Best Ford 6.0 EGR Delete Kits of 2022

best ford 6.0 egr delete kitsEGR delete kit is extremely popular among people who build vehicles. These people know that it can improve the durability, and output of the diesel engine which is why they are very enthusiastic about it.

Moreover, this kit keeps your vehicle’s cooling system in perfect condition by preventing overheating and maintaining a regular temperature. Other than this, if you keep an eye on the quality of your EGR delete kit, and chose one of the best Ford 6.0 EGR to delete kits, then fuel economy is another benefit that you can reap through it.

So, do you want to buy a kit like most of the best Ford 6.0 EGR to delete kits that are performing extremely well? The list that we have here for you will guide you toward buying the top one for your vehicle.

Top 5 Best Ford 6.0 EGR Delete Kits Reviews

Here are the 5 perfect Ford 6.0 EGR delete kits reviews for the high-performance 6.0 Powerstroke engine. Currently, these are the top-rated EGR delete kits from the best brands in 2020. Let’s get started with the details of each one below.

1.6.0 Blue Spring Kit Upgrade – Fuel Regulator Kit

The blue spring kit is just as good as the Ford 6.0 EGR delete kit. This is because both of them can improve the performance of the engine. This kit does that due to an important feature of it which is the increase in fuel pressure.

The percentage of increase in fuel pressure is helping you perform better on your 6.0 Powerstroke. Other than performance, it can bring betterment into the fuel injector section of the vehicle that you own.

It is extremely easy to install because it comes with all the accessories that you need for installation. These include bolts, nuts, wires, springs, seals, gaskets, etc. So, when you need to install it, there is no problem or requirement to hire a professional because you have all you need.

The product also comes with a video manual that contains all the rules, regulations, and steps to do the job. That is probably the best thing for the manufacturer because it is helping people learn the installation properly.

The product is made to be compatible with multiple models of Ford that range from the years 2003 to 2007. So, you can imagine how good the design of the product must be and how efficient its system must be. It is working for so many models at the same time which means that the product production is by experts who knew how to make it useful for people.


  • Have 3.9 x 3.6 x 2.3 inches dimensions.
  • Weighs 4.8 ounces.
  • 5841847321 is the item model number
  • GWA109 is the manufacturing part number.
  • 3C3Z-9T517-AG and 3C3Z9T517AG are OEM part numbers.


  • Increases performance.
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Perfect for stock trucks.
  • Kit with additional tools.


  • No information about product warranty.

2. Replacement Powerstroke 6.0 Glow Plug Harness Kit

This product is made exclusively to provide a replacement for the ford 6.0 turbo upgrades harness. The manufacturing brand has made with the left and the right harnesses. Along with this, they offer additional tools or accessories so that you can remove the factory connectors. These are the ones that are present on your 6.0 glow plug harness.

Although it has so much to do with the glow plug harness, there is another very good news for people who are thinking about choosing this product. This one comes with video instruction by the manufacturing company. This means that you will get step-by-step guidelines about its installation, removal, and different tips to use it correctly.

One more advantage that it provides is that you can save money by using it. It is not that the product price is very low in comparison to other similar tools. It is mainly because you can install it all by yourself, so there is no need to pay money for professional or expert services.

Other than this, the compatibility of the product with so many models coming out in different years is a great attribute. This is making the product extremely easy to choose and use.

The manufacturing company says that it is not sure if this product will be back in stock or not. Well, considering this information, you have to make the decision immediately. Under more about it in detail through online sources and people who are already using it. If you think it matches the best your vehicle needs, then buy it without giving the idea a second thought.


  • It has 12.4 ounces of weight.
  • The dimensions of the product range between 8.75 x 6.75 x 2.5 inches.
  • The manufacturing part number or item model is AA127.
  • The OEM part numbers are 4C2Z12A690AB and 5C3Z12A690A.


  • Easy installation.
  • Compatible replacement.
  • High-quality wires.
  • Easy to remove factory connectors.


  • The manufacturer didn’t provide any information about the warranty of the product.

3.6.0L Powerstroke STC HPOP Fitting Update Kit

People who like to purchase the best exhaust for 6.0 powerstroke should know that the STC HPOP fitting update kit is equally important. So, you should buy the best and most suitable one. The design is made by the manufacturing company so that you can replace it with the snap that you need to fit with the STC fittings. It is great if you do this with the 6.0L Powerstroke.

The kit comes with all the different parts that you need to replace with faulty factory parts. This is how it will allow you to keep the vehicle engine in its correct condition. It will improve the performance, the economy of fuel, as well as helps in making it more efficient than before.

Other than this, it has tools or accessories for one more thing which is your vehicle’s Powerstroke. As we know that STC HPOP kit is a package that is a high-pressure pump. Therefore, it has many additional items like fittings, gaskets, bolts, etc.

You can use it to replace the older parts with an effective part that works to bring improvement in the performance of the vehicle. If you are thinking about buying a new one or changing the old one, then this option can prove to be great for you.

Go through its features and advantages in detail, research more about it, and then decide about the final purchase. We are sure that you will love to choose and buy this STC HPOP kit for your vehicle.


  • The dimensions range between 5.2 x 3.1 x 2.8 inches.
  • Weight is just around 13.6 pounds.
  • The manufacturing part or item model number is GWA120.
  • 4C3Z-9B246-F and 4C3Z9B246F are the OEM part numbers.


  • Easy replacement.
  • Quick and exact fitting.
  • Very durable and long-lasting.
  • High-quality finishing.


  • There is no information about the warranty of the product.

4. Coolant Filtration System by Sinister Diesel

If you are looking for the best EGR delete kit Ford 6.0, then you should consider this option as well. It will provide more power to your vehicle, so do consider this one. It is the product that the manufacturer has made with the intention that the customer could use it for a long time.

It filters the contaminants to ensure that the lifespan of the cooling system and the overall engine does not decrease with time.

With time, the quality of the coolant system deteriorates due to the deposition of dirt. Eventually, this led to a direct effect on the lifespan of the engine which is also negative. All of this is happening because the filtration system is not good enough to filter the dust, debris, and other abrasive particles like sand, etc.

The manufacturing company, of this filtration system, came up with the idea of such a product that controls this problem and prolongs the life of the engine.

For optimal use, the structure or model of this filtration system is made in a way that it can fit multiple vehicle models. You can also request the manufacturers to make a customized model for your particular vehicle model. So, there is no doubt that you successfully protect your truck, car, jeep, or another vehicle that you own.


  • Have 2.24 pounds weight.
  • 1 x 5.6 x 4.3 inches is its width, height, and length.
  • The item model number or manufacturing part number is SD-COOLFIL-6.0-W.
  • Have CNC machined billet 6061 aluminum construction.
  • Design is such that it blocks the abrasive particles from entering the system.


  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Increases the life of the engine.
  • Completely fits with the system.
  • Very easy and quick installation.
  • Extremely reliable.


  • No information about a warranty is given by the manufacturing company.

5. JDMSPEED New Turbocharger Pipe Kit 679-011 For Ford 6.0L

JDMSPEED is the manufacturing company of this particular kit. It is 100 percent and genuine design of the company. They do not like to sell second-hand products, and that is the best thing about them. This is mainly because it ensures that people get the only quality product that works effectively for them. Also, they save money by spending one time on such kit.

Rather than buying again and again as the second-hand one-stop working or creating working problems for them, a new one can serve them for a longer time.

The company has made this product by keeping in mind the fact that it will be a good replacement for Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel 2003-2007, but also 2010. It is an exact fit for these two which is why people prefer it. They find it extremely convenient and easy. The structure is also very good to ensure efficiency.

It is made with stainless steel and then has a covering of paint over it. Both of these things add to a good performance at the end of the day.

You have to also confirm the year and model of the kit to ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle. So, before you finalize the purchase, take a minute and go through this information so that you do not need to return the product. Also, the warranty details are not final yet which is why you have to be more conscious.


  • Have a dimension range of 17.72 x 6.3 x 11.02 inches.
  • Weighs 6.23 pounds.
  • The Exterior has a paint coating.
  • The manufacturing part number or item number is 679-011.
  • Extremely precise and stainless tubular construction.
  • Quality inspection is done to ensure perfect working.
  • It has 5C3Z6K854CA / 5C3Z-6K854-CA OEM.
  • Can fix well with the Dorman 679011.


  • Extremely high quality.
  • High-end performance.
  • Strong structure.
  • Easy and convenient usage.


  • The kit does not include the gaskets or hardware.

Buying Guide: Best EGR Delete Kit for 6.0 Powerstroke

Now you must have made up your mind about which one you are going to buy from the above list. These guiding steps about the best Ford 6.0 EGR delete kit with tuner will let you know about things to keep in mind before purchasing the best suitable for your vehicle.


Make sure you buy the one that comes with a cooler block, block-off plate, up-pipe, bolts, and gaskets. If you do not find all of these, then immediately return them to the company.


Especially the block-off plate and pipe and tube must be durable. It should come with instructions that can help you install it yourself without the danger of damaging it. It should be able to cover a little mishandling from your end.


Decide which type of delete kit you want. The contractor model, the customer grade model, the one that runs on gas, or the one that uses electricity for its functioning. Experts recommend that the electrical one is best because of its portability.


A portable delete kit is easy to install, and extremely convenient to transport and ship. So, make sure you buy the one that is portable enough to help you with its easy use.

Where to buy it?

Try to spot the reputed hardware houses, machinery shops, and stores selling such products online. Many people like to buy online, so you should also try this option. It will provide you much more options than those available in your region only.

Return Policy

The sellers from whom you are buying should have a very reliable return policy. It should have clear terms and conditions so that you may not face any problems if you ever need to avail of the option. So, even if you buy the best EGR delete kit for a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke, get the RMA number and other information about the return policy.


Can the EGR delete kit damage the vehicle engine?

The use of the EGR deletes kit likely damages your vehicle’s engine. This can be done by increasing the temperature of the gas in the exhaust. Eventually, this can affect the efficiency of the engine. Again, to avoid this, always make sure that you buy the best one for your vehicle.

Is the EGR delete kit worth your money?

Eventually, the use of this kit helps you increase the life of your engine, bring betterment in the fuel economy, and there will be a lot of improvement in the engine’s functioning. So yeah, the EGR delete kit worth it.

Does the EGR delete kit improve horsepower?

Yes, it does improve the horsepower of the vehicle just like the improve the temperature of the cooling system. If you chose to use the Ford 6.0 EGR delete kit, it is sure that the horsepower will increase multiple times.

Is the EGR delete kit illegal to use?

Presently, it is illegal to use in almost 50 states of the United States of America. Every vehicle in these states needs to fulfill the standards of the federal emission authority. You will need to pay a penalty of thousands of dollars for using it.

Do I need to use a tuner for my EGR delete kit?

Well, there is no such thing as a tuner for an EGR delete kit out there. So, do not think that you can find it after research online or from the marketplace in your region.


We know that the EGR delete kit is made for removing the EGR system of the vehicle. People who own vehicles like trucks would like to have this kit if they are well aware of its benefits. In some cases, even though they know that it will improve engine performance and longevity, they still don’t know which one to choose and invest money on.

We hope that our recommendations in the above list of best Ford 6.0 EGR delete kits will help these people figure out this. The details of each one will increase your knowledge about EGR delete kits, so go through them thoroughly and understand which one is suitable for your vehicle.

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