Best Knife For Cutting Leather [Top Leather Cutting Knives You Need]

best knife for cutting leatherIn the leather crafting profession, the best knife for cutting leather smoothly is the most necessary tool. The knives hold so much importance to give accurate shape and design to a piece of leather. Therefore, the leather cutting knives will contribute to the precise cutting, then resulting in the quality designed leather.

Moreover, the process of leather cutting with knives will give so many contented moments of pain and pleasure. Then finally providing a high-end leather-crafted piece that is praiseworthy. Thereby, not just any knife will do for that delicate task. That is why we need to thoroughly point out the tools that are highly essential for leather crafting.

Regarding the fact, the most crucial part of leather crafting is cutting. We are going to assist you to find out the 6 best knives for cutting leather.

Why Do You Need a Knife for Cutting Leather? – Best Leather Cutting Tool

As we already explained the only must-have cutting tool for crafting leathers is the knife. While you are crafting leather, in every excess circumstance you will get the need for cutting and shaping the leather.

Well, in crafting the prime and the constant activity is cutting. Therefore, the process of cutting leather is the central task that involves every step of crafting. So, the best leather cutting knife makes the crafting process easier and smoother. Moreover, it assures to offer the high-end quality standard final crafted leather.

Further, there comes two individual kinds of knives that are considered the most required cutting tools. So, the leather cutting knives of the two types are sturdy utility knives and crafting or small hobby knife.

Lastly, in the crafting world, they are a lot of diversified best cutting tools available. Therefore, the different kinds of leather cutting knives provide overwhelming techniques. Also, each different type will avail you to perfect each concept of crafting. Some more common yet important leather cutting tools consist below:

  • Rotary Cutter (thick fabric cut
  • Heavy-duty shears (scissors)
  • Round knives ( leather cutting head knives)
  • Chiseled Swivel knives
  • Hole puncher
  • Marking gauge knives (v-gauge)
  • Skiving knives

6 Best Knife For Cutting Leather – Top Cutting Tools for Leather Crafting

In most crafting process, especially leather crafting, cutting knives are very important. Also able to make a smooth and clean cut on the projected leather piece gives an eccentric sensation.

To give off a professional complete finish to your projects, you will always require different cutting tools like utility heavy-duty knives or other leather-cutting knives. Therefore, you will not like to get the wrong tools and ruin your leather crafting. So, here are some best leather cutting knives according to our thorough research for the perfect crafting.

  • Buck Knives 0110Brs 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife
  • Tandy Leather Al Stohlman Brand Round LeatherCrafting Knife
  • Leathercraft Edge Beveler Skiving Knife
  • Nice Pies Leather Round For Leather Crafts Diy Knife
  • Ampseven Leather Knife Cutting Knife
  •  LeatherCraft Trimming Tool Leather Round Knife

Now let’s learn more about the characteristics of the top knives for cutting leather, along with the pros and cons.

1. Buck Knives 0110Brs 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife (ASIN – B00EHYZKK)

  • Blade Material: 420 HC stainless steel
  • Knife weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Blade Length: 4 inches

Buck folding hunter knife is not an aesthetic folding knife you see usually. But it is a traditional American knife very popular as the “Hunting Folding Dagger”. You may think about how’s a hunter knife related to the leather crafting procedure. However, it is pretty much related and useful for cutting leathers.

Well, first let’s learn more about the famous Buck folding hunting knife as more details will avail you to take a decision faster. Therefore, the Buck hunter knife is a classic folder knife, with a heavy-duty fixed blade.

A reliable knife, with a sharp blade, and a safety locking mechanism makes this knife even more amazing. Therefore, it is not only appropriate for hunting but also ideal for any detailed critical work.

Further, with this 4 inches fixed blade knife, you can pierce through any thick leather item without much hassle. Again, you can easily cut into tight places while crafting for better perfection. Therefore, the natural wood grain handle of the knife will give you maximum control over the knife.

Crafting requires a more detailed cut in tight places, even though this blade’s appearance will work precisely. A commendable grip over the handle can also help you ensure accuracy. Also with much accuracy, you can combine your strength and hand skills to craft a leather piece using a single tool.

Moreover, there are many passionate and skilled craftsmen. Those who Like to craft genuine leather with only one knife and use their potential skills of crafting. In this case, although being a hunter folding knife this knife can be considerably very splendid for engraving in a tight place.


  • Perfect for tight place engraving
  • Sturdy and durable fixed blade
  • Comes with a black leather sheath carrier for safety
  • High-end grip and comfortable handling
  • Ideal for cutting and piercing big or thick leather into pieces


  • Needs to re-sharpen constantly after a lot of heavy cutting

2. Tandy Leather Al Stohlman Brand Round Leathercraft Knife (ASIN – B003RC84QA)

  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless s
  • Knife Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Overall Dimension: 12×0.5×7 inches

Even if you are new in the leather crafting industry you must already know about the Tandy Al Stohlman leathercraft knife. That is why it is one of the biggest leading brands for crafting knives in the leathercraft industry.

Therefore, the round head knife for cutting or thinning leather is the most popular tool. Also, it provides amazing results for versatile purposes. On account of whatever you need to do with the leather, this round head leathercraft knife is very efficient.

Further, for general detail crafting, and slight carving this leather cutting tool is just right. Even in a delicate thin layer of leather, with this tool, you can easily work on scrubbing. Also, make the leather piece thinner with this round knife more precisely.

As the blade is carbon stainless steel of 4 inches, it is firmly polished for creating exact carves. Also, the sharpness of the blade is so efficient that any delicate crafting or scribing design is possible with this knife.

Moreover, though the overall weight of this knife is only 3.8 ounces, the blade and the handle is quite durable. That way this leather crafting round knife can smoothly slide or cut through the thick leather skin as well.

The lightweight handle also gives the advantage of speedily handling the knife with the bare touch of fingers. That is also delightful for a passionate craftsman as he works delicately with his subjects. So, you can gain full control over the leather cutting knife for an amazing crafting result.


  • Compatible for both cutting and scribing while rolling
  • Lightweight for more grip and accuracy
  • Suitable blade and handle for comfortable crafting
  • Minimalist design for better management
  • Sturdy and durable round knife


  • Not provided with protection carrier case

3. Leathercraft Edge Beveler Skiving Knife (ASIN- B085XQ7Q92)

  • Blade Material: Austenitic Stainless steel (Anti-rust)
  • Knife Length: 6.30 inches
  • Overall Dimension: 7.28 x 4.88 x 1.85 inches

If it’s about top priorities, skiving knives always hold a decent priority when it is related to cutting leather. Also, this crafting tool is very helpful for making your cutting tasks quite easier than ever. It has a sharp, thin, and thin blade on the top head while enabling you to control any usual crafting.

Therefore, with the durable and long blade in it, skiving knives are quite compatible with skiving leather in many pieces. Also, the Leathercraft Edge Beveler skiving knife combo offers 4 sizes of skiving knives. So, you can utilize any sized knife according to the quality type, and thickness of the leather.

Moreover, as you beveling or polishing the edges of the leather piece is an important procedure to make the crafting complete. Moreover, if the leather’s corner is very sleek or in a tight place, then the reasonable bevel angles of these knives are very convenient. As the angled tip of the knives will avail you precisely clean the tight corners.

Besides, in the edge beveler combo, you will also find a leather cutting knife and a leather waxed thread. That will let you do regular crafting on leather just like you do use the round knife. Also the skiving knife and the cutting knife, both consist of a smooth curved wooden handle. Well, though the handle seems quite slippery at first, the grip is very stable.

Thereby, the different sized angle edge beveled and a strong wooden gripped handle will let you whittle the tight corners. Then again it makes the cutting process smooth and comfortable even while you are making long cuts. But the tool will not slide or fall off from your grip when you are carving.

Additionally, the leather beveling and cutting knife of this leatherworking tools set are developed with anti-rust stainless steel. Pasty, all the cutting tools of this set are easy to manage by both pro craftsmen or by a newbie. You can also craft small leather items perfectly with these tools.


  • Amazing beveling skiving knife with refined angles
  • Sturdy anti-rust leather cutting knife for smooth long cuts
  • Perfect grip handles for the comfortable leather cutting process
  • Lightweight, sharp blades for precise tight corner cuts
  • Easy to work with to make small, delicate leather items


  • Very sharp that you may get cut without carefulness

4. Nice Pies Leather Round for Leather Crafts DIY Knife (ASIN – B07G3DVSPY)

  • Blade Material: High-Quality Carbon Stainless steel
  • Knife Weight: 12 ounces
  • Overall Dimension: 12×0.5×7 inches

A double-edged round cutting knife is a prime tool, you will require for crafting leather. This hand-cutting knife is very popular for its versatile usability. Whether the leather is very thin or thick or small or big, this knife can cut through any of the types.

Therefore, the small size measure of the body of the double-edged knife provides more fluent control. Also, you can use your round nice pies leather crafting knife to cut corners of any leather. As the knife size is very small, you will not feel any difficulty using it for various leather cutting.

Well, the anti-rust stainless steel blade of this knife is very refined and sharp. However, the pure sharpness made with vacuum heat treatment of the blade sometimes becomes annoying. Since you cannot go by a single moment without cautiousness. In the opposite case being more careful while crafting will not only avoid any injuries but also will provide you with more efficiency in the process.

The curvy wooden humanized handles, which is quite smooth and seem that it is going to lose your grip any second. But, unlike its style and polishing visual, handling is surprisingly fluent. So, if you are a beginner who is still practicing handling a crafting knife it is the perfect option.

Further, if you are a new passionate craftsman in the leather cutting industry, you might think that crafting tool is quite heavy. However, it is not a problem at all, it only helps while you’re carving or thinning the leather. This double-edged leather knife is just right heavy for controlling the knife perfectly using the wrist for long time leather cutting.


  • Easy to craft in a reverse way to the double-edge blade
  • Anti-rust high-quality stainless steel with amazing sharpness
  • Compatible to use in any kind of leather
  • Sharpens easily with any knife stropping
  • Smooth control with the curvy red wooden knife


  • Too much sharpness easily leads to accidents

5. AMPSEVEN Leather Knife Cutting Knife (ASIN – B07Z1Q45QY)

  • Blade Material: High-Quality Stainless steel
  • Knife Length: 3.5cm x 6.3cm (blade’s head size)
  • Knife Weight: 2.39 ounces

If you want a solid and versatile leather cutting knife that can properly complete all the leathercrafting tasks. Then AMPSEVEN leather cutting knife is the best choice for all the variety. You can utilize this knife as a general crafting knife, corner trimming round knife, or a detail carving knife.

Further, these leather cutting tools are high-end knives, you can consider. As the 2.5 inches, sharp blade of the knife is durable, and the wooden handle is quite simple to grip. You will not feel any pressure about losing a cut from leather.

Therefore, the size of the knife is quite big at 6.7 inches, also the skiving blade’s head size is 1.38×2.5 inches. However, regardless of the big size of this tool, the overall weight is completely lightweight, that only 2.4 ounces. That way, your wrist will not get tired just from cutting out some leather pieces with slight movements. Also, this little weight trimming knife is highly compatible while you are crafting a large thick leather.

Moreover, this perfect slicing knife will perform all the crafting tasks for you with just your simple guidance. As the shape of the blade is a rectangle with semicircular edges, doing other tastes than skiving is unexpectedly smoother. You just need to guide this sharp and sturdy knife accordingly for any detailed or sensitive leather-cutting process.

The knife has been highly recommended for all passionate craftsmen. Even though you are a newbie with a low experience level. The control is simple and soothingly allows you to create and maintain all detailing. Besides, no other tool is worthy than this excellent knife for skiving or beveling tasks, also other long straight cuts.


  • Made of stainless steel and durable wood handle
  • Quite easy to sharpen, and hone
  • Perfect for all leather cutting procedures
  • Appropriate for any leather materials
  • Can easily replace utility or skiving kn


  • Comes without any sharpening tool

6.LeatherCraft Trimming Tool Leather Round Knife (ASIN- B07TYL8FCB)

  • Blade Material: Quality High-speed steel
  • Overall Dimension: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
  • Knife Weight: 7.4 ounces

Everyone loves to finish their crafting tasks as fast as possible without any mistakes. If you want to speed up your crafting process, then the Leathercraft Trimming tool is an extraordinary option. It is developed with high-end steel, which enables you to cut more swiftly than ever.

Whether you are an experienced or amateur craftsman, it doesn’t matter when you are using this amazing leather round knife. As for trimming,  skiving, or smoothing tight corners of the leather, this tool is s versatile one. So it is very compatible and you will not need to buy any extra tools for other procedures.

Therefore, the sharp blade of this round knife is quite decent in size. That it is 3.5 inches tall and the edges are very refined. Also, as the blade is super sharp and shaped roundly quenched it can pierce through the thick leather piece very fast. The overall weight of this crafting knife is 7.8 ounces which is also compatible with moving smoothly while carving.

Moreover, the round quenched blade is a high-end blade that has been hardened with quality heat treatment. Also, it has an anti-rust feature, and decent wear resistance that way you can utilize it for a long time. You will not require any repairing at all for a long time, and with little honing the blade will get very sharp again.

Further, the handle of this round knife is quite comfortable to hold and will provide you with a proper grip while crafting. So, the high-speed carving will never get ruined due to bad knife handling. This knife has so many features for newbies or professionals to help the rush moments for better results.


  • Compatible for all crafting tasks
  • Durable and speedy knife
  • Doesn’t require additional management
  • Sharp anti-rust blade
  • Suitable for long-term carving and trimming


  • Doesn’t provide an extra sharpening tool

Important Features of Knife For Cutting Leather- Features of Leathercrafting Knives You Must Know About

Crafting leather is an aesthetic work, where passionate craftsmen make and design various unique things from the bare leather. Therefore, an optimum tool for cutting leather avails us to do many procedures. That privileges are not possible when we utilize a normal kitchen knife or hand knife for cutting leather.

Further, even the most common leather cutting knife is faraway better than a genuine durable knife. Because there are a lot of crucial things you will need to do while you are carving leather.

Moreover, if the leather is very thin and you will need to operate it with trimming or tight corner crafting a usual knife is pretty much useless. Let’s know about the amazing features of a basic leather cutting knife.

  • The round knife will avail you of smooth general leather cutting, and long-term tight corner trimming.
  • A skiving knife helps you to cut bare leather into a nice shape and further cut it into even pieces.
  • Edge beveler will allow you to smoothly bevel and make detailed trims and cuts into the leather.
  • swivel knife for leather cutting will help you cut to make the hole into the thick or thin leather perfectly.
  • A utility knife will help you make light carves, designs, and detailed shapes accurately.

Well, you can precisely see the necessity of a professional crafting knife for cutting leather. You can precisely gain a lot of efficiency from the leather crafting knife than from a regular kitchen knife. So, now you know why you need to learn more and get the best knife for LeatherCrafting. We are sure that you will never be disappointed with any of the knives we are recommending as the best knives for leather crafting.

Buying Guide About Best Knife for Cutting Leather – Essential Before You Buy the Best Leather Crafting Knife

A suitable leather crafting knife can be an amazing tool that will keep your arms at ease and will save a lot of trouble. While you are crafting it is inevitable to do the tasks in the fastest way without the crafting tool.

Type of Leather Cutting Knife

Well, what crafting tool is needed for your next project, is known best by you. Therefore, you must get the precise type of leather cutting knife that will match your tasks. You cannot just get over and buy any random cutting tool, utility tool, or round tools for crafting.

Moreover, it is completely distasteful for a passionate crafter to waste on irrelevant crafting tools. That is why you must choose the comparative tool for the best leather crafting experience.

Durability & Sharpness

A knife without sharp edges is quite useless, as a pen without any ink. Therefore, a knife that loses its sharpness frequently is quite a hassle to manage. That’s why you must get the leather cutting knife that consists of refined edges with super sharpness. Also, refined knives are very simple to sharpen again and again.

Handling & Management

As crafting is sensitive work to do, you need to be very comfortable and compatible with the tools you utilize. Unless, it will hamper your leather cutting process, no matter how highly skillful you are!

Moreover, handling the knife accurately will greatly improve your cutting movements. So, you need to get the smoothest usability leather crafting knife.


Can I do all the leather cutting tasks with one knife?

If you possess a high-quality leather cutting  DIY knife then you won’t need any other knife for all the basic crafting process. However, it mostly depends on your skill or the type of task you’re doing with your leather. Lastly, as a professional leather cutter, you can adjust with one tool without any hassle.

Can I create a smooth hole in a leather piece?

Well, you can easily make a hole inside a leather, with any kind of leather cutting knife. Moreover, there is a leather punching tool for this very purpose, that will drill a hole very amazingly.

Are leather cutting tools very expensive?

Factually not, the leather crafting tools are mostly different crafting knives. Further, all the knives are very much affordable and long-lasting. So it’s a sweet deal to spend a few bucks for the tools and enjoy them for a lifetime.

Do I need a specific knife to carve into a thick leather?

Precisely, there is no need to get a special leather cutting knife for carving a think leather. Any usual crafting knife will finish the work without any errors.

Final Conclusions

The best knife for cutting leather is precisely inevitable for perfect leather crafting. Also being knowledgeable enough to select the compatible will put a positive impact and improve your crafting process.

Therefore, we have researched and gathered all the accurate information about crafting knives for a better experience in the leather cutting procedures. Moreover, we carefully chose the best knives for an amazing and engaged leather crafting project.

So, get ahead and select the best suitable and preferred knife regarding your crafting style and enjoy while crafting aesthetically.

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