Best Cam For 302 Ford Truck With Reviews of 2022

Best Cam For 302 Ford TruckAre you looking for the cam for the 302 Ford Truck? Then you need to take a quick glance at the top picks of the best cam for 302 Ford. Well, we all know how worrisome it is to find the perfect camshaft that will match your truck’s engine very accurately. Also, the fit camshaft must be durable enough to last a lifetime.

Therefore, there are different types of different brands or models of camshaft manufactured for engines out there. But it gets quite overwhelming and confusing on selecting the best cam for a stock 302. Regarding the critical factors, we are providing you with the perfect guidelines about the best cam for 302 Ford. Also, we picked out the top 7 best camshafts for 302 Ford for you. That way you will not need to look through other places.

Further, we will help you learn everything you must know about 302 Ford truck cams. With all the honest reviews, pros and cons, and also remarkable special characteristics.

Highlighted Functionalities of 7 Best Cam for 302 Ford Truck – At a Glance

As you are desperately looking for the top cam for the 302 Ford truck. We decided to reach out to you with the 7 best cams for a stock 302. Also, we will give real-time reviews of those top cams. Further, to soothe away your confusion we will present you with the perfect buying guidelines for Ford Cams. Well here is all the special characteristics of each of the 7 best cams for a stock 302 engine.

Therefore, all the products also include other necessary parts you will need to replace or reshape your engine. That way according to your needs you can properly choose the right camshaft and lifer kit. Then buy it without any hesitation and properly rebuild your engine at ease.

  • Lunati 10120102LK Bare Bones Hydraulic Cam 
  • COMP Cams CL12-212-2 Magnum Cam 
  • Ford Racing M-6500-R302 Ford Cams 
  • Master Engine Rebuild Kit FITS Ford Cams
  • COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr Cam 
  • Ford 302 Truck 1977-11/30/1982 Cam 
  • Master Engine FITS 1968-1976 Ford Cam

Now, we will acknowledge you with some of the highest-standard quality cams for 302 Ford truck engines. Along with feature details, honest reviews to help you pick the perfect one, and so on. As camshafts are one of the best incline upgrades you can offer to your 302 engine. Also, cams will assure higher HP, and torque and provide you that special street and idle ecstatic feel. Besides an appropriate cam will always protect your 302 Ford truck.

1. Lunati 10120102LK Bare Bones Hydraulic Cam

Additional Highlighted Features:

  • High operating range of RPM 2000-6000 power
  • Shaft rotation duration 224/234 degree
  • Cam lobe 112 degree

Effortless & Durability:

It consists of a flat tappet camshaft ensuring less destruction, as well as a hydraulic lifter camshaft. Therefore this perfect fusion will provide you with a smooth idle street performance with an amazing midrange and higher RPM.

So, if you are eager to experience a splendid mild-bracket racing sensation Lunati Bare Bone Hydraulic Cam will be the ideal alleyway. Also, Lunati is quite the eminent brand for top-notch service, that hardly any other best cam lists can make up. Moreover, the 10120102 LK model is very renowned with a positive reputation for being the best cam for 302 Ford.

If you want your 302 truck engine to avail the highest efficiency and smooth functionality then Lunati is the best option. Even if your engine power is not flawless. Lunati will still make up for all by enhancing horsepower and throttle retort.

High-Quality Cam with Bang for Buck:

You always do not need to avail yourself of High expense camshaft that will empower your truck to its optimum. As an alternative, an efficient midrange-type shaft can help you enhance your truck’s duration and longevity is convenient.

Moreover, it also enhances the fuel efficiency of the truck’s engine. Well, it will save you some bucks as well you will do a good deed for the planet’s ecosystem. Thereby you will be able to produce so much power without having to spend too much petrol or fuel.

Therefore, you must always go with the affordable yet appropriate one with the required features. Besides, Lunati hydraulic flat cams are fluently manageable and have high-end upgrading functions for your 302 truck.

Reflexive & Amazing Throttle Response:

A splendid combination of 112-degree cam lobe separation position along with the 224/234-degree duration in the 0.05 inches. As you know this much pretty decently powerful to push open or intake the valve and engine. Further, it will upgrade your truck’s valve lifting control management.

Regarding more efficiency, the Lunati flat cam also offers a boasting operating range of 2000-6000 RPM input power voltage. Also, the bare-bones line for increasing usability and speeding throttle response.


  • High-standard within low cost
  • Cozy engine noise at high speed like hollering
  • Simple installation and detachment
  • Expands trucks idle and street accomplishment
  • Provides mild RPM power-boosting


  • Lifters can wear off pretty fast

2. COMP Cams CL12-212-2 Magnum 224/224 Hydraulic Cam

Additional Highlighted Features:

  • High range 2000-6000 RPM
  • 230/230 cam duration degree
  • 480/480 inches hydraulic lift

Topnotch Performance:

Enhancing your truck’s performance will not require much effort its thoughts with the Comp Magnum Cam. The processing range of 2000 to 6000 will provide you with the whelming enhancement for the truck.

Further, as well the cam duration of 230/230, without any extra forces the duration system at 0.05-second function. Therefore, also with a 110-degree lobe placement degree in all sorts, will increase the truck’s life and power.

So, the camshaft is very amazing, no matter how you ride it at high rough speed or idle low speed. As it is one of the high-end cams for 302 Ford with highly competitive performance.

To boost both the street and idle performance of your truck’s engine this camshaft will be the perfect subordinate of all times. Moreover, the overwhelming new power will not damage or toil on the engine while providing a maximum outcome.

Doesn’t Excess to Overpower:

Upgrading the engine with higher specs sometimes leads to great damage to the engine and its life span. However, if you desire to boost your engine capabilities without gaining much toil in the parts. Then COMP Magnum Cam and Lifters kit is the perfect option.

Further, additional parts to attach and arrange the parts in order will soothe the engine operating parts. Also, it process better will mild range ratio rocker arms and matches with all general valve springs properly.

Extraordinary Operating Results:

As you will avail 0.480/0.480 valve lifters with this hydraulic flat cam. It will transform and enhance the way your truck operates in the rough street as well as on the smooth idle.

Therefore, since the responsive throttle is magnificently high-operative after you attach this cam to the engine. You will be able to sense extra and awesome roughness.


  • Does not decrease the engine’s lifespan
  • Perfectly suitable for mid-range or mild ratio of 302 engines
  • Doesn’t cause strain on engine parts
  • Provides rough boosting engine sound
  • Increases throttle response to the max


  • Installation method can be difficult

3. Ford Racing M-6500-R302 Ford 302 5.0L Hydraulic Roller Cams

Additional Highlighted Features:

  • Genuine Ford Certified Camshaft
  • 266/266-degree cam duration
  • 0.444/0.444 inches lift valve

Improves Efficiency:

Traditionally same brand racing parts are always compatible with other bat brands. Therefore the best camshaft and lifters for 302 Ford will doubtlessly be the Ford M6250E303 5L Racing cam. Also, it provides every single rebuild part with appropriate features to transform your 5.0L motor engine to a higher level.

Further, the first difference you’ll feel after installing Ford camshaft on your engine is the spontaneous improvement in on-road performance. Moreover, it will force out the inner power using the most throttle responsiveness. Yet it won’t stress out your truck 302 engine, so nothing will go wrong with this racing cam.

Of course, for the 302 Ford truck engine, the perfect camshaft will be from the same manufacturing brand. Therefore, Ford-certified hydraulic roller cams will improve all over the condition of the engine fantastically.

Perfectly Compatible & Fitting:

While you want to improve your truck’s road performance, there will be no annoying fitting or scratching issues. Whether, you want to attach the cam with 351W blocks, 289 blocks, or 302 stock roller cam blocks.

Besides, you will hardly find any setup issues, also with any models of 1969-2011 as well. So, you can confidently assume that it is accurately compatible with almost any model of Ford 302 engines.

Makes the Speedy Handling Stable:

For most upgraded engines, when it improves at an overwhelming rate, drivers find it very hard to stabilize the steering control. However, in case, your camshaft is Ford racing then you will not find it tough to manage the engine control at all.

Besides, when you are using a Ford camshaft along with improving performance it’ll also make the truck smoothly control-able like usual. So, in both automotive and manual transmission, the steering stability will be fantastic.


  • Make your truck engine transform into another high level
  • Operates smoothly with a wide range of 302 Ford
  • Enhances engine’s throttle responsive level & HP
  • Convenient for both rough racing and street performance
  • Offers boasting engine noise


  • A bit costly

4. Master Engine Rebuild Kit FITS:  Ford Truck SBF Stock 302

Additional Highlighted Features:

  • 2000/5800 RPM engine power
  • 220/220 duration degree cam
  • Flat tappet hydraulic camshaft and lifters

Convenient for All Fitting:

This rebuild kit set for Ford SBF 302 5.0L consists of all types and sizes of essential parts. That you will mainly require to build up the engine from the scratch. AS you know flat tappet hydraulic camshaft manages the lowest damage to a truck’s engine while enhancing its parts ability more than ever.

Thus you will not need to get into trouble to modify the sizes or specs of your engine. It will provide more than one subordinate option for parts and materials. So, your truck’s 302 engine will gain a lot more potential energy with this hydraulic flat cam.

Resounding Performance:

Since the rebuild kit gives you more equipment than you require. Also offers you an easy-going installation guidelines menu for better understanding. That way there is no chance for you to mess up and ruin your engine upgrading procedure.

Thus, maximizing the RPM power of the engine while avoiding causing street for the engine this remarks to amazing street performance. Regarding the fact that it will accurately enforce the engine’s potency and will stop right before it gets overpowered.

Soothing Rides with Booming Noise:

Given all the premium quality parts for your truck engine’s empowerment. There are all compatible and highly essential materials like Tappet-camshaft, hydraulic-lifts, freeze-plug, and valve-stem-seals in the kit.

So, it is best for a smooth procedure on your truck’s engine, that will increase HP, and Torque RPM. Further, your truck will be able to produce a rowdy booming noise while in street getting all the attention.


  • Hydraulic rollers
  • Hydraulic 16 lifters with stem seal valves
  • A wholesome kit to rebuild your engine into a new
  • Improves torque response and potential power
  • Commendable for Rough performance
  • Enhances engine’s noise


  • Some parts may not be available in the kit

5. COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Small Block Flat Cam

Additional Highlighted Features:

  • RPM of 2000 to 5800 power
  • 227/241 duration cam degree
  • Hydraulic tappet flat type camshaft

Unique Road Performance:

If you are searching for a camshaft that will avail you the most out of the 402 Ford 5.0L engine. In that case, the COMP Thumpr hydraulic camshaft from the top competitive cams will meet your expectations.

Your 302 ford engine will gain an influencing power with this flat tappet hydraulic camshaft. Also, it has other materials that will increase the amount of engine horsepower.

So your truck can highly perform and boast of its new improved upgraded power and the amount of torque. As the RPM will enhance from 2200 to 5800 with a single cam, the engine will execute very splendidly.

Booming Noise of Engine:

As well to having a high-standard improvement of engine performance, you will also avail the extraordinary noise delivery. Therefore, while you are doing a boasting street performance with other Ford’s this will gain you a lot of attention.

Moreover, the valve opening intake angle on the Thumpr will make the perfect overlap of a booming husky noise. Thus, your truck’s hollering will get everyone to turn themselves in your way.

Exceptionally Smooth Rides:

Perhaps you are thinking that you need to reshape and modify the engine of your truck. Well, you are thinking about unnecessary pieces of stuff. As the traditional engine and gear systems will be precisely compatible with this Camshaft.

Thus, your 302 truck’s engine will stay in its prime state even with optimum functions. Further, you will get to experience a soothing ride while you are riding faster and enjoying more fantastic performances all the time.


  • Operates perfectly with many applications
  • Enhances power and torque performance
  • Upgrades the engine at its best pace.
  • Improves engines holler sound
  • Features an ideal vacuum function


  • Can take a long period to set up perfectly

6. Ford 302 Truck 1977-11/30/1982 Cam Kit

Additional Highlighted Features:

  • 1500-4000 camshaft RPM
  • 280/290 advanced duration degree
  • 450/470(448/472 inches) hydraulic lift with 112 center lobe

Exceptional Efficiency:

The foremost thing that will make it place on your top camshaft list as it keeps your truck’s engine fuel-efficient. That is while you are riding your truck at a faster speed, the truck’s fuel consumption will stay the same.

You can assume that the only crazily amazing camshaft which can force out the max potency of your truck. Therefore, if you desire more power for the truck’s engine, then Ford 302 Truck 197711401982 cam kit from Northern-Automatic-Parts is perfect.

Moreover, you will sense the remarkable responsiveness of the throttle whenever you are driving on a rough road. Also, the maximum boosting of RPM is doubtlessly possible with the Federal-Mogul 302 stock lifts in the cam set.

Best Idle Performance:

The reliable 15 pounds hydraulic cam kit consists of the Melling 302 stock design of the cam to assure you the performance you are seeking from the boost engine.

Besides this from this camshaft kit of the Northern you can get the required components individually. That way you can empower the engine for the amazon operating range. Also if you are an enthusiast man who loves idle street ride most of the time. So, the perfect exhaust note will ease your ears with lower-level noise.

Outstanding Stability:

Managing your engine’s higher lifespan with moderate working limits will avoid overstraining or exhausting the performance of the truck.

Well, this proper limits for your truck’s engine will also increase the control of steering to a stable rate. Thus, the engine will not wear away that fast by performing more than its capabilities.


  • Higher throttle respond
  • Better range torque and HP
  • Enhanced intake duration
  • Fantastic engine sound
  • Decent operating range


  • Can get a bit pricey for buying components differently

7. Master Engine Rebuild Kit FITS 1968-1976 Ford SBF 302 5.0L

Additional Highlighted Features:

  • Hydraulic camshaft with 6000 RPM
  • 0.248/0.272 inches of cam lifters
  • 302 stock 16 lifters

High-Quality Cam Kit:

The Master Engine Rebuild kit for building your engine with cam and lifters is like a brand new upgrade one. Also, you can use it for your rundown engine as well since the camshaft will not only fix the damages but also improves the engine’s all other capabilities.

Getting a full gasket set of valves, lobes, 16 lifters, and camshaft, you can improve your truck’s engine like you would do in a premium Ford Workshop.

Moreover, all the tool you will avail of within the kit comes in a few different sizes and types. Therefore, whether your truck’s engine is a 289W block or 351 blocks from any yearly model. You will always find compatible bearing and rods for the airtight setup.

High-end Performance:

Since this master kit will let your get rid of any sloppy components of the engine you will find a remarkable change in it. Also, the refreshed engine with a hydraulic camshaft will tremendously improve the torque range and RPM.

Further, the valve, lob, and lifters will enhance the HP strength of the engine for better rough performance. Besides, the responsiveness of throttle duration will increase quite impressively.

Nice Engine Noise at High-Speed:

So, after you enhance your Ford’s 302 engine, the performance becomes fantastic on the rough street. The engine will also improve to a splendid hollering. Moreover, for those who love street racing with 302 Ford, a boasting noise is the most primitive thing to consider. Ford’s rough performance always requires booming noise to attain all the attraction.


  • Rough booming engine noise
  • Exceptional RPM and Torque
  • High responsive throttle
  • Flat hydraulic camshaft & lifters
  • Best suitable for rough performance engine


  • Requires more time to set up

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Cam for 302 Ford Truck

After going through the best cam for 302 Ford’s top selections, you must be all set out for choosing the most appropriate camshaft for your truck’s engine.

However, if you still got leftover hesitations, check out below. As we have the most crucial factors you must reconsider before deciding on the final camshaft.

Types of Engine Camshaft

First, you need to make sure about what kind of camshaft you will require. So, you must choose between Flat-tappet and Roller camshafts.

Flat-Tappet & Roller cam

The type of flat cams is the kind in which the base surface of the lifters is flat. Therefore the flat shape is not a thoughtless design. Further, the flat surface of the cam will improve the valve ramping speed and minimize the stress of engine power.

On the other end are the Roller cams, of which the surface is of ball shape like a circle. Thereby, the benefit of using is that it decreases friction between components and avoids any stress on the engine to ensure durability.

Now, your decision is clearer to go for the most essential one according to your engine’s state.

Hydraulic & Solid Type Cams

Afterward, you need to go for the hydraulic or Solid camshafts for the engine.

Hydraulic is an internal mechanism to manage the engine’s overpowering RPM (above 6500) and keep it stable.

However, Solid Cam’s mechanism is exactly the opposite. It operates to gain more increased power, speed, or performance but gradually strains the valve lobes.

Lobe Angle & Valve Lift

The camshaft lifts above the valve within the engine through constant movement. Therefore, more valve lifts will avail the engine to perform more smoothly. Thus, a high-end cam can lift valves more than 550 inches.

Whereas, the lobe separation angle works similarly to a cam. The angle manages the valve exhaust system and the intake open difference. So the low the separation degree between valves the better the cylinder pressure decreases.

Power & Duration

Lastly, the power and duration range is very important for engine stability. As for the power range, you need to consider the type of cam that will operate best with the engine. Regarding the engine’s state and endurance, you can choose from solid to hydraulic.

Overall, if you want higher speed with better RPM then go for the hydraulic design. Nonetheless, the roller will provide you with a stable improvement in your engine. Therefore, the duration refers to the camshaft rotation to how long the valve will stay lifted.

Price & Expense

Lastly, you also need to consider the budget you decided on buying the best camshaft. Therefore, whether it is a low cost or high budget it doesn’t matter that much. As there are plenty of compatible choices of cams you can avail of for your truck’s engine.


What is a cam for a truck’s engine?

The camshaft is an additional part of an engine that enhances the rational motion into the corresponding motion. It operates to lift above the lobes and valves while the engine’s working.

How much will it cost for a truck camshaft?

The expense of a cam for a truck depends on the design and type of camshaft you will need for the engine. Therefore, it will cost an average model about $150 to $300.

How can I replace a camshaft?

The method of camshaft replacement can be a bit complicated. But with enough carefulness, even a newbie can replace the cam properly.

  • Open the timing cover to get access to the camshaft. Then cut out all the battery connections, open the radiator cap, and disconnect the valve. In this way, the coolant will drain out smoothly.
  • After emptying the coolant, open the intake fold. For this, you can take a small chisel and a hand hammer. Then wipe and clean the block rails.
  • Now get to the valve cover, and turn over the engine a few times to open out the rocker nuts. After that disconnect the mass-air-flow and the intake-flow heat sensor. You can start by removing all the plugs and hoses of valves.
  • After that you can remove the old cam, you can do it easily without any tools as well. Rotate the blocks carefully without scratching any bearings. Now pull out the old camshaft.
  • Now, before attaching the new one, clean up the inside junk, and grease. Then apply to lubricate on the new cam, you can apply oil-conditioner too.
  • After that set up the timing gear on the top-rear center at the 6 o’clock position. Also, torque the arrangements properly to avoid the valve wobbling later on.
  • You can now lubricate the lifters and install them, and also place them on the oil pan with movement space. Lastly, reattach all the parts of the engine, also reassemble the radiator cap and tighten the hoses and bearings.

Now, that the camshaft replacement is complete, check if it’s okay by starting the engine.

Final Conclusion

If you do not want to ride your truck with a run-down engine so get the best cam for 302 Ford trucks from our top-listed cams. Choose the best one according to your engine’s best potential, and you will gain the exact requirements your truck’s engine needs.

Therefore, check through our best recommendations, with honest reviews and features along with a thorough buying guide. Further, you will know what’s the perfect one and you will be prepared to pick it up for your 302 Ford truck. So, go ahead and experience the extraordinary performance of your engine using the best cam.

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