Best Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Intex of 2022

For a pool owner, cleaning is a never-ending chore. As a Best Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Intexresult, most pool owners choose to hire pool maintenance companies to do the cleaning, but this can be costly in the long run.

That’s why it’s crucial to invest in the best automatic above ground pool vacuum for intex to make your work easier, and swimming more pleasant and fun. The best above ground pool vacuum for algae is the easiest to install and operate, and some are affordable as well.

That said, there are hundreds if not thousands of models that make the best suction side pool cleaner. You don’t want to be deceived into spending your hard-earned money on a poor pool cleaner. So, we included a buying guide to help you get the best possible choice.

We also tested the most popular models on the market and picked the best suction side pool cleaner considering quality and price. Before we review the best pool vacuum for Intex, let’s learn what suction pool cleaner does and what to look for when buying them.

It’s basically a vacuum that sucks in water as it navigates the pool to get rid of leaves, bugs, sand, and other debris. The dirt is stored in a bag or cartridge, which you can easily empty and clean. These cleaners are connected to a pump via a hose. The suction generated enables the cleaner to pick up dirt as it moves around.

Here Is The List of The Top 7 Best Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Intex

Before you decide to buy a pool cleaner you need to know about the above ground pool cleaner details. how does it work, if it is worth it for you? in this article you will get a clear idea about the best above ground pool vacuum.

1. DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner with Bluetooth

For in-ground pools, you can never go wrong with the latest Dolphin Sigma from Maytronics. Of course, it’s not the least expensive going for way over a thousand dollars, but it’s worth each penny. It’s among the few robotic cleaners that offer Bluetooth connectivity. This lets you operate the robot from your smartphone right from the couch.

This is one of the most popular suction pool cleaners when it comes to cleaning faster, better, and efficiently. The reason behind its unmatched performance is its triple motor systems. The power from the three 24V DC motors enables this robot to skim the floor and navigate around walls effortlessly. The powerful suction system picks up everything from light algae to large debris, leaving your pool crystal clear.

As for sticky dirt, this robotic cleaner comes with dual front scrubbing brushes. The split brushes can easily remove stubborn contaminants such as algae, bacteria, and biofilm. There are dual filters that speed up picking dirt, both fine particles, and coarse dirt. The unit has a top-grade cartridge that can hold a lot of debris, so you don’t have to remove the cleaner mid-way to empty it. They have been designed with large cavities to help remove the trapped debris quickly, making it also easier to clean.

Another unique feature is it uses scanning software and gyroscopic smart technologies to increase cleaning efficiency. The Dolphin Sigma features zero radius tuning, which enables it to turn a full 360 degrees on the spot. This means it can instantly realign itself when it faces an obstacle.

This machine remembers your pool size, shape, and contours, thanks to the SmartNav 3.0 maps. This enables it to come up with the best cleaning pattern. SmartNav also tells the robot the areas it has already cleaned, which saves time and power.

You don’t have to be home to keep your pool clean with the programmable Dolphin Sigma. You just need to set it to an auto-cleaning schedule and attend to other tasks. The robot can clean daily, twice a week, or thrice per week. Fortunately, you can control it using your smartphone by installing the MyDolphin app. If the price tag is not an issue for you, it’s a premium acquisition.


  • The triple-motor system is powerful
  • Uses smart mapping to save time and energy
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity for pools set away from home
  • The weekly timer is flexible


  • It’s on the pricey end
  • Lacks a remote control

2. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool [Vacuum] Cleaner

Here is another best robotic pool cleaner for algae from Maytronics with two versions: the Nautilus CC and Nautilus CC Plus. The main difference is that the CC Plus has a relatively shorter cycle time of 2.5 hours compared to 3 hours of its counterpart. It’s also worth noting that this model has a further reach than the CC and offers a larger filter. In other words, this is the upgraded version of Nautilus CC, all for a few extra bucks.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is designed for in-ground swimming pools of up to 50 feet. This is probably the most efficient robotic cleaner in its price range, featuring CleverClean technology that helps to clean your pool in the fastest way possible. With this technology, the robot works by mapping the easiest path to steer around fast while saving energy.

The navigational scanning system calculates the size and shape of your pool and finds the optimum cleaning path for the floor and walls. This feature also aids in scanning obstacles and maneuvers around them with ease. Well, it may bump at the obstacles in the first few passes, but it should be able to map things with time.

This machine cleans with two sets of large filters, which can be switched depending on the nature of dirt being cleaned. The spring filter comprises a polyester sieve intended to capture larger debris such as petals, leaves, and insects. When you need to deep clean the pool, the ultra-fine filters have been designed to capture tiny particles such as pollen, dead cells, dust, and other fine dirt.

The filter cartridges are easy to clean as all it takes is to remove the filter by opening the filter compartment, running it under the hose, and taking it back into the compartment. There are active scrubbing brushes that sweep underneath the cartridge as the robot moves. The filter and brushes can be replaced depending on wear and tear, but they should give you excellent service.

This unit also comes with a scheduling feature with 3-settings for weekly cleaning. You choose between cleaning the pool once, twice, or thrice per week. The pool cleaner also features a 60-feet power cable that is helpful for large-sized pools. There is an anti-tangle swivel cable that rotates along with the machine to prevent the cable from getting tangled.


  • Has an advanced filtration system
  • Operates quietly
  • Filters are easy to clean
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Not designed to scrub the waterline

3. Hayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum

The Hayward RC9740CUB is a robotic pool cleaner with a user-friendly design for pools up to 20 by 40 feet. The machine is a bit heavy because the body is made of high-grade metal, plus its components are well built with good quality plastic. The good thing is you get something durable with advanced features. The Hayward SharkVac will suck, scrub and filter grime from your pool in the shortest time, and the job is well done.

One of the biggest advantages of this pool cleaner is you don’t have to do complicated assembling. It comes ready to use out of the box just plug it in and put it inside the pool. It does not require any tools and hose attachments. In the long run, this saves them time and money you’d have spent to get the tools needed for its installation.

The Hayward RC9740CUB is also very easy to clean, thanks to its top filter cartridges that are easy to access in the debris compartment. You can easily access the port from the top and empty the debris in no time. The garbage does not fall off the net, so there’s no messing with dirt. Cleaning the filter is easy because you just rinse it using a garden hose.

Hayward used an innovative Smart Steering technology that guides the robot on the pattern to follow when cleaning your pool. This is an important feature to have in a robotic cleaner as it makes cleaning efficient by cleaning the largest area in the least amount of time. This pool cleaner has sensors onboard to keep the motors safe from damage. Combined with smart steering technology, this machine can maneuver easily inside the pool.

A lot of the best robotic cleaners do the job, but can be a pain to use. Fortunately, the Hayward SharkVac works well without the need for hoses, hookups, and extra pumps. This makes it easier to use the cleaner, which sets it apart from its rivals.

The run-time of the RC9740 is about 1.5 hours and consumes less power than most models. It has a 2-hour cleaning cycle and can be programmed to clean daily, twice per week, or thrice weekly. Considering its affordable pricing, it’s one of the best cleaners in its range.


  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use out of the box
  • Picks up even small particles


  • Some may find it heavy to carry to the pool

4. Dolphin Quantum Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Released in 2016, the Dolphin Quantum is one of the best dolphin pool cleaners from Maytronics yet. Compared to its rivals, it offers more power, smarter navigation, a larger filter, and saves more energy. The result is a robotic cleaner that does a neat job cleaning the walls and bottom of your pool and is easier to clean.

The Dolphin Quantum is popular for its amazing vertical climbing ability, courtesy of its PowerJet 3D Mobility technology. It works by using vortex jets installed on the sides and top of the cleaner, that allow it to move effortlessly. This greatly increases its ability to clean the floor and walls. Also, the jets provide an extra thrust that aids in navigation to ensure efficiency.

This model can clean in-ground pools with different surfaces, including tile, vinyl, fiberglass, and gunite. To ensure proper traction, the robot is designed with continuous rubber tracks to ensure grip even on slippery surfaces. This is a great feature to help the cleaner when working on vertical surfaces. This unit deep cleans walls and stairs using its hyper-speed dual scrubbing brushes that eliminate even the most stubborn dirt.

Moreover, Quantum does well with its quick-change micron filters that allow you to choose the right filter for the job. The swappable cartridge cleans everything from clean leaves to microscopic algae. This unit also comes with an extra-large basket that can accommodate leaves and twigs.

You don’t have to clean the filters now and then because the Dolphin Quantum has the largest cartridge the market of robotic pool cleaners offers. Small cartridges tend to fill up quickly, but not with the 400 square inch cartridge you get here. This one uses Snaplock filtration that allows the cartridge to snap into four pieces for easier cleaning.

Maytronics used the latest intelligent navigation algorithm, the SmartNav 2.0. The Dolphin quantum smart scanning system lets the robot learn the dimensions of your pool and calculates the easiest pattern to use. Although it may bump on ladders and drains in its first few uses, it will remember all those obstacles after some time. There is a blue light on its front-end is a cool addition as well.

It’s also programmable with a standard cleaning cycle of 2 hours. There are 3 cleaning frequencies to choose from every day, twice, or thrice a week. This robotic cleaner operates using 90% less energy than traditional pool cleaners.


  • Offers excellent cleaning
  • Saves energy
  • Has huge cartridges


  • It’s relatively expensive

5. Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner

The Zodiac MX8 is a high-end suction side pool cleaner for in-ground pools of any shape. Coming from a well-established brand in the USA, it’s one of the most technologically advanced and energy-conscious pool cleaners you can get. Also, for those who need a nicely designed pool cleaner with superior features at an affordable price, the Zodiac MX8 might be the best pool vacuum for Intex yet.

It features a dual cyclonic suction that helps the unit navigate the pool faster and sucks everything, including grit, sand, and leaves. It works faster than most units because of its wide-cleaning path that cleans more surfaces in a shorter time. Additionally, it has one of the largest debris inlets, with a 39-inch twist-lock host that reduces vacuum loss.

Zodiac is famous for designing low-energy use machines. The MX8 is incredibly energy efficient, thanks to the innovative flex power turbine that ensures no power is compromised. It can operate with as little as 20 GPM of suction because it has variable speed pumps. The pool cleaner also offers a flow regulator valve that checks on the flow to operate at peak efficiency. Better yet, it doesn’t make a sound when cleaning.

The machine uses a max-drive dual navigation system that ensures it cleans every surface in the pool. In case of any obstacles, the machine can rotate at 360 degrees automatically to minimize the chances of getting stuck. In case you have an odd-shaped pool, the cleaner will navigate on itself and find its own way. It uses the X-Trax system that helps it climb on walls and stays, leaving every part clean, including those hard-to-reach corners.

Regarding setup, this best robotic pool cleaner for algae is straightforward to set up. Zodiac went a step further and used a twist locking hose that connects everything up in no time. The machine is easy to carry to the pool and take it back to storage. The only downside is it might take longer to clean your pool because it lacks a consistent cleaning path.


  • Costs less than other automatic pool cleaners
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Can clean pools of any shape and surface


  • May occasionally get stuck

6. Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Here is a compact vacuum that cleans with less energy while leaving your pool crystal clear. It shares most of its features with the Zodiac MX8 but is more compact and by far more affordable. Without a doubt, it’s an efficient machine that does the job quickly and more effortlessly.

The MX6 in-ground pool cleaner has a sleek design and is compact for easy storage. It’s also highly portable at 17.5 pounds, making it easier for anyone to carry it around. The body has been constructed using high-grade plastic, which is durable and won’t be a problem when it comes to rust. Its components have been built to last, and the performance is excellent.

Zodiac uses the quick cyclonic suction, which uses a powerful turbine that filters debris from the bottom of your pool with efficiency. The powerful water flow system ensures cleaning at a much faster pace while also saving the energy used. The turbine blades make it easier for the machine to climb the walls and remove the dirt from all corners as well.

The unit is user-friendly as it comes with easy-connecting hoses that should not be a headache. You get a 20-meter hose along with all accessories needed to make the setup a snap. Zodiac designed the unit in a way that the swivel rarely gets tangled up, which means fewer issues during cleaning. The machine features a regulator that should make it easier to control water flow.

The MX is fitted with Bi-Directional Navigation that’s responsible for cleaning walls, floors, and the waterline. With the X-drive navigation, the bot not only cleans all areas but also has a clever way of reversing when in tight spaces. This way, the MX6 Zodiac increases coverage and leaves no spots uncleansed.

This robotic pool cleaner runs at a lower flow rate, which ensures a longer duration of the working cycle. This also makes it ideal for 2-speed pumps so that you can run the pump at a much slower speed, which saves your bill and minimizes the wear and tear of the cleaner.


  • Cleans the pool up to the waterline
  • It’s highly energy efficient
  • Has a grip handle that makes it easier to lift the unit


  • Comes with a 30-feet hose, which might not be enough for larger pools


Whether you have an in-ground or best suction side pool cleaner, this robotic pool cleaner from Aquabot can clean both types without a problem. What makes it unique is it can navigate backward and forward and cover up to 8000 feet in one hour and mix up to 85 gallons per minute. The Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 is also able to clean pools with wall coves and inclines.

You don’t have to connect this robot to a pool pump system, thanks to its powerful suction pump power that cleans any debris in no time. The S2-40 can clean smaller pools in less than an hour and about two hours for larger pools. Although it does not clean the surface of the pool, it cleans the entire pool without going back to the areas it has already cleaned.

The Rover S2-40 comes with two filter bags, which can give you service before needing a replacement. One of the bags has a mesh to trap smaller particles, while the other bag features a net to pick up larger debris. The filter bags can hold a large amount of trash, so you won’t be forced to pull the cleaner midway to empty them.

The filter is located at the top of the unit, making it easier to access it without turning over the robot. Unfortunately, it’s a bag, which may take more time to clean than a cartridge or basket. This feature of Aquabot can be challenging. All in all, you will be impressed with how it traps both tiny particles as small as 2 microns to large debris like leaves.

The unit comes with a 40-feet floating cable that’s suitable for mid-sized pools. Aquabot used a swivel cable to prevent the robot from entangling itself while cleaning around. The S2-40 comes with NeverStuck rollers as well as non-marring wheels to maneuver around drains and other obstacles with ease.


  • It features an excellent build
  • The filter is readily accessible
  • The treads offer remarkable traction


  • It doesn’t clean the walls

If you are yet to make a decision, we have prepared a buyer’s guide that will help you make a decision quicker

What To Look For In The Suction Pool Cleaner?

Some of the things to keep in mind when buying a vacuum cleaner include:

Length of The Hose

The hose is a crucial part of a vacuum cleaner because it connects the cleaner to your filter pump. Therefore, the longer the hose, the better reach it has to all parts of your pool. Look for a cleaner that offers a long hose depending on the dimensions of your pool. Also, check the hoses to ensure that they can work with your existing filtration system.

Ease of Installation

Most suction pool cleaners are easy to set up because they come with few moving parts. Choose one that you can install yourself, which will save you from spending on getting a professional to do it for you. Our product reviews include pool cleaners that can be installed with no tools.


The horsepower should be powerful enough to clean quickly. However, you don’t need a horsepower that’s too powerful, especially if your pool is small. For larger pools that need extra cleaning, you need to go for a higher horsepower to remove all debris.

Look At The Wheels

The quality of the wheels is an important factor to consider to ensure better suction and navigation. Wheels that are generally made of rubber are the best because they can maintain contact with the pool for optimal suction. Moreover, the shape of your pool may determine the number of wheels you need. For pools that have abnormal shapes, look for a machine with more wheels for easier navigation.

Check Maneuverability

Different models come with different navigation systems to help the cleaner deal with obstacles. Some can navigate stairs and drains, while others work on flat surfaces only. Ideally, the more advanced the navigation is, the higher the maneuverability (and price).

How To Install A Suction Side Pool Cleaner?

After determining your suction side pool cleaner, you now want to know how to get it working. Follow the following simple steps when installing:

  • Turn off the pump
  • Vacuum the pool and ensure no debris is left in the filter and basket
  • Run the pump for a few minutes to clear it and then shut it down again
  • Close the main drain line and install the wall fitting to your valve assembly inside the skimmer
  • You need to connect the hose to a dedicated suction line by removing the skimmer basket and inserting the valve cuffs.
  • Go ahead and connect the flow keeper valve to the skimmer pipe
  • Attach an appropriate attachment that works best with the skimmer
  • Submerge the hose into the pool and fill it with water to ensure no air gets inside the tube.
  • Once the bubbles stop coming off the hose, submerge the unit and turn on the pump.

How To Use Suction Pool Cleaners?

After setting your cleaner up, plug it into a socket. Then, you need to set it to your preferred cleaning setting. Bring your cleaner to the halfway of your pool and submerge it carefully, shifting it from side to side to push out air.

Allow it to sink to the floor and turn it on. Do not turn it on before you submerge it as this can damage the tool. Also, turn it off before removing it. Pull it outside after use and allow water to drain before storing it.

Suction Pool Cleaner Vs. Pressure Cleaners, Which Is The Best?

Suction pool cleaners have gained more popularity than pressure cleaners because they are more affordable. Unlike pressure-side pool cleaners, most suction cleaners can clean both the walls and the floor of the pool. Also, pool cleaners in the pressure category consume more energy compared to suction side pool cleaners, which are energy-efficient.

Keep in mind that for pools with the debris of small size, a suction pool cleaner would do a better job than pressure because of high suction and advanced filtration. On the other hand, the pressure side picks up large debris better than a suction side vacuum.

Things To Consider When Choosing Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Intex

Before investing in a high-end pool cleaner, there are a few things to remember.

Size of Your Pool

You need to consider the dimensions of your pool to avoid getting something that will clean your pool poorly. Small-sized pools can work with a manual cleaner, but larger pools may require an automatic pool cleaner.

Size of Debris

Most cleaners can clean mid-sized debris, such as leaves and insects. You want to get a cleaner that matches the size of the debris you intend to collect. For a pool that’s located next to trees where leaves fall, choose a cleaner that can suck large debris without clogging. If you need to pick up sand and dirt, you need to pick a powerful model that can offer great suction. Most cleaners lack the capability to collect rocks.

Your Pool Surface

The materials used and the design of a suction pool cleaner are major considerations. Cleaners with less suction are likely to harm smooth surfaces of fiberglass and vinyl. A cleaner with special rubberized wheels or tracks can work well on delicate surfaces.

Power Use

The best vacuum for the Intex pool has to be connected to the filter pump. The more a cleaner spends on water cleaning, the more electricity it consumes. You should ensure that the machine you get is right for your pool size. Otherwise, you’ll pump longer, and your bills will get higher.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Does A Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Intex Work?

This pool vacuum moves underwater ground the pool vacuum, removing leaves, dirt, debris, and other impurities in the water. It uses various hoses, and filtered contaminants are deposited into a filter bag. Most of these cleaners work with an existing pump setup and filtration.

What Are The Different Types Of Suction-Side Cleaners?

They are of 2 types: automatic and manual pool cleaners. Manual ones are the cheapest options, but you may have to use more physical effort. Automatic pool cleaners come in 3 designs, including suction-side, pressure-side, and robotic cleaners. Robotic cleaners are the most technologically advanced and most expensive. These don’t require a pump.

Why do you need a pool cleaner?

Having this pool cleaning tool will make your cleaning far much easier. Besides, a pool is easier to maintain, and the design minimizes the chances of mechanical damage. They can remove small to mid-sized debris so you won’t have to skim the pool every day

Final Verdict

To wind up, it’s easier to see why having a pool cleaner is essential. We hope this guide helps you learn everything you need to know about suction pool cleaners. If you are interested in purchasing a pool cleaner, don’t hesitate to go through our best automatic above ground pool vacuum for intex reviews and get your ideal product.

Feel free to leave feedback or a comment, and we’ll be happy to help.

Happy swimming!

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