WG520 TURBINE. It does, however, come with a powerful LED light and a wall-mountable ability.

Product Features:

Easy-Flip: When looking at the functions on this thing, they are very similar to the first item on this top 5 list. The blower, mulcher, and vacuum functionalities can be easily switched in between with the help of a flip switch. As easy as switching a light on or off.

Sharp Blade: The metal blade on the mulcher cuts down the waste in two steps in a large ratio of 18 to 1.

Less Volume for Waste: This means you can fit as many as 18 bags worth of leaves into one. Less space for more waste.

Different Speed Settings: The blower operates at two speeds, 80 mph and 210 mph with a CFM of 350. It is advised to use the lower airspeed for small spaces and the higher speed for open ones.

Lightweight and Ergonomic: At only 8.6 pounds this aims to be operated easily by the users using just one hand with its ergonomic shape. The tube itself, attached to the machine, makes an efficient job of reaching tight spaces or crevices that would otherwise be very difficult to clean.

Why do we Recommend This Product?


  • Great and strong mulcher that turns leaves and acorns into super small waste.


  • The awkward shape starts hurting on daily use.

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4. Greenworks BL48L4410 Axial Leaf Blower

Greenworks 48V (2 x 24V) Brushless Cordless Axial Blower (140 MPH / 585 CFM), (2) 4.0Ah USB Batteries (USB Hub) and Dual Port Rapid Charger Included)

This green vacuum goes easier on the pocket when compared to the rest of the products. Also, battery-powered, it caters to those who do not like the hassle of having to pull a cord throughout the lawn area.

Seemed to have the best reviews when it comes to power and feedback from customers. The blade works wonders and cuts up waste into minuscule portions. This gives the user more time before they have to go back and empty their waste bag

Product Features:

Two Batteries: The sum of 2 batteries, each supplying 24 volts gives the vacuum immense power. These 48 volts give more power to the vacuum than compared to gas. This technique also allows the use of batteries and does not resort to a separate method.

LED Light: The vacuum also comes with an LED light that can be supplied with both direct or alternate current using a cord or battery. The output of the LED light is 2000 lumens. This comes in handy when the environment goes dark or in case of emergencies. Forget about worrying to replace this light.

Powerful: With 585 CFM and 140 MPH of airspeed, this thing will get rid of any stubborn waste on your lawn. The head of the vacuum can rotate at three hundred and sixty degrees, making it perfect for tight or irregular spaces. Brushless Motor gives it the maximum amount of power available.

Variable Speed: There are different speed control triggers that give the user more control when it comes to airflow.

Easy to Store: The wall-mountable capability lets the vacuum be more manageable, as the hanging means less dust accumulation and easy storage.

Warranty: The vacuum comes with a three-year warranty that keeps the user at ease when it comes to unknown damage when the machine is shipped.

Why do we Recommend This Product?


  • Great feedback when it comes to the power and capabilities of this machine.


  • None on record.

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5. WORX WG520 TURBINE 600 12 Amp Electric Leaf Blower

WORX WG520 12 Amp TURBINE 600 Electric Leaf Blower

Coming in with various features, this product is the fourth WORK product on this list, and for good reasons. This company has a great reputation when it comes to its lawn products and leaves a good impact on its customers.

With 600 CFM and a hyper steam nozzle, this vacuum can function greatly, both in open and tight spaces with stubborn waste. The low sound and turbine technology give the user the best experience along with its ergonomic shape.

Product Features:

Lightweight: At only 6.4pounds, this proves to be easy going for the user to carry while cleaning up their lawn. Its ergonomic shape also lets the user task this with one hand.

Powerful Motor: The turbine technology in this machine gives it great power while also going easy on the ears. The blowers are fast, thanks again to the jet-like turbine technology, spinning the blades at twice the speed and hence cutting waste super-fast.

Different Speed Settings: Lawns are not going to be comprised of just one type of space and width, and the makers of this vacuum know that. To be able to reach all corners as well as function properly in open spaces, the speed of this vacuum can be changed accordingly.

CFM: With 600 CFM, this thing can shoot out air and get rid of all stubborn waste.

Nozzle: The complimentary wide-mouthed tube makes the job just that easier. Its hyper steam functionality also gives the user the ability to focus all the air pressure into a smaller space, when needed.

Cord Retainer: This vacuum also comes with a cord retainer so that the cord does not have to stay tangled up making the space look messy.

Why do we Recommend This Product?


  • The blower seems to live up to its expectation.


  • Some found it heavy to use with one hand.

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How To Buy The Best Yard Vacuum for Acorns and Leaf

Since we are on the topic of looking for the best yard vacuum for acorns, what should we keep in mind when buying such a product? Here are a few pointers that could help.

Strength: With our focus here being the acorns, the vacuum must have a strong airflow. As well as the speed of air being important, we should also be aware of the CFM offered. CFM is the volume of air shifting through the vacuum and is measured in cubic feet per minute.

Something else to consider here is the blade sharpness and the capacity at which it can grind up lawn wastage. Acorns will not go as easy as leaves on the blade. It will take more strength and power to grind up acorns.

Many of the vacuums mentioned in this list can grind leaves and other waste into large ratios. This helps the user to carry and clean the lawn for a longer amount of time without emptying the bag again and again.

Waste Bag: To store the waste in large quantities is also an important factor. A small bag will require the user to go back and forth between the lawn and the trash can, taking up unnecessary time. A good quality bag with an equally good zipper will hold in the waste and not spill it everywhere, saving a messy lawn.

Power Supply: In the case of a corded vacuum, the user needs to consider the placement of the power output available. The cord attached to the vacuum if too short can cause the user hassle when it comes to cleaning their lawn.

You might think, easy, just get a battery-powered vacuum! But what if the battery runs out after a small distance? Most of us want to start and finish cleaning up in one go. With having to go back inside and waiting for the battery to charge up, it becomes time-consuming and your motivation starts to drain out.

Knowing these small instances come into play when buying and looking for a lawn vacuum. Terms such as CFM and airspeed may be foreign to anyone new to this subject. To know exactly what you need, it is a good idea to make notes of these requirements.

It is also good to ask around and get some local help as we as online. Sellers have more knowledge about vacuums than you do, so make use of it and let them know about the exact things you are looking for. It is also a good idea to be aware of online scammers if you are buying products online.


Can a lawn vacuum pick up acorns?

Yes. A lawn vacuum should be able to pick up both leaves and acorns from your lawn. Keep in mind however that the efficiency will depend on the amount of airspeed and CFM that the vacuum has to offer.

Are acorns bad for the lawn?

Although there are no short-term effects of leaving acorns on the lawn, over long periods this will cause damage. The acorn covers the area that it falls upon and the lack of sunlight, causes the grass beneath it to die and eventually not able to grow. For more acorns, this translates to more bald spots of grass over your entire lawn.

Will a lawn vacuum pick up acorns?

Yes, it will. How quickly it will pick up and be able to cut it up depends on the machine and blade.

Will a leaf vacuum suck up acorns?

Yes, it will. A lawn vacuum should be able to suck up both leaves and acorns. They are not designed to do just one and not the other, so regardless of the purpose you initially have in mind when purchasing a vacuum, you should be able to remove both leaves and acorns from your lawn.

Does the Billy Goat lawn vacuum pick up acorns?

Their official site says that it depends on the shape and the acorn weight. If not suitable, the task becomes difficult for the user. Other than that, there is no absolute positive or negative answer given.

What is the fastest way to clean up acorns?

The most popular ways to clean up acorns from the lawn area using a sturdy rake, a vacuum, a nut gatherer, or a power broom. While some are easy to buy and maintain, a power broom for example is easier to rent than buy.

Final Verdict

Everyone wants a clean and tidy lawn to leave their guests with a good impression. We have gathered the 5 best lawn vacuums for acorns and leaves to make your life easy.

Trouble comes with the regular maintenance of both the lawn and the tools required for the job itself. But what if the tool makes the job easier? The functionalities can seem overwhelming to a new user, however, to an experienced lawn cleaner, a dual-speed option can mean a lot.

Depending on each person’s requirements, the vacuum they desire is different. Question is, have they found what they desire? Hopefully, this written piece will help you find just the one!

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