Best Exhaust Brake For 7.3 Powerstroke of 2022

Best Exhaust Brake For 7.3 PowerstrokeAs the Ford Powerstroke engine requires a high-end brake for controlling speed, we came up with the top 8 best exhaust brakes for 7.3 Powerstroke. Exhaust brakes are the most compatible brake for Powerstroke engines to manage speed control while blocking the decline in the Ford Power stroke.

The exhaust brakes gain control over the Ford engine by stopping the exhaust flow in the engine. Regarding that, it leads to maximum backpressure and causes the engine to slow down.

Also, this will make it able to keep the speed in check even when you are not using brakes. Moreover, when not in use the exhaust will start flowing without any confinement and keeps the engine power high and a temperature less.

Further, some amazing exhaust brakes will spontaneously control the recommended pressure of your Ford truck’s Power stroke engine. Thereby, we will provide you with the Top 8 best exhaust brakes for Ford 7.3 Power stroke engine.

Need to Hurry?Top 8 Best Exhaust Brake For 7.3 Powerstroke

You could be in dire need of an exhaust brake for your Ford truck’s Powerstroke engine. However, you may also need to replace your Ford engine’s brake as fast as you can to complete your designated tasks. Moreover, if you also think of being capable enough to select a suitable exhaust brake then you can skip the elaborated reviews with guidelines.

Therefore, let’s get ahead and take a look at the top 8 best exhaust brakes for Ford 7.3 Power stroke engines exhaust brakes list.

1.1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Exhaust Brake

Highlighted Functionalities:

  • EBP Tube
  • Exhaust Back Pressure Valve Tube
  • A better replacement for the Factory brake tube

As Ford engine parts are a bit different in bending and placement, it gets harder for you to find the perfect bend Exhaust tube. Therefore, the 1999-2003 Exhaust Back Pressure EBP Sensor Tube is very much compatible with the Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel.

Therefore, it will certainly fit with Ford 1997 as well, though it will be a bit tighter than the original exhaust pipe. However, it will properly do its job of measuring and controlling Exhaust Back Pressure for enhanced engine performance.

Further, the material of the Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor tube is non-magnetic stainless steel. Thereby, it is very sturdy and that is a good point. But it can be tricky for you to bend the tube for using it in another engine or handling heat application.

Even for the 1999 Ford F-350, or Ford-250 it will fit and bend easily without getting you into much fuss. Also, along with the better fittings, the exhaust backpressure sensor will make your engine’s speed control in check.

Moreover, as it is an aftermath replacement for an Exhausting brake, you will get 90 day money-back warranty. Well, with the warranty you can try it out with a bit more ease for proper fitment.


  • Compatible exhaust kit
  • Suitable for 1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
  • EBP Sensor tube for better performance
  • Turbo spools faster
  • Flare ends are split for sealing purposes


  • Hard to bend

2.MagnaFlow Large Aluminized Performance Exhaust System 18951

Highlighted Functionalities:

  • Cat-Back Performance & Sound
  • Corrosion-resistant Aluminized technology
  • Aluminized fast-flowing mandrel bent pipe

MAGNAFLOW diesel performance exhaust is developed to maximize the power of your 7.3L Powerstroke engine. Moreover, it does not make you compromise your comfortable driving experience and manages interior sounds to moderate levels. Thereby, the fast-flowing mandrel bent pipes give you the ideal fitting without any deformation or restrictions.

Therefore, here is another functionality of the straight-through mufflers that allows minimum exhaust flow and maximizes horsepower flow in the engine. It also facilitates low exhaust air restrictions in the Ford 7.3L Powerstroke. Again the feature is 50-state legal functioning 4″ mandrel-bent tubing. Further, it is developed to substitute the factory exhaust parts.

Now comes the Cat-back performance and that system is a most general power modification. This will save up the engine’s exhaust airflow. Further, it produces an engine note that is more durable and defined than the simple stock muffler. Regarding that, following the final emissions device, you will not require any muffler silencer or tips.

Furthermore, this MAGNAFLOW Large Aluminized Performance Exhaust System uses the state of 3D art scanning technology while manufacturing to provide the best fitness and performance.


  • Reduces exhaust flowing restrictions
  • Moderate noise and CATBACK road performance
  • Straight through mufflers, and mandrel-bent tube
  • Outperforms the old exhaust brake
  • Precise fitting via CNC precision robotic techniques


  • No noticeable turbo whistle

3. Diamond Eye K4318A-TDRP Exhaust Kit

Highlighted Functionalities:

  • Single W/Tip 9903 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
  • Turbo-back single turn down
  • Aluminized Muffler replacement Exhaust kit

This axel Diamond eye 4″ kit performs amazing and the noise cancelation is also extraordinary. Therefore, though the manufacturer or the instructor did not provide much info on it, we gathered some of its details.

Hereby, it is created using corrosion-resistant aluminized stainless steel. Regarding that, it ensures you efficient and perfect figment in your F-250/350 Powerstroke. Also, you will experience excellent longevity and reliable performance from your Ford truck’s engine.

Well, the moderate noise muffler or tips are not built-in with this exhaust kit. But, not to worry you will instead you will get an exhaust tip that requires no muffler. Also, the turndown or exhaust kit is a K4318A-TDRP improved turbo back type exhaust system. Again the exhaust kit consists of a single turndown exhaust so it can be suitable with other Ford vehicles.

It is not only compatible with Ford F+250/350 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel but also with other models and versions as well. Thereby, you can easily install it in your early 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 versions of the Ford Powerstroke engine.

Further, you will love the exhaust kit very much for your Ford engine. However, the only gripe is the details and instructions could be more specified and refined. So, everyone could know about this amazing aluminized exhaust kit.


  • Aluminized exhaust kit
  • Single turn-down exhaust airflow
  • Turbo-back turndown
  • Muffler replacement kit
  • Pushes out the exhaust flow from the back rear axle toward the ground


  • Manufacturing instructions are not detailed

4. GXP Bellowed Up-Pipe Kit with NON-EBPV Pedestal & Exhaust Housing

Highlighted Functionalities:

  • Exhaust pipe kit
  • Non-Exhaust Back Pressure Valve Pedestal
  • Additional Exhaust Housing

Do you want a wholesome kit for replacing your Exhaust Brake? Then, you should consider checking out the GXP Bellowed Up stainless pipe Kit. This exhaust kit offers you the Non-EBPV (Exhaust Back Pressure Valve) pedestal and a suitable exhaust housing as well.

In case your engine is leaking oil after getting damage in the exhaust, the non-EBP Valve pedestal will fix it. The non-EBPV will eliminate the faulty EBP Valve and repair the issue. On the other hand, to tackle extreme cold weather and the leakage in the actuator valve you can install the Non-EBPV pedestal. Moreover, the Non-EBP Valve Pedestal comes in the preinstalled state with the O rings AMD plugs, so you don’t need to make other modifications.

Therefore, you will also get exhaust housing, which is a cast of iron and steel. Hereby, the exhaust housing is developed to gather exhaust gas flows from the engine before letting them flow into the exhaust wheel. Also, it is a high-end function to enhance exhaust backpressure and manages control boosts performance.

Further, it is highly compatible with the 1999.5-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel and other Ford Truck or CrewCab engines.


  • Fixes all the leaks in the Exhaust airflow area
  • Pipes seal along the manifold and the oil leaks
  • Turbine exhaust housing for better speed control and performance
  • Compatible non-EBPV pedestal for heat application


  • Does not fit easily in the early 1999 F-350

5.RPG 1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel EBP Tube and Sensor

Highlighted Functionalities:

  • Exhaust Back Pressure Tube Kit
  • Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor
  • Fits 1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke

RPG 1999-2003 Exhaust Back Pressure EBP Sensor and tube is another suitable exhaust kit with the Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel.

As though the Ford engine’s designs are a bit different than each model, you will find it difficult to manage a well-fitting exhaust tube for your 7.3L Powerstroke.

Thereby, it will most probably fit with Ford 1997 and with other vehicle types as well. Though, it will be a bit tighter than the original exhaust pipe. Nevertheless, it will precisely do its task of maintaining and speed-controlling the Exhaust Back Pressure for amazing engine performance.

Moreover, the quality of the Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor tube is non-magnetic, aluminized, and stainless steel. Therefore, it is very durable and flexible and that is a good point. Well, it still can get rough for you to attach the EBP tube in a few Ford Engines. Well, its aluminized specification makes it highly superior for controlling engines or handling heat applications in cold.

Even for the 1999 Ford F-350, or Ford-250, the tube will install in the engine quite easily without you letting face many hurdles. Further, not only offer better fittings, the exhaust back pressure tube and sensor will enhance your engine’s speed control and keep it in check.


  • Provides the best Ford engine performance
  • Controls engine’s power and boosts exhaust flow
  • Exhaust Back Pressure Tube for enhanced control
  • EBP Valve sensor for better maintenance
  • Aluminized tube for precise fitment


  • For some models, the EBP tube requires bending

6. Orion Motor Tech Exhaust Manifold Bellowed Up-Pipe Kit

Highlighted Functionalities:

  • All in one Exhaust Kit
  • Manifold Bellowed Up Pipe Kit
  • Super Duty Excursion

Now, here you will get to see another all-in-one exhaust package from Orion Motor Tech Exhaust Feeding System Manifold Bellowed Up-Pipe kit.

Therefore, it is very suitable with 99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Turbo V8 Diesel. Also, it provides proper fitment and high-end performance for super duty excursion F350, and F250. Again in case, your truck’s model is 1999, 2000, 3001, 2002, 2003, and any 7.3L Powerstroke. So, do not fret as it will surely fit with the engine.

Thereby, the bellowed-up pipes in this kit will work as a substitute for the Factory exhaust Feed System. Likewise, it will control the exhaust airflow from the manifold to the feeding system turbocharger. Regarding that, you will not face the trouble of oil leakage because of exhaust crush donut deterioration.

Moreover, as for the sturdiness of this Manifold pipe kit, this pipe has been tested for precise figment, high-quality functions to overpower OEM specifications, and so on. Lastly, although it is efficiently compatible with 7.3L Powerstroke it still provides you with additional tools for fast replacement. That’s why you will get flange pipes, flange bolts, adapters, and gaskets.


  • Replaces the factory exhaust feed system for best performance
  • Extends life using exhaust crush donuts with gaskets
  • Increases transfer of heat energy to turbo
  • Turbo Y adapter for reducing burnout
  • Durable and long-lasting Bellow Up Pipes


  • Does not fit early 99 Powerstroke

7. ECCPP Power Stroke Turbo Diesel Exhaust

Highlighted Functionalities:

  • Tubular Construction Protection
  • Turbocharger Up Pipe
  • Direct Exhaust System Replacement

ECCPP Power Stroke Turbo Diesel Exhaust Up Pipes easily fit with the 2003 Ford E-350 Club Wagon, E-450 Super Duty E-550 Super Duty, 1999, 2001, 2000, 2002, 2003. Also, other than Powerstroke and club Wagon pipes fit with the Eco line Super Duty early model and with the Ford Excursion 1999, 2000, 2002, 2001, 2003. Again, the F-250, F-350, and F-550 Ford super duty are capable of comfortably fitting with the pipe.

As for the functionality, it contains a direct replacement feature to replace the exhaust manifold with the Turbocharger Bellowed Up pipe. Well, you know that the cast iron tubular construction of the turbocharger secures the engine from any damage or heat warping and leaks. That is why without much effort you will be able to experience the high-resistant and long-lasting performance of your Powerstroke.

However, in case your engine does not avail of the turbocharger options (although most 7.3L Powerstroke do consist of this option) then in some cases turbocharger may not work efficiently. So, as this kit is not for all types, you should be careful when choosing this for your Ford engine.


  • Easy installation and fitting
  • High-quality performance without any leakage
  • Durable tubular construction to avoid cracks and damages
  • Strengthens the vulnerable parts and exhaust flow
  • Nice drop in exhaust gas temperature


  • Does not include the Y manifold ( instead gives collector)

8. MBRP Exhaust System – Installer Series

Highlighted Functionalities:

  • Improvements in HP, Torque, and Exhaust feed system
  • Heavy-duty aluminized stainless steel build
  • Perfect sound and performance

MBRP is a famous installer series providing the best replacement products for any vehicle all over the world. Therefore, the Exhaust System of MBRP is no exception from the other best-featuring parts from the series.

Let’s know briefly know about the Exhaust System which will update your Powerstroke engine’s health and performance to the max. Also, you will find your engine gaining more Torque, HP, and fuel mileage economy.

Well, as the exhaust system will decrease the risk and potentialities of breakdown or lubricant deterioration, there will hardly be any casualties. Again the aluminized heavy-weight iron construction with the thick protective coating will secure your engine as well as provide you with an amazing sound experience.

Moreover, it consists of other integrations for efficient heavy-duty road performance, and the ability to accelerate the heat removal or heat application per situation. As well, you will avail a cooler and better running engine with moderate noise.

Lastly, the installation procedure is also highly commendable as it takes only a few moments of your busy schedule. So, no matter what type or model of Ford vehicle you use it will surely be appropriate for that and will give you the optimal outcome.


  • Great sound difference
  • Awesome exhaust with better efficiency
  • System S6169al filter back system
  • Enhances fuel mileage
  • Comfortable and excellent transportation


  • Not compatible with 03 Ford 350

The Powerstroke Exhaust Brake – A Complete Buying Guide

Now, you know mostly everything you need to know about the best exhaust brake Powerstroke. Well, you most probably also selected the one you think will match your Ford engine. However, hold your horses for a moment, you should consider some crucial facts before buying the Exhaust Brakes or System kits. So, let’s get ahead –

How Exhaust Brake works:

Exhaust brakes are exclusive products providing the best technology to increase the engine’s noise and speed. All types of Ford engines especially Powerstroke rely on the exhaust airflow system to manage the backpressure of the higher RPM.

Exhaust brake applications are installed inside the feeding system between the turbo and the exhaust system. Therefore, the aluminized design control pressure and the boost in the exhaust system within the engine, EPF, cat, Mufflers, and so on.


What does the EB do for modified Turbo and engine applications?

Either you got a twin-turbo or modified application in your engine’s exhaust feeding system. Exhaust brake systems are inevitable and in case blow it up or the engine then you must replace it. Thereby, our top exhaust brakes list provides you with the superior technology that is suitable for any application of Powerstroke. Always processing with exhaust flow control, and speed performance to avail you with the best experience you desire the most.

Is it OK to keep the Exhaust brake on while driving?

Precisely yes, it’s highly recommended to turn on the exhaust brake while you are driving your truck as much as you can. As it will make sure to keep the Turbo vanes less soot and prevents them from wearing down.

Will the Bigger or Duel Exhaust give more HP to the engine?

Conveniently if your Ford truck needs more power to perform all the time then Duel or Bigger Exhaust brakes are the most efficient choice for you. Using an exhaust brake will reduce your engine’s fuel consumption and maximize the torque for achieving more power.

Can I use a straight exhaust pipe on 7.3L Powerstroke?

Well, some of us think that using a straight exhaust tube or pipe gets a bad effect on the engine’s exhaust system. However, it is not as you think at all, this will just slightly restrict the muffler whichever is next to no issue.

Are Exhaust Brakes bad for Powerstroke engines?

Not at all, using an exhaust brake will never cause any casualties or harm to the engine. However, if you keep exhaust brakes on while driving on a slippery or rocky road, it can malfunction and change direction intentionally.

Final Words

The high RPM ford trucks usually always require more HP and mileage to drive long ways for a long time. That is why to boost the truck’s engine performance and its health we need the best exhaust brake for Ford.

Regarding that our top 8 exhaust brakes for Ford 7.3L Powerstroke will help you get the most appropriate exhaust system for your engine. As the best exhaust brake will secure the engine’s durability, and quality and manage to give you the best performance, torque, mileage, and speed control.

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